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If a fan of yours happens to be looking at their news feed when you post your story, they are likely to see it, but even then there is no guarantee if their news feed is swamped by other posts.

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Facebook Promoted Posts are shown to existing fans, with an added option to reach friends of fans. While the flat rate simplifies the process, Promoted Posts lack the targeting options offered by other Facebook ads.

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If a user sees that three of his friends like a certain page, he is more inclined to pay attention. The goal of Sponsored Stories is to have a user take the same action as their friends. Sponsored Stories get preferred positioning, capable of appearing in news feeds and the right side bar. Sponsored Stories is also the only ad format available on mobile devices.

Facebook Sponsored Stories can be created easily through the Facebook ad create flow.

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Open Graph Sponsored Stories with a customized call to action require advertisers to use a third-party provider. Billions of interactions are posted with Facebook Open Graph every day.

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Businesses can create third-party apps that connect to a user and post a notice on Facebook when a user performs a specific action with the app. Virtually any time a site or app prompts users to sign in to Facebook, it has something to do with connecting the user with the Facebook Open Graph. Spotify is a great example of how Facebook Open Graph becomes a powerful Facebook marketing tool. This is followed immediately by a permission request, which many users click through with little thought.

Pic borrowed from Justin Lafferty of AllFacebook.

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Notice that users are given a variety of options — they can like the song their friend is listening to, listen to the song themselves, or star it as a favorite in Spotify. Claims Advertising that describes a product, promotes specific features or makes claims about what a product or service can do for the potential customers provides successful results by informing, educating and developing expectations in the buyer.

Association Associating a product or company with a famous person, catchy jingle, desirable state of being or powerful emotion creates a strong psychological connection in the customer.

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Bandwagon The bandwagon technique sells a product or service by convincing the customer that others are using it and they should join the crowd. Promotions Coupons, sweepstakes, games with prizes and gifts with purchases create excitement, and participation encourages customers to build a relationship with the sponsoring product or service. References 6 Oracle Education Foundation: Propaganda Techniques Sask Schools: Taflinger The Phrase Finder: About the Author Based in Texas, Catherine Hudgins began writing medical, technical, real-estate, travel and pet-care articles in Small Business - Chron.

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