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This has days, like our modern calendar.

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It's divided in 18 months of 20 days each. At the end of the cycle there's five special days considered to be unlucky because they don't belong to any month. Each of the months has a special name, graphic logo and some special significance, similar to the icons for the weeks in the religious calendar. So it is possible, for any specific date, the calculate the religious week and the solar month and to predict the influences that might be guiding fate.

But that's not really what's involved with the prophecy of To understand that we must look at the third calendar, called the long count.

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While the first two cycles could be thought of as cogs or gears see below revolving through time, the long count is a linear number of days, starting from the first day, "1," and counting through each day to the present. Any day in history can be recorded using the long count and, with some simple mathematics, the corresponding religious week and solar month can also be found. In writing this article, I thought about creating a javascript program that would do this calculation. My friend, Gene Matlock, then told me that when he was in Mexico, he found a place that sold wooden, mechanical calculators with gears that did just that.

He said that Mexicans sometimes used these mechanical calendars to foretell the future or to find auspicious times for special events like marriage or births.

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Anyway, although it might be nice to know the religious and solar significance, it's the long count that foretells Doomsday. Cog or "gears" can be used to compute the religious and solar cycles for any date. The days of the long count are numbered with an unusual system. Instead of writing numbers as we do, from right to left with each place being a multiple of 10 i. The first place recorded a number from 0 to To the left, the second place could have a range from 0 to 17; the third from 0 to 19; the fourth from 0 to 19 and the last from 0 to The numbers were written from right to left, like our system, separated by a dot.

Instead of multiples of 10, the first place had a multiple of 1 like our system ; the second place a multiple of 20; the third a multiple of ; the fourth a multiple of and the fifth a multiple of So a long count number, for example, could be written as 4. It's not too difficult to realize that the maximum number which can be recorded this way would be This amounts to a long count number of 1,, days or Obviously, the calendar is very old! Over the years, archaeologists have found carved monuments that recorded the long count for known dates in Mayan history. Once a date was fixed in time, it was easy to determine "day 1" as August 11th, BC.

And it was also easy to calculate the date at which the calendar would end -- December 21st, The 'Comalcalco Brick' [ right ], is the second fragment known to reference to Dec.

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The date inscribed on the brick is a 'Calendar Round', a combination of a day and month position that will repeats every 52 years. The brick date does coincide with the end of the 13th Baktun; Baktuns were roughly year periods and 13 was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas. The Mayan Long Count calendar begins in B. The Tortuguero inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation. However, erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible, though some read the last eroded glyphs as perhaps saying, "He will descend from the sky.

Terms we will encounter What is the Barycenter?


You've no doubt heard that Earth revolves around the sun. Well, actually, that's not quite true! Have you heard the term "center of gravity"?

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It's a technical-sounding term for something pretty simple. It's the exact center of all the material that is, mass that makes up the object. For example, if you have a straight stick, like a ruler or yardstick, there's a place at the middle where you can balance it on your finger. That's its center of gravity. But the center of gravity may or may not be the point that is exactly in the middle, distance-wise, of the object.

Some parts of the object may be heavier denser than others.

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If you have something like a sledge hammer that is heavier on one end than the other, the center of gravity will be much closer to the heavy end than the lighter end. To get an idea of where the center of gravity is, rest the ends of any object like the ruler or a pencil on one finger from each hand. Slowly move your fingers together without dropping the object. Your fingers will meet underneath the object's center of gravity. You can balance the object on one finger at that special place.

The actual center of gravity could be close to the surface or deep inside, depending on whether the object is flat like a ruler or a dinner plate, or "three-dimensional," like a box or a ball.

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And if you let the object spin like when you throw it , it will try to spin about that point. In the case of the Earth and the sun, both bodies actually revolve, or spin, around the very center of the mass similar to center of gravity between them. For commercial use please contact us.

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