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Ao aceitar seguir como artista solo, a protagonista recebe apoio de seu marido. Sua companheira tanto foi quem o manteve feliz por momentos embora suas falhas com ela serviram como gatilho emocional. O primeiro faleceu quando ele ainda era novo e o influenciou no alcoolismo. Tristessa, que ironicamente se chamava Esperanza, era a mexicana viciada em morfina e que afirmava constantemente que estava enferma.

Kerouac apaixonou-se pelos detalhes vivos e sombrios que ao final do dia se sintetizavam em um pico. Tristessa se tornou um dos retratos mais delicados delineados pelo autor. Somos deslumbrados pela Billie que performa em seguida. A vida de Holiday, assim como a de Tristessa, era dor. Rachel Weisz transmite ao telespectador as diferentes nuances de sua personagem: O olhar se configura como simbolismo forte no filme. Apesar do afeto que as duas personagens nutre uma pela outra, Esti decide ficar na comunidade ao lado de Dovid.

Memoirs of a Beatnik, Diane di Prima Diane di Prima em A voz sexual ativa da autora permeia sua obra. Agora pense no outro sexo. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Reposisi citra dapat dilakukan dengan merubah tampilan logo perusahaan. Although there are several tools available for visualization of very long sequence alignments, few of them are applicable to the alignments of many sequences. Results A multiple- logo alignment visualization tool, called Phylo-m Logo , is presented in this paper.

Phylo-m Logo calculates the variabilities and homogeneities of alignment sequences by base frequencies or entropies. Different from the traditional representations of sequence logos , Phylo-m Logo not only displays the global logo patterns of the whole alignment of multiple sequences, but also demonstrates their local homologous logos for each clade hierarchically. In addition, Phylo-m Logo also allows the user to focus only on the analysis of some important, structurally or functionally constrained sites in the alignment selected by the user or by built-in automatic calculation.

A review of sustainable development in agriculture, land and rural development, drought and desertification, and Africa. Real-time logo detection and tracking in video. This paper presents a real-time implementation of a logo detection and tracking algorithm in video. The motivation of this work stems from applications on smart phones that require the detection of logos in real-time.

For example, one application involves detecting company logos so that customers can easily get special offers in real-time. This algorithm uses a hybrid approach by initially running the Scale Invariant Feature Transform SIFT algorithm on the first frame in order to obtain the logo location and then by using an online calibration of color within the SIFT detected area in order to detect and track the logo in subsequent frames in a time efficient manner. The results obtained indicate that this hybrid approach allows robust logo detection and tracking to be achieved in real-time.

La trascendencia del logos universitario: Finalmente, se dio cuenta de la importancia del debate cotidiano de nociones y concepciones entre investigadores, profesores y alumnos, para configurar una comunidad plural, defensora de la libertad de pensamiento y consciente de los modelos que sustentan sus interpretaciones. Full Text Available This paper presents the evolution of logo graphics side by side with the brand that it represents and the perception of the target audience.

Ik Kies Bewust; Effecten van het logo op het koopgedrag. Dit rapport beschrijft de effecten van het Ik Kies Bewust- logo in de markt. It is often assumed that consumers perceive the same message when they explore options in a market. If they actually see different things in a logo , like Confusion in the Classroom: Does " Logos " Mean Logic? Traces the term " logos " from the ninth to the fourth century B. Shows that Aristotle's "pistis" of " logos " refers, not to an appeal to logic, but to the argument or speech itself, which reinstates all three proofs of….

The task is challenging considering the small target of logos and the wide range of variability in shape, color, and illumination. A fast and reliable vehicle logo detection approach is proposed following visual attention mechanism from the human vision. Two prelogo detection steps, that is, vehicle region detection and a small RoI segmentation, rapidly focalize a small logo target. An enhanced Adaboost algorithm, together with two types of features of Haar and HOG, is proposed to detect vehicles. Extensive experiments were conducted to verify the efficiency of the proposed scheme.

Color preference and familiarity in performance on brand logo recall. Two experiments assessed effects of color preference and brand- logo familiarity on recall performance. The sequence of the three most preferred colors was white, light blue, and black and of the three least preferred colors was light orange, dark violet, and dark brown. They memorized a list of 24 logos four logos shown in six colors and then performed sequential recall.

Analyses showed color preference significantly affected recall accuracy. Accuracy for high color preference was significantly greater than that for low preferences. Results showed no significant effects of brand- logo familiarity or sex on accuracy. In addition, the interactive effect of color preference and brand- logo familiarity on accuracy was significant.


lbl logo a-z: Topics by afeditamyb.tk

These results have implications for the design of brand logos to create and sustain memory of brand images. Somos desiertos, pero poblados de tribus, de fauna, de flores"Pablo Neruda's relation to peninsular poetry and poets has been well emphasized in diverse studies. The poet himself has left beautiful intimations on this matter. In this perspective,'Notes for a Dialogue' intends to demostrate the prolound bonds between the Chilean Nobel Prize, and the contemporary Spanish poet, Antonio Gamonal born in Oviedo.

The initial intuition and the preliminary hints, arising from the reading of some childhood memories poetized by these poets, permit us to advance towards the identification of the elements of a syntactical, lexicographic and thematic dialogue revealing an identical aesthetic proposal born out of a desolate conscience in constant return to an uninhabited self, with full commitment to the age, The profound community of the language binding these poets, shows affinities as well as differences in their respective poetics which may. Vehicle logo recognition using multi-level fusion model.

Vehicle logo recognition plays an important role in manufacturer identification and vehicle recognition. This paper proposes a new vehicle logo recognition algorithm. It has a hierarchical framework, which consists of two fusion levels. At the first level, a feature fusion model is employed to map the original features to a higher dimension feature space. In this space, the vehicle logos become more recognizable. At the second level, a weighted voting strategy is proposed to promote the accuracy and the robustness of the recognition results.

To evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, extensive experiments are performed, which demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can achieve high recognition accuracy and work robustly. Academic Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Full Text Available Elsewhere N. Callaos, we have shown the conceptual necessity and the pragmatic importance of including Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in any systemic methodology for Information Systems Development including software-based systems and for the design and implementation of informing processes.

This is the first article of a planned series in which we will try to apply what has been shown and concluded in the mentioned article to the specific case of Academic Informing or Academic Information Systems. Research activities include informing processes, which should address the respective Ethos. Our purpose in this article is to address one of the issues involved in this aspect.

With this article we are trying to make a step forward according to the recommendations we included in the conclusions of the referred article N. To do so, we will briefly abridge previous work, provide some facts via real life examples, give few opinions and ask many questions. Few of these questions will be rhetorical one while most of them are oriented to generate reflections in the respective issue and potentially some research, intellectual enquiry, or practice based position papers. ERP evidence for rapid hedonic evaluation of logos.

We know that human neurocognitive systems rapidly and implicitly evaluate emotionally charged stimuli. But what about more everyday, frequently encountered kinds of objects, such as computer desktop icons and business logos? Do we rapidly and implicitly evaluate these more prosaic visual images, attitude objects that might only engender a mild sense of liking or disliking, if at all? To address this question, we asked participants to view a set of unfamiliar commercial logos in the context of a target identification task as brain electrical responses to these objects were recorded via event-related potentials ERPs.

Following this task, participants individually identified those logos that were most liked or disliked, allowing us to then compare how ERP responses to logos varied as a function of hedonic evaluation-a procedure decoupling evaluative responses from any normative classification of the logos themselves. In Experiment 1, we found that visuocortical processing manifest a specific bias for disliked logos that emerged within the first msec of stimulus onset.

In Experiment 2, we replicated this effect while dissociating normative- and novelty-related influences. Taken together, our results provide direct electrophysiological evidence suggesting that we rapidly and implicitly evaluate commercial branding images at a hedonic level. The Logo module incorporated ICT, in particular the Logo programming language, as a cognitive tool, that supports the constructivist perspective for mathematics instruction.

The Logo module comprised of sessions deducted from the hours of the Methods of Teaching Mathematics Real-time pose invariant logo and pattern detection. The detection of pose invariant planar patterns has many practical applications in computer vision and surveillance systems.

The recognition of company logos is used in market studies to examine the visibility and frequency of logos in advertisement. Danger signs on vehicles could be detected to trigger warning systems in tunnels, or brand detection on transport vehicles can be used to count company-specific traffic. We present the results of a study on planar pattern detection which is based on keypoint detection and matching of distortion invariant 2d feature descriptors. Specifically we look at the keypoint detectors of type: A real-world test tries to detect vehicles with a distinctive logo in an outdoor environment under realistic lighting and weather conditions: In this 2 hour long recording we can successfully detect a specific company logo without false positives.

Influence of country brand slogan and logo in country positioning. A logo -leadership intervention: Implications for leadership development. Full Text Available Orientation: Logo -leadership development challenges leaders to move beyond financial or individual gain to accepting leadership as a calling.

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The objective of the study was to ascertain whether an intervention embedded in the life and teachings of logo -therapist Viktor Frankl affects the way aspiring leaders construct leadership in terms of meaning logo -leadership. Motivation for the study: Research approach, design and method: Participants comprised 20 students registered for an MCom degree at a South African metropolitan university. The research process involved three phases: Framework analysis and a comparative method were used to analyse the data.

A meaning-centred leadership development intervention may impact the leadership role orientation of aspiring leaders, changing it from a predominantly career orientation to a calling. However, this effect largely occurred on an explicit extrinsic level. Organisations that wish to develop logo -leadership may consider using the life teachings and work of Frankl as a development tool. On apractical level, this study introduced the concept of logo -leadership for leadership development and suggests that leadership may be influenced by exposure to a leadership intervention.

AA - Philosophy ; Religion. Sequence logos have become a crucial visualization method for studying underlying sequence patterns in the genome. Despite this, there remains a scarcity of software packages that provide the versatility often required for such visualizations. The package is intuitive to use and seamlessly integrates into R analysis pipelines. A detailed tutorial can be found at https: Published by Oxford University Press.

For Permissions, please e-mail: The present study investigated the effective utilization of the Logo -Therapeutic strategy in the improvement of Adolescents relational behaviours. The study is a randomised 2x2 pre-test, posMest and control group design. Sixty adolescent subjects participated in the intervention programme with age range between 13 and Of Engineers and Dragons. Full Text Available We inaugurate here a series of unpretentious short notes devoted to episodes in the history of ideas that in one or the other way display our concept of its interdisciplinarity.

The first one is about the Journal's logo. Confidence is an important issue for biology students in handling computational concepts. This paper describes a practical in which honours-level bioscience students simulate complex animal behaviour using Star Logo TNG, a freely-available graphical programming environment. The practical consists of two sessions, the first of which guides students….

Visualization of peptide and sequence motif conservation. Block Logo is a web-server application for the visualization of protein and nucleotide fragments, continuous protein sequence motifs, and discontinuous sequence motifs using calculation of block entropy from multiple sequence alignments. The user input consists of a multiple sequence alignment, se Ooperiteatri uue logo autor on Kristjan Kirsfeldt. Liis Kolle lavastab G. Investigates using the microcomputer to develop a sentence parser to simulate intelligent conversation used in artificial intelligence applications.

Full Text Available Se han realizado considerables esfuerzos para desarrollar la insulina, ideal en el tratamiento de la diabetes mellitus DM. Considerable efforts have been made to develop the ideal insulin in the treatment of. Using Logo in the teaching and learning of mathematics: Working with Logo affords students opportunities to try out ideas and modify plans, elements that are key to mathe Memory color effect induced by familiarity of brand logos. When people are asked to adjust the color of familiar objects such as fruits until they appear achromatic, the subjective gray points of the objects are shifted away from the physical gray points in a direction opposite to the memory color memory color effect.

It is still unclear whether the discrepancy between memorized and actual colors of objects is dependent on the familiarity of the objects. Here, we conducted two experiments in order to examine the relationship between the degree of a subject's familiarity with objects and the degree of the memory color effect by using logographs of food and beverage companies. In Experiment 1, we measured the memory color effects of logos which varied in terms of their familiarity high, middle, or low. Results demonstrate that the memory color effect occurs only in the high-familiarity condition, but not in the middle- and low-familiarity conditions.

Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between the memory color effect and the actual number of domestic stores of the brand. The current results provide behavioral evidence of the relationship between the familiarity of objects and the memory color effect and suggest that the memory color effect increases with the familiarity of objects, albeit not constantly. Background When people are asked to adjust the color of familiar objects such as fruits until they appear achromatic, the subjective gray points of the objects are shifted away from the physical gray points in a direction opposite to the memory color memory color effect.

Methods and Findings In Experiment 1, we measured the memory color effects of logos which varied in terms of their familiarity high, middle, or low. Conclusion The current results provide behavioral evidence of the relationship between the familiarity of objects and the memory color effect and suggest that the memory color effect increases with the familiarity of objects, albeit not constantly.

Full Text Available When people are asked to adjust the color of familiar objects such as fruits until they appear achromatic, the subjective gray points of the objects are shifted away from the physical gray points in a direction opposite to the memory color memory color effect. Flavor changing neutral currents and a Z Prime. We consider a non-universal Z Prime that affects primarily the third generation fermions as an example of new physics associated with the top-quark.

We first discuss constraints on the mass and coupling strength of such a Z Prime. We then turn our attention to the flavor changing neutral currents FCNC present in the model. We discuss the experimental constraints and their implications. Palavras chave — Turismo. Connecting icons, logos and slogans in graphic trademarks.

In the public eye the organization is always considered or fully represented by its corporate identity that includes the size of the organization, annual payments, organizational structure, organizational culture, systems owned by the organization, premises, organizational culture, organizational strategy, mission, vision, number of employees etc.

Graphic designer when designing graphic trademark by connecting graphic elements logo , slogan and icon must take in to consideration all abovemen The Apple of the mind's eye: Everyday attention, metamemory, and reconstructive memory for the Apple logo. People are regularly bombarded with logos in an attempt to improve brand recognition, and logos are often designed with the central purpose of memorability. The ubiquitous Apple logo is a simple design and is often referred to as one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

The present study examined recall and recognition for this simple and pervasive logo and to what degree metamemory confidence judgements match memory performance. Participants showed surprisingly poor memory for the details of the logo as measured through recall drawings and forced-choice recognition. Only 1 participant out of 85 correctly recalled the Apple logo , and fewer than half of all participants correctly identified the logo. Importantly, participants indicated higher levels of confidence for both recall and recognition, and this overconfidence was reduced if participants made the judgements after, rather than before, drawing the logo.

The general findings did not differ between Apple and PC users. The results provide novel support for theories of attentional saturation, inattentional amnesia, and reconstructive memory; additionally they show how an availability heuristic can lead to overconfidence in memory for logos. The internal combustion engine from A-Z ; Lexikon Motorentechnik. Der Verbrennungsmotor von A-Z. This dictionary describes current engine technology and gives an outlook to the future. Cross-references, broader and narrower terms ensure optimal user guidance.

Entries do not stand alone but provide content-oriented information. The dictionary is for development engineers in the motor car industry, in component and system development in the supply industry, university teachers and students, foremen in motor car repair shops, etc. Das ausgefeilte System aus Querverweisen fuehrt alle Unterbegriffe zum Hauptbegriff und ermoeglicht so eine optimale Benutzerfuehrung.

Dadurch stehen die Stichwoerter nicht isoliert, sondern es werden inhaltlich zusammenhaengende Betrachtungen moeglich. Der Inhalt umfasst 4 Begriffe von A-Z wie z. Nonlinear stage of a Z -pinch instability. The nonlinear evolution of the sausage instability is analyzed for a Z -pinch with a fully developed skin effect in the current. Two-dimensional numerical calculations carried out on the sausage instability show that its occurrence leads to a stage describable by a self-similar solution when the length of the neck is fixed and the plasma compression is isentropic.

At a perturbation wavelength small in comparison with the pinch radius, this stage is preceded by a stage which reduces to a nonlinear Rayleigh--Taylor instability. The dynamics of the motion of magnetic field ''bubbles'' and of plasma ''jets'' is analyzed in this case. The plasma jets emerging from the pinch do not block the pinch from the current source. Branding and a child's brain: Branding and advertising have a powerful effect on both familiarity and preference for products, yet no neuroimaging studies have examined neural response to logos in children.

Food advertising is particularly pervasive and effective in manipulating choices in children. The purpose of this study was to examine how healthy children's brains respond to common food and other logos. A pilot validation study was first conducted with 32 children to select the most culturally familiar logos , and to match food and non-food logos on valence and intensity. A new sample of 17 healthy weight children were then scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Food logos compared to baseline were associated with increased activation in orbitofrontal cortex and inferior prefrontal cortex.

Compared to non-food logos , food logos elicited increased activation in posterior cingulate cortex. Results confirmed that food logos activate some brain regions in children known to be associated with motivation. This marks the first study in children to examine brain responses to culturally familiar logos. Considering the pervasiveness of advertising, research should further investigate how children respond at the neural level to marketing.

Brand extension typically has two strategies: The current study explored which strategy BN or BL better enhanced the success of dissimilar brand extension and product promotion in enterprises. Event-related potentials ERPs were used to investigate electrophysiological processes when subjects evaluated their acceptance of the brand extension using a combined picture of S1 and S2. S1 was a famous brand presented by two identity signs brand name and brand logo.

S2 was a picture of an extension product that belonged to a dissimilar product category than S1. The behavior data showed that BL was more acceptable than BN in the dissimilar brand extension. The neurophysiology process was reflected by a less negative N2 component and a larger P component in the BL than in the BN.

We suggested that N2 reflected a whole conflict between the brand-product combination and the long-term memory and that P could be regarded as the reflection of the categorization process in the working memory. The importance of the logo. These are sometimes sold in the street as 'ecstasy'. In order to assess the knowledge of this phenomenon, surveys were conducted among designer drug users DDUsers , pharmacists and pharmaceutical firms.

Three surveys were conducted: Nineteen users, 77 pharmacists and 25 pharmaceutical firms participated in the surveys. All DDUsers knew the existence of what they call ecstasy 'swindles', but less than one quarter of the pharmacists and one third of pharmaceutical firms were aware of the potential recreational and involuntary misuse of medicines.

The phenomenon of 'swindle' in the illicit market is not new. However, the sale of medicines because of their appearance or logo seems to be quite rare. In order to limit this diversion, prevention should be reinforced. In addition, recommendations on the appearance of medicine tablets should be set up by regulatory agencies in charge of medicine approval.

Interpretation of the logo 's graphic system and colours. The organization explains to the public its rationale for the symbols and colors which represent its logo. There are three distinctive circles in the logo. Circles in most black African cultures symbolize life, continuity, and eternity. A couple stares in the same direction. The couple symbolizes the reproduction of life, while staring in the same direction is a popular and christian symbol of the notion of the couple. CAFS provides couples with relevant information which enables them to jointly determine and lead a responsible sex life.

The head represents a human being, while the brain remains the symbol of thought, and the fetus is a physical and expressive symbol of the renewal of life which is first planned in the head of the couple. Red, black, green, white, and gold were chosen as being in harmony with the philosophical ideas of CAFS. Blood is red and symbolizes vitality and life, with blood being an unique biological product. Red also warns of danger such as the risk of consequences from rapid population growth.

Black represents the color of African peoples, green symbolizes hope, gold symbolizes wealth, and white symbolizes in many cultures purity, innocence, and joy. Characterization of mussel H2 A. Z variant preferentially expressed in germinal tissues from Mytilus. Histones are the fundamental constituents of the eukaryotic chromatin, facilitating the physical organization of DNA in chromosomes and participating in the regulation of its metabolism. The H2A family displays the largest number of variants among core histones, including the renowned H2A. This latter variant is especially interesting because of its regulatory role and its differentiation into 2 functionally divergent variants H2 A.

In the present work we describe, for the first time, the presence of a second H2 A. Z variant H2 A. The molecular and evolutionary characterization of mussel H2 A. More precisely, the expression of H2 A. Overall, the findings presented in this work complement recent reports describing the widespread presence of other histone variants across eukaryotes, supporting an ancestral origin and conserved role for histone variants in chromatin. Full Text Available Nowadays there exist various kinds of special vehicles designed for some purposes, which are different from regular vehicles in overall dimension and design.

In that case, accidents such as overturning will lead to large economical loss and casualties. There are still no technical specifications to follow to ensure the safe operation and driving of these special vehicles. Owing to the poor efficiency of regular maintenance, it is more feasible and effective to apply real-time monitoring during the operation and driving process. In this paper, the fiber Bragg grating FBG sensors are used to monitor the safety of a z -type special vehicle.

Based on the structural features and force distribution, a reasonable structural health monitoring SHM scheme is presented. Comparing the monitoring results with the finite element simulation results guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the monitoring results. Large amounts of data are collected during the operation and driving progress to evaluate the structural safety condition and provide reference for SHM systems developed for other special vehicles. The effects of using a nutrition logo on consumption and product evaluation of a sweet pastry. Nutrition logos have received a great deal of attention to stimulate people to eat a healthier diet.

However, very little is known neither about actual consumption behavior related to nutrition logos nor about potential compensatory eating behaviors due to nutrition logos. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of using an existing nutrition logo on consumption and product evaluation of a chocolate mousse cake. A cross-over design was applied with two conditions: Data on consumption, tastefulness, perceived healthiness, dietary restraint and Body Mass Index were collected.

No significant differences between conditions were found on consumption and tastefulness. The cake was rated as significantly less unhealthy in the logo condition. In conclusion, results cannot be extrapolated to other products, especially not to products that are perceived as healthy. In this study, the use of a nutrition logo did not result in an increased consumption and had no effect on the rating of taste of a sweet pastry among females from the university community. Spatial Strategy Use during Logo Mastery: Investigated second- and fifth-grade students' stage of cognitive development, stylistic preferences, and strategy usage.

Field-independent children showed a marginal advantage over field-dependent children in learning to program in LOGO. This report investigated the relationship between learning to program LOGO and the development of problem solving skills. Subjects were students in grades who had at least 30 hours of experience with both graphics and lists programming in Logo. Students were randomly assigned to one of three contextual groupings, which received graphics,…. In this paper we explore an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for the analysis of corporate audio logos and their effectiveness regarding recognisability and identification.

This is done by combining three different academic disciplines: The concept has been tested empirically through a survey of upper secondary school students. On the basis of a conditioning experiment, manipulating five existing Para isso, foram selecionados dois poetas do Modernismo brasileiro: The reorganization of damaged chromatin plays an important role in the regulation of the DNA damage response. Z isoforms, H2 A. However, the roles of the vertebrate H2 A. Z isoforms are still unclear. Thus, in this study we examined the roles of the vertebrate H2 A.

To examine the dynamics of H2 A. Z and H2 A. Colony-forming assays were also performed to compare the survival rates of WT, H2 A. Z , and H2 A. Z depleted U2OS cells after irradiation. Z -1 remained essentially unchanged. Z -2 was released from damaged chromatin. These findings indicated that H2 A.

História de duas lésbica(versão gacha studio)parte1

RAD51 focus formation after ionizing irradiation was disturbed in H2 A. The survival rate of H2 A. Z deficient cells after irradiation was lower than those of WT and H2 A. We found that vertebrate H2 A. Z -2 is involved in the regulation of the DNA. Brand name logo recognition of fast food and healthy food among children. The fast food industry has been increasingly criticized for creating brand loyalty in young consumers.

Food marketers are well versed in reaching children and youth given the importance of brand loyalty on future food purchasing behavior. In addition, food marketers are increasingly targeting the Hispanic population given their growing spending power. The fast food industry is among the leaders in reaching youth and ethnic minorities through their marketing efforts.

The primary objective of this study was to determine if young children recognized fast food restaurant logos at a higher rate than other food brands. Parents completed a survey assessing demographic and psychosocial characteristics associated with a healthy lifestyle in the home. Results Older children and children who were overweight were significantly more likely to recognize fast food restaurant logos than other food logos. Moreover, parents' psychosocial and socio-demographic characteristics were associated with the type of food logo recognized by the children.

Conclusions Children's high recognition of fast food restaurant logos may reflect greater exposure to fast food advertisements.

Families' socio-demographic characteristics play a role in children's recognition of food logos. Environment-friendly type energy and coordinated community development project. Feasibility study for industrialization of high efficiency waste-fired power generation system using CSD and other wastes; Kankyo chowagata energy community keisei sokushin. This report presents the feasibility of enterprise on power generation by thermal recycle and selling power together with volume reduction, de-harming de-toxification and stabilization of the shredder dust.

Contents of the study include the investigation of generation amount of car shredder dust CSD and its properties, trial design of high efficiency power generation facilities, selection of boiler tube materials, incineration test with a melting kiln test plant, disposal and effective use of melted slag and fly ash, and environmental impact assessment. Melting kiln with secondary combustion chamber was adopted as the incineration type. The high temperature and high pressure waste heat boiler with an extraction condensing turbine was adopted as the waste heat recovery and power generation type.

Stable combustion was confirmed from the results using a test plant. Un paseo por el laberinto. With the new context introduced by the Vatican Council II, Rahner faces the social-cultural, doctrinal and institutional difficulties dividing the Christian Churches. Rahner emphasizes the centrality of faith in Jesus Christ lived with authenticity, and proposes one Catholic Church in which the other Churches may be present with their rich diversity.

His reflections are revealed as pertinent to the Christian Churches in Latin America. Z is essential for estrogen receptor signaling. Incorporation of H2 A. Z into the chromatin of inactive promoters has been shown to poise genes for their expression. Here we provide strong evidence that H2 A. Moreover, members of the human H2 A. Z -depositing complex, p, also follow the same gene recruitment kinetics as H2 A. Importantly, cellular depletion of H2 A.

Z or p leads to a severe defect in estrogen signaling, including loss of estrogen-specific cell proliferation. We find that incorporation of H2 A. Finally, we provide evidence that H2 A. Z is essential to allow estrogen-responsive enhancer function. Taken together, our results provide strong mechanistic insight into how H2 A. Conscious, but not unconscious, logo priming of brands and related words.

This study assessed whether real-life stimulus material can elicit conscious and unconscious priming. A typical masked priming paradigm was used, with brand logo primes. We used a rigorous method to assess participants' awareness of the subliminal information. Our results show that shortly presented and masked brand logos e. However, this only occurred when the logos could be categorized clearly above the consciousness threshold.

Once the primes were presented close to the consciousness threshold, no subliminal influences on behavior were observed. Investigating AI with Basic and Logo. Teaching Your Computer to Be Intelligent. Discusses artificial intelligence, its definitions, and potential applications. Its functions, calculational methods, and verification results will briefly be discussed. Conclusion Group counseling based on logo therapy was found to decrease loneliness scores of elderly men. Therefore, the approach taken in this study can be considered as an appropriate method for psychological interventions in elderly men.

Full Text Available Signs and symbols find a very good place in this paper, because of the working process to design a logo concerning these elements. The title of my paper describes what is our purpose concerning logos. A lot of signs or symbols are used and many have different shape, colour and size. Signs and symbols mean something special many times and to use them is a challenge for the designer. This paper presents a way to develop logos beginning from these elements. The area of using such items is so wide and we have tried to accomplish enough domains.

Logic programming of general logic control module LOGO! First, the structure and operating principle of the mechanism had been introduced. At last, pneumatic loop and motors had been control by LOGO! In the control process, the logic control function of LOGO!

It is reliable and adjustable mechanism after application. Logos , Ethos and Pathos: Whither academia and public health in a post-truth world? Rhetoric tells us there are three approaches to persuasive argument; logos , ethos and pathos Bernanke, Logos is the appeal to logic by use of facts, data and analogies. Ethos is ethical appeal, focusing on the author's credibility or character with allied use of audience appropriate language and grammar. Pathos relates to emotional appeal by invoking sympathy, fear and anger. This representation, which enables LOGO procedures to construct, modify, and run other LOGO procedures, is compared with basic computer concepts first formulated by John von….

In this study, I want to create an application that can identify the type of drug based on the logo on the packaging. From the experiments it was found that the resulting level of accuracy is quite high, there are 3 categories of types of drugs that have a high accuracy on Obat Bebas, Obat Bebas Terbatas and Obat Keras. Pada penelitian ini saya ingin membuat suatu aplikasi yang dapat mengindentifikasi jenis obat berdasarkan logo pada kemasan.

Saya menggunakan 4 jenis obat moderen dan 3 jenis obat herbal, total akan terdapat sebanyak 7 macam logo yang akan digunakan. Recognition of cigarette brand names and logos by primary schoolchildren in Ankara, Turkey. To assess the smoking behaviour of primary schoolchildren and their ability to recognise brand names and logos of widely advertised cigarettes, compared with other commercial products intended for children.

Cross-sectional survey in classroom settings using a questionnaire designed to measure attitudes towards smoking and the recognition of brand names and logos for 16 food, beverage, cigarette, and toothpaste products. The student sample was taken from three primary schools--one school in each of three residential districts representing high, middle, and low income populations.

Prevalence of ever-smoking, recognition of brand names and logos. Prevalence of ever-smoking was Recognition rates for cigarette brand names and logos were The Camel logo and the Samsun and Marlboro brand names were the most highly recognised of all product logos and brand names tested.

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The high recognition of cigarette brand names and logos is most likely the result of tobacco advertising and promotion. Our results indicate the need to implement comprehensive tobacco control measures in Turkey. Full Text Available An increase in the means of communication with the development of technology has brought companies the necessity to introduce their products and services in by using distinctive marketing strategies and visual identity designs. Being notable in this period which is filled with work and rivalry is a significant element. Logo playing a significant role in the design of visual identity represents the strength of a company and a brand.

The companies which keep pace with the recent technology and understand the significance of distinctiveness have gone into reorganization by either changing their visual identities completely or changing their logo design that form their visual identity. The companies reforming their company images to keep pace with the changing world has been being recreated by changing their corporate identity namely; their images. Companies entering into the image refreshing competition commence to this change with their logos. Full Text Available Abstract Background Recognition of relevant sequence deviations can be valuable for elucidating functional differences between protein subfamilies.

Interesting residues at highly conserved positions can then be mutated and experimentally analyzed. However, identification of such sites is tedious because automated approaches are scarce. Results Subfamily logos visualize subfamily-specific sequence deviations. The display is similar to classical sequence logos but extends into the negative range.

Positive, upright characters correspond to residues which are characteristic for the subfamily, negative, upside-down characters to residues typical for the remaining sequences. The symbol height is adjusted to the information content of the alignment position. Residues which are conserved throughout do not appear. Conclusion Subfamily logos provide an intuitive display of relevant sequence deviations. The method has proven to be valid using a set of aligned aquaporin sequences in which established subfamily-specific positions were readily identified by the algorithm.

El logos en el De incarnatione Verbi de Atanasio: The two principal causes of the Incarnation are: Regarding the first, apart from the sacrificial payment of debt, it highlights above all the fact that life displaces death, which was interlinked with the body, because the Logos is the The body of Christ passes from the incorruptible to the immortal in the Resurrection, which extends to all, given the similarity of the body of the Logos to our own.

Regarding the second cause, man is reconstructed according to the. The applicability of Logotherapy as an organisation development intervention. A quasi-experimental design and various statistical procedures were applied to test formulated hypotheses. Whereas a signifcant relationship was established between said constructs, no signifcant effect of Logo -OD was observed. These results supported the primary conclusions emanating from the literature: Addressing students and engineers, but also hobby engineers, this practical guide will help to easily and cost-effectively implement technical solutions in home and installation technology, as well as small-scale automation solutions in machine and plant engineering.

The book descriptively illustrates how to plan LOGO! Standard control technology scenarios are demonstrated by building on the fundamentals of modern information technology and with the help of several real-life sample switches. In addition, readers are provided with practice-oriented descriptions of various basic and special LOGO! Compared to former generations and competing products, LOGO!

The basic and special functions of the logic module can be used to replace several switching devi Real-time implementation of logo detection on open source BeagleBoard. This paper presents the real-time implementation of our previously developed logo detection and tracking algorithm on the open source BeagleBoard mobile platform. The algorithm combines Scale Invariant Feature Transform SIFT with k-means clustering, online color calibration and moment invariants to robustly detect and track logos in video. Various optimization steps that are carried out to allow the real-time execution of the algorithm on BeagleBoard are discussed.

The results obtained are compared to the PC real-time implementation results. Erotikos logos and paganism in the works of Papadiamantis: Special attention is also paid to the female type, as it was formed at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century in Greece.

The theme of paganism with special reference to the erotikos logos is examined in Preface as well. In Introduction the theoretical framework is discussed, which i The logo controversy was sparked by an article on the "San Jose Mercury News"' website that was promptly picked up by other news outlets and shared across social networks. Under the headline "University of California introduces a modern logo " sat a blurry, low-quality image of the new monogram next to the year-old UC seal.

Impact of foods with health logo on ssaturated fat, sodium and sugar intake of young Dutch adults. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of changed food compositions according to health logo criteria on the intake of saturated fat, sugar and sodium in a Dutch population of. The search for weakly interacting dark matter particle WIMP candidates produced in association with a Z boson is presented. Events with large missing transverse momentum and consistent with the decay of a Z boson into oppositely charged electron or muon pairs were selected in analysis.

Background estimates and corresponding systematic uncertainties are shown. The limits on the mass scale of the contact interaction as a function of the dark matter particle mass and the limits on the coupling and scalar particle mediator mass for 8 TeV proton-proton collisions data are presented. Prospects for analysis using 13 TeV proton-proton collisions data are discussed. El siguiente elemento que se expone es la neutralidad. En el campo del derecho, cuando dos posiciones se oponen, las partes utilizan todo tipo de argumentaciones Full Text Available The trend of eating out leads the food service industry to the needs of managing customers and making sure that all their needs and preferences can be fulfilled.

The certification and recognition of establishment also becomes the in thing in hospitality industry, which includes the certification of halal, HACCP, and ISO. Establishment with certification is useful as a marketing strategy to attract more customers. This study discusses the level of customer awareness of towards the halal logo used in some restaurants which is carried out to give evidence to restaurant operators regarding the importance of attaching the genuine halal logo in their restaurant.

From the findings, it is showed that customers are do aware of the use of halal logo on restaurants. It is also a factor in choosing a restaurant. It is concluded that halal logo is one of the main factors for customers in choosing restaurants which in return can be a main strategy to attract and retain more customers in the future, not only for the local customer but also to foreigners. Academic Globalization, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Full Text Available Inspired by the intersection of character, emotions, and logic, much like a Hungarian Rhapsody which is beautifully sad; this paper explores ethos, pathos, and logos in the context of Academic Globalization.

As students of the world, an inter-disciplinary language is pivotal for inter-disciplinary communication. Given that the current state of the world stems primarily from miscommunications, it is imperative to launch a cognitive language tool which underscores global commonalities and mitigates cultural differences.

Such a platform would foster interdisciplinary research, education, and communication. New paradigms would evolve, grounded in ethos, pathos, and logos. Like yin and yang, these states are interrelated, interacting, and interchanging learning spheres. Just as day and night blend at some point; just as the Parthenon epitomized Greek thought, celebrated the birthplace of democracy, and for the first time, depicted everyday citizens in friezes- underscoring their impactful role- ethos, pathos, and logos represent cross-disciplinary communication devices which synergistically transform and ignite academic globalization.

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This book, the 10th volume in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education JRME Monograph Series, discusses the geometry curriculum and investigates how elementary school students learn geometric concepts and how Logo programming and its turtle graphics might affect this learning. This volume also provides details on the development,…. The integration of technology in mathematics instruction is an important step in the 21st century learning style. At the primary level, some studies have explored how technology could help in mathematics learning. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of using Logo on pupils' learning of the properties of two-dimensional shapes.

The use of American Indian AI words and images in athletic teams' nicknames, logos , and mascots remains a controversial issue. Results showed that AIs experienced higher negative affect following both slide presentations than did MC participants. MC participants' affect was only changed following the controversial slide presentation. This study of second- and third-grade students in the Netherlands tests the hypothesis that simplification of the semantic structure will facilitate semantic understanding and acquisition of syntax knowledge within the LOGO Turtle World.

Two microworlds were designed applying the theory of automata and abstract languages. Discussion of computer programming and knowledge-based instruction focuses on three studies of elementary and secondary school students which show that five particular problem-solving strategies can be developed in students explicitly taught the strategies and given practice applying them to solve LOGO programming problems. The results of four research studies conducted with subjects ranging in age and ability from elementary to graduate school students demonstrate that Logo programming environments can be instrumental in the development of five particular problem solving strategies: In this thesis I explain the problematic situation presented by the legal protection of logos in the Czech Republic.

I chose this topic because logos are a daily part of everyones' lives helping us make important every day decisions. Yet logo is not a legal term and sometimes it can be difficult to define what logo actually is. This doesn't mean to say that logos do not have legal protection. It always depends on the definition of logo. Usually a logo enjoys the same rights as the brand it re This study was conducted for determining the eating habits and food knowledge and rate of recognizing brand logos currently featured in promotional campaigns of the food industry of the school children.

And to explore the relationship between the ability of recognizing brand logos currently featured in promotional campaigns of the food industry and eating habits, food knowledge and preferences. This cross-sectional study was conducted in 15 primary schools in the provincial center of Edirne. The questionnaire form was composed of three parts. In the first part; the socio-demographic characteristics and nutritional habits, in the second part; food knowledge and preferences of the students and in the third part; ability to recognize brand logos were questioned.

The results of the study confirmed the findings of previous studies that the diet of children aged was poor. The majority of the children reported eating unhealthy foods such cips, crisps and fast-food and drinking fizzy drinks at least once a day. Children knew healthy foods med: A correlation was found between higher brand logo recognition and poorer eating behaviors and food knowledge. Nonetheless this study did not presented strong evidence to suggest a casual link between food advertising and poor diet; it indicated that food promotion may have an influence on children.

On the continuum limit of a Z 4 lattice gauge theory. The analysis is based on the mean field approximation after gauge fixing. Actual use of a front-of-pack nutrition logo in the supermarket: A front-of-pack nutrition logo on products with relatively favourable product compositions might help consumers to make more healthful choices. Studies investigating actual nutrition label use in point-of-purchase settings are scarce. The present study investigates the use of the 'Choices' nutrition logo in Dutch supermarkets.