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Despite the darkness on the surface, Nose Picker has an unmistakable air of whimsy, and a sense of humor, punctuated by the very literal album cover, and by the sound of a toilet flushing at the album's closing.

Parisian quintet En Attendant Ana has been nonchalantly crafting perfect pop songs since Their debut inch "Songs From The Cave" was released in late , garnering rave reviews for their refreshing blend of nouveau French pop, C86 indie, and foggy Flying Nun influenced jangle. What follows are nine more songs of urgent and thrilling pop dazzle. The clarity and timelessness of the band's songwriting proves them to be a band filled with craft and promise.

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San Francisco's The Love-Birds have been breaking hearts and making fans across the city's disappearing DIY spaces and proper venues alike since From there the listener is treated to dynamic, life-affirming power-pop; bell-ringing, fuzz stompers, warm, carefully crafted fragile pop and urgent, crystalline rockers. The Love-Birds approach their craft with a classicist's ear; with nods to their Seventies originators as well as Nineties torch-bearers, composing near-perfect future classics that ooze with subtle, interesting melodic twists and hummable, finger-pricking hooks that are instantly memorable.

Since , Columbus, Ohio's Connections have made four near-perfect albums of lo-fi pop majesty for the seminal Midwest label Anyway Records, and "Foreign Affairs" continues that winning streak with sixteen songs packed with sardonic tunefulness and Buckeye bombast. Connections sprung forth from Nineties pop band 84 Nash, infamous for being the only non-GBV related band released on Robert Pollard's own Rockathon Records and comparisons to the Indie Rock underdogs seem inevitable, if not a little shortsighted.

These guys have done their homework, but nothing feels studied - they've drunk from the waters of the Ohio Underground and the tunes flow forth naturally, with nods to their Nineties brethren as well as idiosyncratic Midwest legends. For every obvious, life-affirming hit on 'Foreign Affairs' "Good Cop", "Low Low Low" there are equal numbers of stealthy earworms like the chiming "Short Line", or the yearning, organ-drenched "Downtown" The songs ooze familiarity and an instant lyrical relatability, with singer Kevin Elliot's lyrics reveling in the everyday's little details; good friends, love and rock 'n' roll with restlessness and desire in a harsh, unforgiving but still beautiful world.

Olden Yolk is a New York-based group led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler Quilt and Caity Shaffer whose penchant for dystopian folk, abstract poeticism, and motorik rhythms have enveloped them in a sound uniquely of-the-moment yet simultaneously time-tested. Harry teams up with his own tail, P. Stella Wynkowski, to clear things up. Two detectives interrogated a hairdresser on two homicides she may or may not have been involved in.

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After being dumped by his girlfriend, a boy runs away to California. But he ends up in heaven because he dies after trying to help a family from drowning in a river. In heaven he'll meet a beautiful girl, who has never reincarnated before. Dorothy Parker remembers the heyday of the Algonquin Round Table, a circle of friends whose barbed wit, like hers, was fueled by alcohol and flirted with despair.

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A Jewish homicide detective investigates a seemingly minor murder and falls in with a Zionist group as a result. Etienne Alexis, a candidate for president of the new Europe, is a scientist promoting artificial insemination for social betterment and therapy to eliminate passion. Gunther of the police department, are converging on "the shit they're wallowing in". Former Rain City police officer John Hawkins - Hawk to his friends - has just been released from prison where he served eight years for murder, a crime to which he readily admits.

He killed Fat Adolph, a mobster, in an effort to clean up the streets and protect the ones he loved. He has returned to Wanda's - Wanda who was his former lover - to restart his life. Straightforward Wanda still loves Hawk, but is not in love with him, and as such offers him a place to stay with no strings. Penniless Georgia and her husband Coop have just arrived in Rain City with their infant son Spike in the run-down camper in which they live. They believed moving to the city - their first time ever in The person who compared this film to Bladerunner is not only doing this film a disservice, but is so far from the mark as to be untrue.

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The chief protagonist is a cop true, and though initially spurned, he does get the girl in the end, but that's about where it ends From the opening strains of the muted trumpet, and Marianne Faithfull's beautifuly broken voice, this film is a masterpiece, it's moody, quirky, low key and not without a little menace, especially when Hilly Blue "puts the anchor" on Solo, "they should all blow each other's balls off, make my life easier I guess I just feel for the characters, Hawk's hunger for a life he never had, the Zen stillness of Wanda, the wild eyed innocence of Georgia and the weirdness that is Coop, Solo freaking out as a Bhudhist, and last but not least, Divine in a suit I bought it recently on DVD in a shop in Schipol airport after being delayed in Amsterdam for two hours, I'd been looking for it for years at that point Even Amazon had it on back order.

It's really a wonderful movie, from icy lake to mountain road, I always come away from it happy, I guess you can ask no more from a movie than that. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Season 5 This Is Us: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: View All Photos 2.

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In the near future, a troubled ex-cop just released from prison tries to redeem himself by helping to save a young couple who find themselves unwittingly connected to a shady group of criminals. This combination of science fiction and film noir combines a convoluted plot with moody, stylish visuals. Alan Randolph Scott , Alan Rudolph.

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Kris Kristofferson as Hawk. Keith Carradine as Coop. Lori Singer as Georgia. Joe Morton as Solo. Divine as Hilly Blue. George Kirby as Lt. John Considine as Nate Nathanson. Morgan Armstrong as Mo. Dirk Blocker as Rambo. Tony Cross as bartender. Albert Hall as Leo. Frances Diamond as Diamond. Gailard Sartain as Fat Adolph. Patti Dobrowokski as Vega. Robert Gould as Mardy Skoog. Antonia Dauphin as Sonja Nathanson. Shelle Renee as Lady of the night. Billy Silva as Elmo. Caitlin Ferguson as Spike. Nicholls as Sector Representative Pete Regis.

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Bob Gould as Mardy Stoog. Debra Dusay as Marie La Mer. Elizabeth Kaye as Bunny. Rick Tutor as Biff. Joanne Klein as Eve Lamour.

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Klein as Nancy Lamour.