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Brendan Smialowski is an award winning freelance photographer based in Washington, D. He specializes in digital photography and covers national and international news. The Brexit negotiations are the negotiations currently taking place between the United Kingdom and the European Union for the prospective withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, following the UK's referendum on EU membership in June Brice Hortefeux born 11 May is a conservative French politician. Bright Light is the codename of one of the Central Intelligence Agency's network of black sites -- clandestine interrogation centers.

Brigitte Klump born 23 January is a German author and campaigner. Brooke Megan Greenberg January 8, — October 24, was an American who remained physically and cognitively similar to a toddler, despite her increasing age. Bruno Banani is a German fashion company with headquarters in Chemnitz.

Bruno Banani born Fuahea Semi; 4 December is a Tongan luger who adopted his current name as part of a marketing hoax. Bruno Bernard February 2, — June 3, also known as Bernard of Hollywood, was an American photographer best known for pin-up and glamour photography of Marilyn Monroe and others. Bruno Kreisky 22 January — 29 July was an Austrian politician who served as Foreign Minister from to and as Chancellor from to Bruno Labbadia born 8 February is a German retired footballer of Italian heritage.

BuchGourmet was an independent bookstore in Cologne, Germany, and during this time the oldest and biggest bookstore in Germany that focused solely on culinary media. Burkhard Gotthelf Struve 26 May - 25 May was a scholarly German librarian who became a polymath-historian based, for most of his academic career, at the University of Jena. Burkhard Held is German painter living and working in Berlin, Germany. Burson-Marsteller is a global public relations and communications firm headquartered in New York City.

Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi born 28 September , better known as Bushido, is a German rapper, hip-hop producer and entrepreneur in the real estate industry. The Butcher of Mons is a media name given to an unidentified Belgian serial killer, who committed five murders between January and July in or near the city of Mons.

The Butter mountain refers to the supply surplus of butter produced in the European Economic Community due to government interventionism, beginning in the s. Cambridge Analytica Ltd CA was a British political consulting firm which combined data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication during the electoral processes. Camolin, according to a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel, is a secret counter-terrorism unit based in Paris, France. Campino born Andreas Frege, 22 June is a German singer, songwriter and actor.

The Candidates Tournament was an eight-player double round-robin chess tournament, held in Moscow, Russia, from 11—30 March Candystorm is a loanword used in the German language and is the antonym of shitstorm. Captain Euro is a fictional comic book-style superhero character, created in as a way to promote the European Union, and specifically the Euro, the single European currency that arrived in Caravan capitalism is the act of travelling between countries as wages increase.

A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings. Carl Schmitt 11 July — 7 April was a conservative German jurist and political theorist. Carl Tchilinghiryan 27 February — 8 May was a German businessman, who co-founded the coffee house Tchibo.

Carlo Fassi 20 December — 20 March was an Italian figure skater and international coach whose students included several World and Olympic champions. Carolin Emcke born 18 August is a German author and journalist who worked for Der Spiegel from to , often writing from areas of conflicts. Estimates of the casualties from the conflict in Iraq beginning with the US invasion of Iraq, and the ensuing occupation and insurgency have come in many forms, and the accuracy of the information available on different types of Iraq War casualties varies greatly.

Since the Catholic Church views abortion as gravely wrong, it considers it a duty to reduce its acceptance by the public and in civil legislation. The Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Europe has affected several dioceses in European nations. According to tradition that has been associated with the Holy Books Torah, Bible and Quran, the cave and adjoining field were purchased by Abraham as a burial plot. The site of the Cave of the Patriarchs is located beneath a Saladin-era mosque, which had been converted from a large rectangular Herodian-era Judean structure.

Dating back over 2, years, the monumental Herodian compound is believed to be the oldest continuously used intact prayer structure in the world, and is the oldest major building in the world that still fulfills its original function. The Hebrew name of the complex reflects the very old tradition of the double tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, considered the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish people. The only Jewish matriarch missing is Rachel, described in one biblical tradition as having been buried near Bethlehem.

The Arabic name of the complex reflects the prominence given to Abraham, revered by Muslims as a Quranic prophet and patriarch through Ishmael. Outside biblical and Quranic sources there are a number of legends and traditions associated with the cave. Censorship by Apple refers to Apple Inc. Censorship in the United States involves the suppression of speech or public communication and raises issues of freedom of speech, which is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Censorship in Turkey is regulated by domestic and international legislation, the latter in theory taking precedence over domestic law, according to Article 90 of the Constitution of Turkey so amended in In Marxist philosophy, a character mask Charaktermaske is a prescribed social role that serves to conceal the contradictions of a social relation or order.

On 7 January at about Appearances of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara — in popular culture are common throughout the world. Chedric Seedorf born 20 April in Naarden is a Dutch footballer who plays as a midfielder, and who is currently a Free Agent. Childhood in war refers to children who have been affected, impaired or even injured during and in the aftermath of armed conflicts. Chopper was an alleged ghost living in a dentist's office in the city of Neutraubling near Regensburg in Germany that was later discovered by the criminal police to be a fraud.

Chris Korda born is a US antinatalist activist, techno musician and software developer, and leader of the Church of Euthanasia. Christa Peters — , was a German fashion photographer. Christa Schmidt born Christa Weigel: Christian Enzensberger 24 December — 27 January was a German Professor of English studies, author and a translator of English literature into German language. Christian Kracht born 29 December is a Swiss novelist and journalist.

Christian Saba born 29 December is a Ghanaian former footballer who played as a central defender. Christian Schoen born in Marburg is a German art historian and curator. Wolf-Christian von Ditfurth born March 14, is a German author and historian. Christianity has a long history in Iran, dating back to the early years of the faith, and pre-dating Islam. Christina and Michelle Naughton are twin sisters and an American piano duo. Germans celebrated Christmas, but in Nazi Germany, attempts were made to bring the celebration of Christmas in line with Nazi ideology.

Christoph Dreher born in Nuremberg is a German filmmaker, musician and scriptwriter. Christopher Boffoli born in in Worcester, Massachusetts is a fine art photographer, photojournalist,. The Church of Scientology is a multinational network and hierarchy of numerous ostensibly independent but interconnected corporate entities and other organizations devoted to the practice, administration and dissemination of Scientology, a new religious movement.

A series of incidents in led to Church of Scientology-owned networks being banned from making edits to Wikipedia articles relating to Scientology. The Church of Scientology has long had a controversial history on the Internet, and has initiated campaigns to manipulate material and remove information critical of itself from the web. From early in Wikipedia's history, conflict arose within the topic of Scientology on the website. Disputes began in earnest in , with users disagreeing about whether or not to describe Scientology as an abusive cult or religion.

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By , disagreements concerning the topic of Scientology on Wikipedia had grown more specific. Wikipedia user and Scientology critic David Gerard commented to The Daily Telegraph in that some articles were neutral due to a requirement to reference stated facts. Revelations from software produced by Virgil Griffith in called WikiScanner made public the nature of edits on Wikipedia which were able to be traced directly back to Church of Scientology-controlled computers.

CBS News and The Independent reported that edits by the Church of Scientology were made in attempts to remove criticism from the main article on the topic. The Times and Forbes noted that Scientologist computers were used to remove links between the Church of Scientology and a former anti-cult organization, since taken over by Scientology, the Cult Awareness Network.

Der Spiegel reported that Wikiscanner revealed Scientology computers were used to promote Scientology's critical view of psychiatry, including adding links to the Scientology-founded Citizens Commission on Human Rights CCHR and to websites of other groups affiliated with Scientology. The Arbitration Committee on Wikipedia is composed of a group of volunteers elected by the editing community to resolve especially difficult conflicts.

Wikipedia administrators presented evidence during the case that Scientology-controlled computers were used to promote the organization, using multiple user accounts. One user going by the pseudonym "COFS" admitted this pattern of editing, and stated the edits from Scientology computers would continue. In May , the Arbitration Committee decided to restrict editing from IP addresses belonging to the Church of Scientology, to prevent biased edits by editors within Church of Scientology-administered networks. The decision accorded Scientology-controlled IP addresses the same blockable status as open proxies on the site.

A large number of Scientology critics were banned as well. The committee concluded that both sides had "gamed policy" and resorted to "battlefield tactics", with articles on living persons being the "worst casualties". Arbitration Committee member Roger Davies wrote the majority of the decision, and commented to The New York Times that due to the controversial nature of the case, the decision was crafted so as not to focus directly upon any particular individual.

Wikipedia media contact Dan Rosenthal emphasized in a statement to ABC News that it was generally accepted procedure on the site to ban users that had violated policy intended to prevent them from promoting propaganda. Wikimedia Foundation spokesman and head of communications Jay Walsh said to Bloomberg BusinessWeek the Arbitration decision was intended to help restore Scientology-related articles to an acceptable state on the site.

Wikimedia Germany spokesperson Catrin Schoneville stated to Computerwoche that the decision impacted the English Wikipedia, and noted it was unclear whether a similar ruling might be applied to the German Wikipedia. Statements from Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw labelled the Arbitration ruling as a routine matter, and maintained there were still "gross inaccuracies" on the Scientology article.

Scientology representative Tommy Davis emphasized to the St. Petersburg Times that users critical of the organization were also banned, and similarly denied that Scientology leadership arranged a campaign to manipulate entries on Wikipedia. Since , CIA activities in Somalia have included funding anti-Islamist warlords, extraordinary renditions and most recently operating black sites. Circular reporting or false confirmation is a situation in source criticism where a piece of information appears to come from multiple independent sources, but in reality comes from only one source.

Federal Election Commission,, is a landmark U. Der Spiegel and Citizens United v. A civilization or civilisation see English spelling differences is any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification imposed by a cultural elite, symbolic systems of communication for example, writing systems , and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment.

The clathrate gun hypothesis is the popular name given to the idea that increases in sea temperatures or drops in sea levels can trigger a catastrophic positive feedback effect on climate: Claudia Kristofics-Binder born 5 October is an Austrian former figure skater. Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bosio born 3 October is a Peruvian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Bundesliga club 1.

Claus von Wagner born Munich 28 November is a German Kabarett artist or, in terms of Anglo-American classifications, a stand-up performer combining sharply observed comedy and political satire. Clemens August Andreae May was an Austrian economist who served as a professor of political economics and the dean of law and political sciences for the University of Innsbruck.

Clemens Bittlinger born 8 August in Mannheim, Germany is a Protestant minister, author of books as well as a song writer of many new sacred songs German: Collateral damage is a general term for deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted on an unintended target.

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  6. The Cologne school massacre was a mass murder that occurred at the Catholic elementary school katholische Volksschule located in the suburb of Volkhoven in Cologne, West Germany on 11 June The Columbushaus Columbus House was a nine-storey modernist office and shopping building in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, designed by Erich Mendelsohn and completed in Gunfire between rebels and security forces broke out on the night of 19 July in and around Salaheddine, a district in the city's southwest portion.

    The Committee for the Defence of Democracy Komitet Obrony Demokracji, KOD is a Polish-born civic organization and NGO promoting European values, especially democracy, rule of law and human rights, founded in November by a group of citizens including Mateusz Kijowski, as a result of, and triggered by, the Polish constitutional crisis, A Communist front organization is an organization identified as a front organization under the effective control of a Communist party, the Communist International or other Communist organizations.

    The International Criminal Court's founding treaty, the Rome Statute, provides that individuals or organizations may submit information on crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court. A comprehensive school is a secondary school that is a state school and does not select its intake on the basis of academic achievement or aptitude, in contrast to the selective school system, where admission is restricted on the basis of selection criteria.

    Compulsory figures or school figures were formerly an aspect of the sport of figure skating, from which the sport derives its name. A computer monitor is an output device which displays information in pictorial form.

    Concentration of media ownership also known as media consolidation or media convergence is a process whereby progressively fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media. Conflict-of-interest COI editing on Wikipedia occurs when editors use Wikipedia to advance the interests of their external roles or relationships. Nazism and the acts of the Nazi German state profoundly affected many countries, communities, and people before, during and after World War II.

    Conservapedia is an English-language wiki encyclopedia project written from an American conservative point of view. A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes an unwarranted conspiracy, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. The constructive vote of no confidence in German: Contact Air Flugdienst was a German regional airline from Filderstadt.

    This is a list of notable content from the United States diplomatic cables leak that shows the United States' opinion of related affairs. Content from the United States diplomatic cables leak has depicted Sub-Saharan Africa and related subjects extensively. Contents of the United States diplomatic cables leak depict subjects in the Americas extensively.

    The United States diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks contained personal analyses of world leaders by U. Content from the United States diplomatic cables leak has depicted Asia and Oceania subjects extensively. Contents of the United States diplomatic cables leak has depicted Europe and related subjects extensively. Content from the United States diplomatic cables leak has depicted the United States' opinion of the Middle East-related subjects extensively. A controversy exists over the national identity and name of the native language of the main ethnic group in the Republic of Moldova.

    Copyright is a legal right, existing globally in many countries, that basically grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to determine and decide whether, and under what conditions, this original work may be used by others. Corruption in Guinea-Bissau is among the highest levels in the world. Corruption in Venezuela is high by world standards and is prevalent throughout many levels of Venezuela's society. Counter-jihad or counterjihad or counter-jihad movement is a political current loosely consisting of authors, bloggers, think tanks, street movements and campaign organisations all linked by a common belief that the Western world is being subjected to takeover by Muslims.

    The following addresses the events in Northern Afghanistan between April and While this part of the country had long been relatively peaceful compared to the all-out war zones of the south and east, tensions would flare up again in when the German soldiers deployed to the area came under attack more often, leading to the deaths of the several soldiers.

    Previously hindered by national caveats, the deteroriating security situation prompted the German-led Regional Command North to launch a series of operations to take on the rising insurgency. Within two years, the German presence would be doubled and additional reinforcements from the American ISAF contingent were called in, including heavy German armoured vehicles and US aviation assets, allowing for a more aggressive approach towards the insurgency.

    In the alleged criminal case of Lisa F. Der Spiegel and Criminal case of Lisa F. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro born 5 February is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. The Confucius Institute CI program, which began establishing centers for Chinese language instruction in , has been the subject of criticisms, concerns, and controversies during its international expansion. The Cross Eifel Railway German: Eifelquerbahn is a non-electrified railway line between Andernach and Gerolstein in the Eifel in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

    Crypto AG is a Swiss company specialising in communications and information security. Crypto-fascism is the secret support for, or admiration of, fascism. CryptoParty Crypto-Party is a grassroots global endeavour to introduce the basics of practical cryptography such as the Tor anonymity network, key signing parties, disk encryption and virtual private networks to the general public.

    The CT previously known as the iSec and eBox is a video game console created by eedoo Technology, a company created by Lenovo, with 40 Lenovo employees and investment of an undisclosed sum of money from the Lenovo Group, Legend Holdings and Legend Capital. The Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa has had a large effect on the culture of most of the West African countries. The Cultural Revolution, formally the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, was a sociopolitical movement in China from until A currency transaction tax is a tax placed on the use of currency for various types of transactions.

    Curt Herzstark July 26, — October 27, was an Austrian engineer. Denis Quist better known as D-Irie born is a German rapper, who became known in the autumn , with his single "Was jetzt los!?! Der Spiegel and D. Dagmar Enkelmann born Dagmar Ebert: A Dahlbusch Bomb is an emergency evacuation device for use in mining.

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    Danfung Dennis is a still photographer and documentary film maker. Daniel Adel has worked as a portraitist, illustrator and fine artist since Dapayk is an alias for German musician, label owner and techno producer Niklas Worgt born February 8, in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany. The Poem , established , is the largest poetry magazine in the German-speaking world. The palace is a German-language opera by Aribert Reimann. Data-driven journalism, often shortened to "ddj", is a term in use since , to describe a journalistic process based on analyzing and filtering large data sets for the purpose of creating or elevating a news story.

    David Binder born February 22, is an American journalist, author and lecturer. Der Spiegel and David D. David Hume Kennerly born March 9, is an American photographer and photojournalist. Der Spiegel and David L. David Leigh born is a British journalist and author who was the investigations executive editor of The Guardian.

    David Gerald Littman 4 July — 20 May was a British human rights activist best known for organising the departure of Jewish children from Morocco when he was David Woodard born April 6, is an American writer and conductor. Helmut Kohl, the former Chancellor of Germany, died at 9: Marcia Powell was a year-old inmate who died on May 20, after exposure to extreme heat in an outdoor cage at Arizona State Prison Complex - Perryville in Goodyear, Arizona.

    Osama bin Laden, the founder and first leader of the Islamist group Al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, shortly after 1: Deena Herr, who performs under the stage name Deena, is a German singer performing in Uganda. The Defense Intelligence Agency DIA is an external intelligence service of the United States federal government specializing in defense and military intelligence.

    Degenerate art Entartete Kunst was a term adopted in the s by the Nazi Party in Germany to describe modern art. The democratization of knowledge is the acquisition and spread of knowledge amongst the common people, not just privileged elites such as clergy and academics. Demographic estimates of the flight and expulsion of Germans have been derived by either the compilation of registered dead and missing persons or by a comparison of pre-war and post-war population data. Demonoid is a popular BitTorrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker.

    Denazification Entnazifizierung was an Allied initiative to rid German and Austrian society, culture, press, economy, judiciary, and politics of any remnants of the National Socialist ideology Nazism. Deniz Aytekin born 21 July is a German football referee of Turkish descent who is based in Oberasbach. Denmark in the European Union refers to the historical and current issues of Denmark's membership in the European Union. The permissibility of depictions of Muhammad in Islam has been a contentious issue. In , France deported 10, Romani back to Romania and Bulgaria.

    Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod German, literal translation: The Dative is to the Genitive its Death is a series of books by Bastian Sick which deal in an entertaining manner with areas of contention in grammar, orthography, and punctuation and with unappealing and clumsy use of the German language. Der Landser literally private, common soldier was a German pulp magazine published by Pabel-Moewig and featuring mostly stories in World War II settings.

    Der Spiegel - Unionpedia, the concept map

    On January 16, , the United States Department of Defense complied with a court order and made public a heavily redacted list of the detainees held in the Bagram Theater Internment Facility. The Deutsche Journalistenschule e. The Deutsche Telekom eavesdropping controversy became public at the end of May through an article in the German weekly Der Spiegel. The Dibrani case refers to the 'political turmoil ' created in France in October by the arrest during a field trip of an illegal immigrant Roma schoolgirl, Leonarda Dibrani aged 15 , and the following expulsion to Kosovo of her family and herself.

    Diddl is a German comic strip created by German artist Thomas Goletz in Die Gartenlaube — Illustriertes Familienblatt The Garden Arbor — Illustrated Family Journal was the first successful mass-circulation German newspaper and a forerunner of all modern magazines. Die Wandlung was the name of a monthly newspaper published in Heidelberg between November and Autumn Die Wende "The Turn" or "The Turnaround" is a German term that has come to signify the complete process of change from the rule of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and a centrally planned economy to the revival of parliamentary democracy and market economy in the German Democratic Republic GDR around and Dieter Dierks Hans-Dieter Dierks born 9 February in Stommeln, Germany is a musician, sound engineer, producer, music publisher and studio owner.

    Dietler Sattler 2 February - 9 November was a German architect who became involved in politics, especially with respect to culture, the arts and foreign policy. Dietmar Dath born 3 April is a German author, journalist and translator. Dilma Vana Rousseff often known mononymously as Dilma; born 14 December is a Brazilian economist and politician who served as the 36th President of Brazil, holding the position from until her impeachment and removal from office on 31 August , becoming the first democratically-elected female President in the world to be impeached and removed.

    Dirk Frederik Mudge born 16 January is a Namibian retired farmer and politician. A dirndl Diandl is the name of a traditional feminine dress worn in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria. Disarmed Enemy Forces DEF , less commonly, Surrendered Enemy Forces, was a US designation for soldiers who surrendered to an adversary after hostilities ended and for those who had already surrendered POWs and held in camps in occupied German territory at that time.

    Der Spiegel

    Discovery Channel known as The Discovery Channel from to , and often referred to as simply Discovery is an American pay television channel that is the flagship television property of Discovery Inc. President Donald Trump on May 9, The Dixie Chicks are an American country music band which has also crossed over into other genres, including pop and alternative country. Dixie Sheridan is a photojournalist, based in New York City, specializing in the documentation of the performing arts, primarily theater, Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev p; born 14 September is a Russian politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Russia since Doctor is an academic title that originates from the Latin word of the same spelling and meaning.

    A doctorate from Latin docere, "to teach" or doctor's degree from Latin doctor, "teacher" or doctoral degree from the ancient formalism licentia docendi is an academic degree awarded by universities that is, in most countries, a research degree that qualifies the holder to teach at the university level in the degree's field, or to work in a specific profession. Doggerland is the name of a land mass now beneath the southern North Sea that connected Great Britain to continental Europe. The Dolphin class Hebrew: There have been numerous domestic responses to the Egyptian revolution.

    Donald Trump, the President of the United States since , has attracted considerable media attention during his career as businessman and politician, inspiring numerous portrayals and appearances in popular culture. Heinrich Ratjen 20 November — 22 April , born Dora Ratjen, was a German athlete who competed for Germany in the women's high jump at the Summer Olympics at Berlin, finishing fourth, but was later discovered to be male. The Dornier Do X was the largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world when it was produced by the Dornier company of Germany in Dorothea Melis born Dorothea Voigt: Dortmunder Actien Brauerei is a German brewery in the city of Dortmund, founded in by the businessmen Laurenz Fischer and Heinrich and Friedrich Mauritz together with master brewer Heinrich Herberz.

    Der Spiegel and Dr. Dresden Upper and Lower Sorbian: Since , the United States government has attacked thousands of targets in Northwest Pakistan using unmanned aerial vehicles drones operated by the United States Air Force under the operational control of the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Division. The generally tolerant official drug policy in the Third Reich, the period of Nazi control of Germany from the Machtergreifung to Germany's defeat in World War II, was inherited from the Weimar government installed in following the dissolution of the German monarchy at the end of World War I.

    Du bist Deutschland in English: Der Spiegel and E. In German humour, East Frisian jokes Ostfriesenwitz belong to the group of jokes about certain nationalities, in this case the East Frisians of northern Germany. The East Germany—West Germany football rivalry was an association football rivalry between teams from East Germany and West Germany, existing from to , while two separate German countries existed.

    Eastern philosophy or Asian philosophy includes the various philosophies that originated in East and South Asia including Chinese philosophy, Japanese philosophy, Korean philosophy which are dominant in East Asia and Vietnam, and Indian philosophy including Buddhist philosophy which are dominant in South Asia, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Eberhard Cohrs 4 January — 17 August was a German comedian and actor. Echo stylised as ECHO was an accolade by the, an association of recording companies of Germany to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry.

    The Eurozone crisis is an ongoing financial crisis that has made it difficult or impossible for some countries in the euro area to repay or re-finance their government debt without the assistance of third parties. The economy of Greenland can be characterized as small, mixed and vulnerable. The economy of Ireland is a knowledge economy, focused on services into high-tech, life sciences and financial services industries. Edgar Heinrich born c.

    Edmund Collein 10 January — 21 January was a German architect and urban planner. Eduard Wald March 10, — November 5, was a Communist politician, trade unionist and member of the German Resistance against Nazism. Education in Hamburg covers the whole spectrum from kindergarten, primary education, secondary education, and higher education in Hamburg. The Chernobyl disaster triggered the release of substantial amounts of radioactivity into the atmosphere in the form of both particulate and gaseous radioisotopes. Sinn" ''"The seventh sense"'' ". Ehrhart Neubert born 2 August is a retired German Evangelical minister and theologian.

    Braunschweiger Turn- und Sportverein Eintracht von e. Elbe Air Lufttransport GmbH, usually just known as Elbe Air, was a corporate charter airline from Germany, which offered worldwide on-demand flight services. The Elbphilharmonie unofficial literal English translation: Belarus elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature.

    Elfie Donnelly born 14 January in London is a British-Austrian author, who has written numerous books and radio dramas for children.

    The Bunker 1981

    Elisabeth "Else" Zaisser born Elisabeth Knipp: Maria Elisabetta Alberti, married Casellati Rovigo, 12 August is an Italian politician and current President of the Italian Senate, she is the first woman to have ever held this office. Helene "Elli" Barczatis 7 January — 23 November was a typist-secretary who worked between April and January as the head secretary of the East German prime minister, Otto Grotewohl.

    The Embassy of the United States in Rangoon represents the official diplomatic mission of the American government in Burma Myanmar , provides assistance to American citizens and issues visas to foreign nationals, for the purposes of visiting and immigration.

    Emma Herwegh born Emma Siegmund: The Emsdetten school shooting was a school shooting that occurred at the Geschwister Scholl-Schule in Emsdetten, Germany on 20 November A number of politicians, public figures, newspapers and magazines, businesses and other organisations endorsed either the United Kingdom remaining in the EU or the United Kingdom leaving the EU during the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, Endstufe "final stage is a novel by the German writer Thor Kunkel. In the European Union EU , enhanced cooperation is a procedure where a minimum of nine EU member states are allowed to establish advanced integration or cooperation in an area within EU structures but without the other members being involved.

    The enlargement of the eurozone is an ongoing process within the European Union EU. Eon McKai born is an American director of alt porn-themed pornographic films. Eric Jarosinski is an American Germanist, author, humorist, and public speaker. Eric Lawson Malpass 14 November — 16 October was an English novelist noted for his humorous and witty descriptions of rural family life, in particular that of his creation,the extended Pentecost family.


    Der Spiegel and Eric P. Hansen born July 3, is a bilingual American writer known in Germany for his humorous non-fiction, critical satire and novels. Der Spiegel and Eric T. Erich Feigl — January 27, was an Austrian documentary film producer and author. Erich Kuby 28 June — 10 September was a German journalist, publisher and screenwriter. Erich Wiedemann is a German journalist and editor at the Hamburg desk for the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, where he began as a reporter in Erik Zabel born 7 July is a German former professional road bicycle racer who last raced with Milram.

    Ernst Engelberg 5 April — 18 December was a German university professor and historian. Ernst Fischer 3 July — 31 July , also known under the pseudonyms: Ernst Tillich 27 June — 16 March was a German theologian.

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    An ersatz good is a substitute good, especially one that is considered inferior to the good it replaces. When year-old Joseph Woolsack disappears from his home, he draws into the unrest his mother, Elise, a mixed-race woman passing for white, and his father, Angel, whose long and wicked life is drawing to a close. What follows forces mother and son into a dark, new world: Joseph must come to grips with his father's legacy of violence and his growing sentiment for Cuban exile Marina Fandal, the only survivor of a shipwreck that claimed the lives of her parents.

    Elise must struggle to maintain a hold on her sanity, her son, and her own precarious station but is threatened by the resurgence of a troubling figure from her past, Dr. Emile Sabatier, a fanatical physician who adores disease and is deeply mired in the conspiracy and intrigue surrounding the occupation of the city. Their paths all intersect with General Benjamin Butler of Massachusetts, a man history will call a beast but whose avarice and brutal acumen are ideally suited to the task of governing an "ungovernable city". Alternating between the perspectives of the five characters of Elise, Dr.

    Sabatier, Joseph, Marina, and Butler, Secessia weaves a tapestry of ravenous greed and malformed love, of slavery and desperation, set within the baroque melting pot that is New Orleans. A Gothic tableau vivant of epic scope and intimate horror, Secessia is the netherworld reflection of the conflict between North and South.

    Contact me for any questions: Secessia Audiobook by Kent Wascom Rome Les aventures de Guilhem d'Ussel 8 Auteur: The Boy Made of SnowAuthor: In a sleepy English village in , Annabel and her son, Daniel, live in the shadow of war. With her husband away, Annabel withdraws ever deeper into long-ago memories of happier times. When mother and son befriend Hans, a German PoW consigned to a nearby farm, their lives are suddenly filled with thrilling secrets.

    To Annabel, Hans is an awakening from the darkness that has engulfed her since Daniel's birth. To her son, a solitary boy caught up in the magical world of fairy tales, he is perhaps a prince in disguise or a mythical woodchopper. But Hans has plans of his own and will soon set them into motion, with chilling consequences. Read by Joe Jameson. It's the s, and James and Mary McGrother's family has been divided by emigration, like many of their neighbors in the village of Blackrock in county Louth.

    The couple who survived the Great Hunger have had to watch more than half their family leave the parish. The responsibility to care for one another extends beyond blood or marriage ties for the McGrother family in New York, when a young Irishman goes missing in America. Back in Ireland, at a time when James and Mary least expect it, a family member returns - but not everyone is pleased with the reunion.

    Londres, Les aventures de Guilhem d'Ussel 6 Auteur: Edwina Baker wants more from life than to be a daughter, sister and, perhaps soon, wife. So when her father bans her from attending the visiting circus Edwina defiantly rides to the showground dressed as a boy.