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Mayor Marvin Rees has made a pledge that Bristol will be measurably cleaner by It also means more reuse, repairing and recycling so that less waste is produced and disposed of in landfill. Making Bristol and its streets cleaner is something that everyone who lives, works, learns, or plays here contributes to. Work with residents, community and faith groups, universities, schools, and businesses to help them to do their bit whether large or small to improve the look and feel of the city.

Clean Streets|Neighborhood Improvement Initiative

This could be done through picking up one piece of litter, community clean ups, planting, painting or just sweeping outside their front door or shopfront. We make sure that our policies and the law support our efforts to keep the city clean and tidy, are visible to the city, and are acted upon. We use our enforcement resources where it is needed to back up our aim which is to educate, engage and then enforce to make the city cleaner.

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Clean Streets program

Over the last three years, there has been a sharp uptake in reports of trash, feces, needles, glass and other materials on our street. Data compiled by the city indicates this problem has gotten worse over the last three years with service requests more than doubling. While this problem has been concentrated in central districts such as Districts 3, 6 and 9 , no area of the city has been spared an increase in public trash.

District 8, for example, has seen reports of urine and feces double since Fiscal Year ; reports of needles have nearly doubled in District 5.

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This continued trend poses a serious public health risk — San Diego recently experienced a severe outbreak of Hepatitis A that took the lives of twenty people and infected throughout San Diego County. San Francisco could experience a similar outbreak unless we are able to control the street trash and refuse that spreads disease and sickness in vulnerable populations. As Mayor, Jane Kim will work to better coordinate and manage city resources, greatly expand our capacity to clean our streets, and directly address one of the top public health issues facing our city — the lack of available public restroom facilities.

Jane Kim helped launch the pioneering Pit Stop program to open public toilets in our most impacted areas. To date, the city has opened 17 Pit Stops throughout the city which are being used approximately 20, times a month.

The Clean Streets of Japan(Tokyo 2017)

Kim would further propose a pilot program to incentivize business owners to allow the public to use their restroom facilities. Expanding access to toilet facilities is the most effective way to cut down on public waste on our streets and we should look to partner with businesses to provide a solution this problem.

Clean Streets LA is a city-wide effort to clean our neighborhoods.

Finally, Kim would work with the Department of Public Works, the Department of Public Health and the Department of the Environment to study how San Diego was able to control its hepatitis outbreak with an eye towards preventative measure such as public hand-washing facilities to reduce the odds of an outbreak occurring in San Francisco. Community Benefit Districts have partnered with Downtown Street teams to employ homeless residents to assist in cleaning the streets.

Jane Kim believes this valuable program should be expanded with city assistance to deploy more teams throughout the city with a minimum of one per district and more in highly affected districts. Once the crisis of cleaning our public streets has been stabilized, crews could be put to work on landscaping, beautification or other projects that would further enhance jobs skill training. Partnering with the city would allow the current program to expand beyond Community Benefit District — although Kim would also consider expanding those districts themselves — providing assistance to more residential areas of the city.

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Cities like Hong Kong have thousands of street cleaners. San Francisco has We can do better and have the resources to do so. As part of this initiative, Kim would double the amount of street cleaners on our streets.

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