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School improvement has been at the heart of his career, working as an LLE, a School Improvement Partner, Professional Partner as well as an Ofsted inspector and mentor for trainee inspectors.

Ten Top Tips for Being an Effective Subject Leader in a Primary School

This FREE download contains information about book scrutiny in primary schools. It includes the '7 strands of excellence' framework to support teachers in carrying out effective book scrutiny in classrooms. It also contains a summary explanation of book scrutiny and why it is necessary. So in no particular order, ten tips for being an effective subject leader in a primary school… Plan your monitoring cycle for the year now. Well maybe finish reading this first, but then do it. We know time flies by once the children are back.

Put the key dates in the diary for when you will be monitoring your subject. Try and incorporate a range of monitoring techniques. How do you know what progression in key skills, knowledge and understanding looks like through the age range of your school? Are there any gaps or overlaps between year groups?

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You are the subject leader through the school. Find out about the curriculum and find out about attainment on entry and attainment by the time the children leave. How does this fit with the rest of the school? Prioritise the limited time you have to fulfill the subject leader role.

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  5. Anything else can wait. Check colleagues are confident and comfortable with curriculum content for the coming year, especially if they have moved into a new year group. School Improvement Liverpool share their guide to successful subject leadership, giving you the skills to take the reins confidently. As a subject leader you have to balance your teaching responsibilities alongside your duties as a school leader.

    6 tips on how to become a highly effective Subject Leader

    Being a subject leader in one school may mean something entirely different to being a subject leader in your school. Own your subject and represent it well! Your role is to be the face and voice of your subject and support teachers to lead to improvement.

    Highly Effective Subject Leadership – Monitoring and Evaluation

    If you find pupils have knowledge gaps in your subject area, ask yourself why and be self-critical. Establishing a robust cycle of monitoring and evaluation activities will ensure that you can swiftly identify areas for development and put key actions in place. Termly monitoring and evaluation methods could include assessment weeks, pupil progress meetings PPMs and parent consultations.

    Highly Effective Subject Leadership – Monitoring and Evaluation | REAL Trust

    Once a monitoring cycle is established, you can work alongside the SLT to review its impact and ensure that all children have the tools to help them realise their full potential. Successful subject leadership is all about collaboration — in fact, collaboration has become closely linked with school improvement. Subject leaders should listen to fellow colleagues, provide cross-curricular support and most importantly be approachable. As an experienced subject leader, you can help other members of your team hone new skills which could lead to real tangible results for the whole school community.

    This sounds simple enough, but understanding your school environment is essential — the strengths, areas for development and key next steps. As they say, knowledge is power, so arm yourself with all the information you need to make informed suggestions and ideas. Draw up timelines and key action points to hit throughout the year — start small with weekly targets and then develop long-term goals for each term or academic year.