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Lincolnshire Suicide SAFE

Avoiding messages that interfere with prevention goals is also part of messaging safely. While discussions of safe messaging often focus on media coverage, everyone who is communicating to the public should be mindful of safety—especially those of us working in the suicide prevention and mental health promotion fields.

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Government officials, prevention practitioners, people with lived experience, community leaders, and others can all help to ensure that messages are safe and helpful. Safety guidelines apply to websites, fundraising appeals, event publicity, brochures, and social media posts as well as posters and other educational materials.

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Learn more about the Action Alliance. Main menu What is the Framework? It is often difficult to identify whether you or someone you are worried about is struggling to cope, however being able to recognise some of the signs is a good start.

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  6. Worried about someone else? Home Help and Contact Need help? LivingWorks Education would like to recognize the commitment, innovations and accomplishments of these actions as aggregate and collaborative undertakings by a community to create, implement, and sustain a recognized suicide-safer community and offer our support and encouragement to communities that wish to do the same.

    Are you thinking about suicide? How to stay safe and find treatment

    Those that seek and prepare for designation engage in an opportunity to identify their community strengths and opportunities for improvement in the area of suicide prevention. Suicide-Safer Communities are passionate in their belief that suicide is preventable and that suicide prevention is a shared responsibility where every person from policy makers to individual community members has the potential to make a difference and save a life.

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    It is a community that believes that everyone has a fundamental right to a life lived with dignity with the supports and resources accessible to ensure a future filled with hope and possibility. In order for a community to be designated a Suicide-Safer Community it must submit thorough documentation of all 10 pillars. The designation is good for 5 years, after which time an application for renewal providing updates on continued progress toward each of the 10 pillars can be submitted.

    Building a suicide-safer community includes developing action plans around the 10 Suicide-Safer Community Pillars incorporating suicide awareness, prevention, intervention, post-intervention, and postvention.