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All the same, you cannot visit Barcelona without visiting the immense pigeon-filled square, then walk down Las Ramblas and make sure no one pick-pockets you. Furthermore, if you can make it through the initial crowds, actually lies a very authentic and special place! And of course, a perfect way to end 48 hours in Barcelona. No need to say goodbye—add your email address in the form below to stay up-to-date on all things Devour Tours.

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10 Things to Do in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Welcome to 48 hours in Barcelona! Make sure to try the delicious Bomba Barcelona. The first tapa created in Catalonia! Have a drink or two Cocktails are generally reserved for after-dinner drinks in Spain. Roam around the Born The Born is arguably one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in the city. Spend an afternoon wandering through Born! And enjoy its incredible nightlife! Spend an afternoon in this beautiful square in Gracia.

This restaurant specializes in traditional Catalan and Spanish dishes. Expect comfort food and gorgeous house wine! Of course, if you truly want to experience some of the best Catalan food in Barcelona—make sure to join us on one of our food tours. One of the oldest markets in Europe, the Boqueria is a colorful emporium of different products and sensory overload.

Have a walk around, stop by El Quim de la Boqueria for a tapa, and above all, experience the hustle and bustle of this historic market in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. However, make sure to watch your things!

Take an insider look with our expert guide Victoria as she shows you how to enjoy it at its best. There are beautiful squares throughout the Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter is, of course, no exception. Why not check out some of our favorites! Did you know that the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona has a Roman temple? Inside, learn about the founding of Barcelona as a Roman colony and also where it got its name!

Of course, one of the most famous monuments in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is the 13th to 15th-century Gothic Cathedral. Furthermore, outside these schedules, you must make a donation to enter. You should be aware that Barcelona is a fairly big city, with a number of fairly distinct areas. It does have a good public transport system, but obviously you want to spend more of your time sightseeing and less of your time on a bus or metro.

Barcelona is very popular with visitors, and especially in the summer months attractions can become very crowded, so booking ahead where possible and turning up early are the key to a frustration free trip. These offer free and discounted admission, as well as skip the line access, travel options and various other perks that might make your visit easier. Jess has also written a comprehensive review and guide to using the Barcelona Pass , as well as a comparison of the main discount passes available in Barcelona , which are both worth a read. You could also extend this itinerary over some more days if you want to really take your time.

The first day of our exploration focuses on the city centre of Barcelona, and everything here is easily walkable.

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As already mentioned, this is a popular spot. You can skip the ticket line by booking tickets in advance. Alternatively, you can get discounted admission with a Barcelona Card if you buy your ticket on the door, or by booking in advance if you have a Barcelona City Pass. As soon as you enter the building, it will intrigue you. Time for a spot of walking, and maybe all this sight-seeing has you hungry? Then, head down the street for a spot of people watching and a wide range of outdoor dining options. Today, the market is still popular with locals and visitors alike, and still has the reputation for having one of the widest choices of the city markets, with everything from meat and fish through to fruit, sweets and even food stalls.

This was a venture he achieved under the sponsorship of the Spanish monarchs at the time, and the statue commemorates his first voyage to the Americas. Originally built for the Barcelona Universal Exposition in , today the statue serves as both monument and tourist attraction, with the bonus that you can head up inside it for good views of the southern side of the city, including along the port and an excellent aerial view up Las Ramblas.

Tickets can be bought online , or in person. So far the day has involved a fair bit of walking, so this might be a good opportunity to rest and let the scenery float by, perhaps accompanied by a coffee or something stronger. From the port area, a number of operators offer boat tours of varying length which will give you a different perspective of Barcelona harbour. There are a number of operators though with different tour lengths and routes, depending on what you want to see.

The Catalonia History Museum will take you through the full history of the region and its people, from prehistory right up to the modern day.

Time for an evening drink and some food, before we kick off our second day of our three day Barcelona itinerary. Despite this being an active construction zone, the majority of building is open to the public. Entry is timed, so your best option is to buy your ticket online in advance also cheaper!

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Again, as it gets later in the day the building gets more crowded, so we definitely recommend visiting earlier in the day if you can. Holders of the Barcelona Card get a discount on tickets, however to our knowledge this can only be redeemed when purchasing tickets in person, not online.

The Barcelona City Pass includes the Sagrada Familia, and lets you book your entrance time online before you go. See more on discount passes in Barcelona in the section on saving money in Barcelona below. You can explore this complex and go inside a number of the buildings. This is a little bit different though, being as it is a large park area with a number of installations to explore and visit. Originally planned as a housing development of upper class properties offering spectacular views, the vision of sixty homes was never realised, with only two actually completed.

1. Learn About Barcelona’s Jewish Past

This has a separate entry fee, but if you are interested in seeing how he lived, is worth the visit. This has timed entrances, helping to keep the park more pleasant for everyone to visit. You can visit parts of the park without a ticket, but the key attractions, known as the Monumental Zone, do require a ticket. Holders of the Barcelona City Pass can also pre-book their timed entry to Parc Guell online, and entry is also included as part of this card.

And that sums up our second day of exploration in Barcelona! But first, we start with the:. What better way to start the day than with chocolate?

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  • 2. Explore Picasso’s Old Stomping Grounds.
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  • Barcelona was one of the major ports for chocolate to arrive into Europe, and it played a key role in the economy of the city. Also fun are the many chocolate statues and displays made of chocolate. Definitely a fun way to start a full day of exploration in Barcelona!

    This is the oldest part of the city, and has some of the highlights of Barcelona tucked away.

    10 Things to Do in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona – Devour Barcelona

    Whilst wandering the Gothic Quarter is an experience of itself, there are a number of attractions within that you should check out. First of these, coming from the Chocolate Museum, is the excellent Picasso Museum , which celebrates the early part of the artists life and work, as well as housing some of his later work. A must for fans. This is free to enter, and worth popping into. Depending on your interests and how much time you have, you will probably want to pick a few of these rather than try to rush around all of them. This huge fortress has played a key role in the history of the city over the last few hundred years, serving as a Spanish control over the potentially unruly Catalan city, as well as a prison and execution centre.

    Today the castle is open to visitors and you can wander the huge walls, take in the views across the city skyline, and think back to darker times. This is a huge open air architectural museum, built in , which consists of full-size buildings representing fifteen different regions of Spain, many of which are replicas of actual buildings. Again, you could spend a few hours just wandering around here as there is a lot to see and do. It also regularly hosts concerts, gastronomic festivals and other events. An imposing building with a spectacular view over the city, the National Museum of Catalan Art MNAC is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in the art of the Catalonia region.

    It has art of various styles from across the centuries, including an impressive collection of romanesque church paintings. You can also take the lift to the top floor to wander on the roof, which offers excellent views of the city.

    7 pm: Gain your bearings, from above

    The last entry on our final day of our three day Barcelona itinerary is the Magic Fountain , which you can see from the steps in front of the National Museum of Catalan Art. This fountains runs a spectacular sound and light show in the evenings which is a real treat to watch as the water displays synchronise with the sound and light.

    The schedule depends on the time of year — you can see it here.