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The care and the guard regarding the intellect is because it is built on the foundation of a question. If one encounters the known question, one must be armed and protected to stand guard and instantaneously reply with the known answer This means that if one is neglectful in the work of faith, one falls into a state of wanting only knowledge, which is a Klipa Shell , which is against the Holy Shechina Divinity.

It is the conduct of the work that one must take the good path. But the bad in a person does not let him take the good path The matter of limitation is to limit the situation one is in and not want Gadlut lit. Regardless of the measure of Gadlut that one has, even if one has the slightest Katnut lit.

Smallness , if it shines forever, it is considered having been imparted eternal Dvekut. However, one who wants greater Gadlut , it is called luxury It is known that the servitude is essentially to bestow contentment upon the Maker. Yet, one must know the meaning of bestowing, as this is commonly used, and it is known that habit wears off the taste. Therefore, we must thoroughly clarify the meaning of the word to bestow Haman from the Torah, from where? Etz ha Daat is considered the state of greatness of reception, which is not in Kedusha Sanctity and must be brought into the Kedusha through corrections In other words, one is shown the truth, meaning he is shown his measure of faith, which is the whole basis of the truth Kedusha Sanctity , hence joy appears.

However, we must know that there is also a discernment of a Klipa Shell. In order to know if it is Kedusha , the scrutiny is in the reason. In Kedusha, there is reason, and in the Sitra Achra other side there is no reason, since another god is sterile and does not bear fruit A Mitzva that comes through transgression means that if one takes upon oneself the work in order to receive a reward If they are generally righteous, why do they deserve a great punishment?

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Descends and incites, ascends and complains. This Light should come to disclosure to the lower ones, and this purpose appears through Torah and Mitzvot and good deeds From Lo Lishma one comes to Lishma. If we pay close attention, we can say that the period of Lo Lishma is the more important time, since it is easier to unite the act with the Creator We can see that there are people with knowledge in the concealed part, as there are people who have no knowledge in the revealed part. And it cannot be said that this means that there are more people with knowledge in the revealed part than in the concealed part.

If so, you have given only a part of the whole picture The issue of the giving of the Torah that occurred on Mount Sinai does not mean that the Torah was given once and then the giving was stopped. Rather, there is no absence in spirituality, since spirituality is an eternal matter, unending. But since, from the perspective of the giver, we are unfit to receive the Torah, we say that the cessation is by the Upper One The covenant of the eyes, which is to caution from looking at women. And the prohibition is not necessarily because it might lead to a thought.

The evidence of that is that the prohibition applies also to an old man of one hundred years. Rather, the real reason is that it extends from a very high root: The covenant of the tongue, to be watchful with truth and falsehood. The scrutinies that exist now, after the sin of Adam ha Rishon , are scrutinies of true and false. However, prior to the sin of the tree of knowledge the scrutinies concerned bitter and sweet He said that first will be the correction of the world, then will be the complete redemption, the coming of the Messiah.

But we must know that the externality of the worlds is a higher degree than the correction of the internality We must understand the matter of weeping Above. Weeping is in a place where one cannot help oneself. Then one weeps that the other will help him. After the Tzimtzum restriction , the Upper Nine became the place of Kedusha , and Malchut , over which there was the Tzimtzum , became the place of the worlds. And there are two discernments to be made: It is known that there is no reality without someone who senses the reality.

The covenant corresponds to the mind. It is generally accepted that when two people do good to each other, when love acts between them, they certainly do not need to make a covenant. But at the same time, we can see that precisely when love acts, it is the usual time to make covenants. Then he said that the making of the covenant is for afterwards However, they must still crave and search the words of Torah of others who attained, to learn new ways from them, which the previous ones have invented in their innovations in the Torah.

Thus, it will be easy for them to advance in the High Degrees, meaning that through them they will advance from degree to degree Hence, when one is studying Torah, he should study Lishma. Atzilut is considered from the Chazeh up, which is only vessels of bestowal. BYA means reception in order to bestow, the ascent of the lower Hey to the place of Bina It is known that because of the breaking, sparks of Kedusha fell into BYA.

But there, in BYA , they cannot be corrected, and hence must be elevated to Atzilut. Faith is discerned as Malchut interpreted in the mind and the heart, that is, bestowal and faith.

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The rest of the prophets are considered Zot or Koh the letters Chaf and Hey , which is the meaning of Yadecha thy hand , a left Vav. There also is the discernment of the right Vav The writing says Exodus 1: To understand the words of the Holy Zohar , we should first understand what the Holy Zohar wants to say. The Torah and Mitzvot can bring cleanness to a person, to be cleaned of self love. And this is why he engages in Torah and Mitzvot.

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And to that extent we can understand the truth that the Holy Zohar wants to say. Otherwise, there are Klipot that hide and block the truth in the words of the Holy Zohar. In The Zohar , Beresheet p. And the blaze of the flaming sword is appointed over all the armies and the camps. In the Holy Zohar he explains the reason that Reuben was born to Leah, while he was thinking of Rachel during the act.

However, here his thought was of Rachel and of the act, he thought that it really was Rachel Thus, even though it was reasonable that it would be such and such, luck made him succeed with his actions. Reasoning refers to cause and consequence, meaning that a cause makes the result come out as it does.

In the work, we should interpret the matter of Kaskeset scales as Kushiot questions that he has in the work of God. The Kushiot are vessels in which to receive answers, since the answers are not filled in the external mind, but specifically in the internal mind, which is the Upper Light, clothed within a person.

And then the questions are settled in him In the verse, "Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves," the care refers primarily to the spiritual soul. However, one cares for the corporeal soul even without commandments from the Torah Malchut in itself is called "lower Hochma ," and with respect to its connection to Yesod , it is called "faith.

This is the meaning of Shechina Divinity in the dust A barn is male Dinim judgments , as in "hidden and not defiled," when he feels that he is in a state of Goren barn , meaning Ger stranger in the work Goren barn means diminution of good deeds, when a person feels primarily Gronot Hebrew: Hence, he lessens the good deeds.

And afterwards he comes to a state of Yekev winery , which is the meaning of "And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord" Spirituality is called that which will never be lost. Hence, the will to receive, in the form it is in, meaning in order to receive, is called corporeality. It is so because it will be cancelled from this form and will adopt the form of in order to bestow It takes a drop and places it opposite the Creator, and says before Him: The written Torah is considered "awakening from Above" and the oral Torah is an awakening from below.

And together they are called, "six years he shall serve; and in the seventh he shall go out free" And since there are many states of ascents and descents, called Shoshanim , from the words "blunt its Shinaim teeth ," the questions of the wicked should not be answered, but rather, blunt its teeth. And from the multiple beatings, meaning from the proliferation of blunting its teeth, we come to roses. Hence there are many discernments of Sasson Joy in it, which is why it is spoken of in plural tense, "roses" Kedusha Sanctity and the Sitra Achra other side , that "another God is sterile and does not bear fruit.

This is why it is written about Josef, "he was the one who Mashbir sold to all the people of the land," for he Shover brakes them with the fruits that he had, and the fruits that they did not have. Thus, everyone felt his state, whether he was from the good side or to the contrary In the verse, "of every man whose heart maketh him willing ye shall take My offering.

In The Zohar , Noah, there was a flood, and the saboteur was sitting in the midst of it. He asked, "A flood means a flood of water. This, in itself, is deadly and a saboteur. So what does it mean that the saboteur was sitting in the midst of it, in the midst of the flood? And also, what is the difference between the flood and the saboteur? This refers to bastardy. When one breaches the prohibition of turning unto other gods, they beget him the bastard In the songs of Shabbat it is written, "will reveal to us the flavor of twelve challahs, which are a letter in His name, multiplied and faint.

It is known that two Vavs were made by the second Tzimtzum restriction , meaning the right side and the left side. This is the meaning of the multiplication, from the word "multiply".

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And from this, from the power of the correction of the second Tzimtzum when there was the association of the quality of mercy with the judgment, the judgment became fainter than it was prior to the sweetening Every person is remote from the Creator with the reception in him. But he is remote simply because of the will to receive in him. However, since that person does not crave spirituality, but worldly pleasures, his distance from the Creator is one day, meaning a distance of a day, which means that he is far from Him in only one aspect — in being immersed in the will to receive the desires of this world We usually distinguish between two kinds of meat: The Torah gave us signs by which to know how to avoid them so as to not fall into the domain of impurity in them When the soul is dressed in it, it is called Hey ; and when one wants to add to the faith he extends the Vav below, and it becomes a Kof There is a discernment of Breath, Sound, and Speech, there is a discernment of Ice, and there is the discernment of Terrible.

This is a limiting force.

We should first say that we know that we discern Olam world , Shanna year , and Nefesh soul in everything. Hence, concerning the circumcision, too, which is the making of the covenant of the skin, applies the matter of Olam , Shanna , Nefesh. There are four covenants: Otherwise it is not heard Still is something that does not have an authority of its own.

Rather, it is under the authority of its Landlord and must satisfy every wish and desire of its Landlord. The nature of the Landlord is imprinted in the creatures, meaning all the creatures cannot work for another, but for themselves An intention is the reason and the flavor in the Mitzva. And this is the real reward of the Mitzva Necessity of the labor is a requirement.

Since the Creator gives man a present, He wants man to feel the benefit in the present. He who loses what he is given. There is the discernment of a wife, and there is the discernment of a husband. Secret means Katnut smallness , from the word Chash-Mal. Chash means Kelim de Panim anterior vessels , and Mal means Kelim de Achor posterior vessels , the Kelim below the Chazeh chest , which induce Gadlut greatness And then there is a tradeoff.

A tradeoff means that one wants to buy a certain object and the buyer and seller debate its worth, meaning each of them claims that he is right In the matter of the Lower Hey in the Eynaim eyes , it means that a Masach screen and a cover was placed over the eyes.

Eyes mean seeing and Providence, when one sees hidden Providence There are two discernments of Shabbat: And the difference between them is this: It is known that there is a stop, and there is rest. A stop is where there is nothing more to add. It is known that the departure of the Mochin and the cessation of the Zivug occur only to the additions of the Mochin , and the core of the degree in ZON is Vav and a Nekuda point.

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This means that, at its essence, Malchut has no more than a point, a black point that has no whiteness in it Dew drips from that Galgalta to Zeir Anpin. The Lights of Shabbat come to the discernment of the Guf body. Zelophehad was gathering wood. The Zohar interprets that he was measuring which tree was bigger: And in that, there is no hold to the external ones. However, wholeness lies in the tree of knowledge, the extension of Hochma wisdom below The six days of action are considered ZA , and Shabbat is considered Malchut.

And he asked, but ZA is a higher degree than Malchut , so why is Shabbat more important than the weekdays? And moreover, why are they called Yemey Hol weekdays? Hence, during the count there is departure of the Mochin , since the count is considered raising MAN The essence of the war should be in a place of permission.

However, with Mitzva and sin, the loss is near and the reward is far. Hence, there he should observe without any considerations The reason is that spirituality is the source of life and pleasure. So how can there be coercion in a good thing? The matter of work in reception and bestowal depends on the heart. This is considered Vak. However, work in faith and knowledge is considered Gar Obviously, the miracle of the exodus from Egypt and the division of the sea brought Israel to greater faith than they had had before.

A thought is an upshot of the desire. A person thinks of what he wants, and does not think of what he does not want. For example, a person never thinks of his dying day. On the contrary, he will always contemplate his eternity, since this is what he wants. Thus, one always thinks of what is desirable for him There cannot be an empty space in the world.

It follows that one must have some desire—either for corporeality or for spirituality The cleanness of the body indicates to the cleanness of the mind. This is because in that, there is complete sufficiency, and thus he would not be corrected by the sin of the tree of knowledge, considered from the Chazeh down In The Zohar , Parashat Amor, 95a: And why it is not so all year long. This means that they suffered so much that they could not bear it any longer.

He explains why it is customary that the Matzot unleavened bread are always placed in concealment, on a matzo-plate or on some other covered thing Concerning the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai: Rather, the giving of the Torah is an eternal thing—the Creator always gives. However, we are unfit to receive. But then, on Mount Sinai, we were the receivers of the Torah.

The Hazak we say after completing the series means that the completion should give us strength to complete all the degrees. As the body has organs and tendons, the soul, too, has , which are the channels of the soul by which the bounty extends. And these channels are opened through the Torah. As long as not all of them have been opened, even if a deficiency appears in a particular degree, the particular degree is included in the whole.

About the authors of The Zohar saying their words as a morals, it did not have to be in this way There are two discernments: The customs of Israel are so important, that it is safe to say that they give more spirituality to a person than the Mitzvot themselves This is considered small, above reason All the preventions and delays that appear before our eyes are but a form of nearing—the Creator wants to bring us closer Why not according to the uneducated?..

Concerning the concealment, which is a correction, had it not been for that, man would have been unable to attain any perfection, since he would not be worthy of attaining the importance of the matter. However, when there is concealment, the thing becomes important to him. Even though one cannot appreciate the importance as it truly is, the concealment grants it merit.

This is because to the extent that one senses the concealment, so a bedding of importance is made within him He interpreted, why is the way so far? The confession is the drawing of Hochma. The more one confesses, the more the Hochma appears on him. It is said about that: This is why they were looking for iniquities, to draw upon him the Light of Wisdom There is the matter of the three lines, and the matter of Israel holding to the body of the King.

There is the matter of the exile in Egypt, when the people of Israel had to descend to Egypt, and the matter of the exodus from Egypt In The Zohar Amor , The assembly of Israel said: Honor is something that stops the body, and to that extent, it harms the soul. Hence, all the righteous that became famous and respected, it was a punishment Moses and Solomon are considered Panim anterior, face and Achoraim posterior. It is written about Moses: And then there will be true wholeness in them.

On Shabbat, it is forbidden to do works, meaning an awakening from below. The issue of the lower Hey in the Eynaim eyes means that there was a Masach screen and a cover over the eyes. Here, Michael Laitman has published the notebook just as it was written. People who bought this also bought. The Science of Kabbalah: The Zohar Rav Michael Laitman. Kabbalah for the Student Claire Gerus. Kabbalah Revealed Rav Michael Laitman. Introduction to the Book of Zohar: Disclosing a Portion Michael Laitman.

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