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I have found over the years that we have been led to believe that food addiction is based on how we think and feel about food. I now believe it is mostly a physical reaction triggered by carb foodstuffs in people with the diabetes gene. Lower your carbs and your hunger and yearnings will dramatically improve - after the first few days adjustment period of course, which could involve headaches, and general feelings of malaise.

Be aware that eating carbs is what will make you want more and more and more, make you starving, and lead you to embark on food addiction behaviour. Just realising that it is the carbs talking, and not your mind or lack of will power helps heaps when the inevitable lapses happen.

Allen Carr's book on stopping smoking explains addiction well. He makes people realise that they crave a cigarette in our case bread, pasta, chocolate etc because the body is below par and wants to get back to 'feeling normal', which it will, as soon as the addiction is present in the bloodstream. He then goes on to explain that the reason your body is below par is actually because of that last cigarette or carbs in our case. That is the nature of addiction.

If you can withdraw your addictive substance for long enough for the body to feel normal without it, then you don't need it any more. He had terrific success with that book, for thousands of people just this knowledge was enough for them to give up smoking forever. Giving up cigarettes is probably a lot easier than food - you just don't buy them or smoke them any more. But food is different, we have to eat it several times a day, and eat carbs every day too. I found this knowledge very helpful, realising that non diabetic people don't get starving so easily, don't get carb cravings and don't want eat far too much.

I am much more aware that carbs set off cravings, make me starving too soon, make me want more carbs and ignore the good food. Lower carbs makes for a more relaxed lifestyle and I'm convinced it is way to go. Sin small is my mantra! I have been a carb addict for as long as I can remember. I would probably have ended up a type 2 if I hadn't become a type 1. I loved anything carby, you name it; cereals, pasta, biscuits, doughnuts, cakes, puddings with custard and my absolute fave was cheesecake.

Anyway, I switched to a modified Atkins diet to try and control blood sugar levels but it did nothing to curb the carb cravings and so I was constantly falling off the wagon. While staying at a relative's a few years ago, I picked up a book called 'You can be thin' by Marisa Peer.

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I couldn't put it down! It uses NLP to try and change your mindset about food. It talks about the different sort of eaters we are e. Something of what she said must have worked because I started to view chocolate and biscuits in a different way. I know you may be skeptical but I got my mother to read it and she totally changed her diet, lost one and a half stone and is still free from her Pringle addiction! I would really recommend this book comes with a CD as well. Check out the reviews on amazon.

It is a very motivational book and has really helped me to change my eating habits for good.

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I no longer like cakes and even cheesecake and have finally overcome my bread cravings. I don't agree with everything she says in the book regarding what is healthy but her approach to overcoming food addiction has worked for me. Some horrid person has opened one of those old fashioned sweetie shops which I will have to pass everyday on the way to he coffeeshop.

Oh well, onto Amazon to look for some blinkers to prevent me seeing the place. Well that was my problem giving up smoking I hastily say was more than 6years ago!! Then wham food tasted so good so much better than before I couldn't get enough chocolate,biscuits,crisps any food that would take my mind off smoking!!!

My god the weight piled on and on. I went to gp for something else and she said I needed a blood test as well, a day or so later she rang me and told me I had diabetes t2 so that was my wake up call I won't go back I'm too scared and have no lost nearly three stone and I've still got several more to lose. So when my mind goes on food I walk for a good hour most days. So good luck to you I know what your going through!!!!

Sent from the Diabetes Forum App. I found switching to heavily spiced foods was the answer for me. After sweet food for years I needed flavour to replace it, so I invested in a lot of chili, both powder and fresh, and put those in nearly everything. I make homemade curries as well, even salads have a lot of rocket, and fresh herbs, pot ones, so they last well. But it seems to have worked, so my tastes have changed, and I don't think switching to bland food would have worked so well.

I too need to lose weight. I have type 1 diabetes and always crave food. I am currently in a wheelchair as I have fractured feet but don't know how to lose the weight. I tend to overeat after lunch time and the cravings get worse through the afternoon until evening.

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I've been a type 1 diabetic for 16 years. Come and chat to me on my Facebook anytime! Food addiction may not be your fault. Zhao and Fei published a paper in Nature http: The patient was given a diet of whole grains and traditional Chinese medicinal vegetables. He regained normal weight and appetite. One of the toxins of this bacterium is an O-linked N-actylglucoseamine transferace which interferes with the appetite and satiation hormones such as ghrelin leading to eating disorders.

It also interferes with the actin cytoskeleton which deactivates the alpha-1 GABA receptor on the pancreatic alpha-cells leading to runaway serum glucose production. Another bacterium with the same class of toxin is Clostridium novyi type A which I discovered as the cause of my DMT2 and complications which I am now treating with occassional doses of antibiotics.

This is a long term treatment because it is spore forming and the spores keep waking up. I used to eat a lot, now I eat very little. All the DMT2 symptoms have cleared along with all the complications including the retinal angiopathy. Go to your doctor with this informationn and try and get a test.

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If it is not K mobilis it might be C. Your doctor should contact the Clostridium reference liabry in Cardiff. I was called in to my gp's surgery over my cholesterol levels. I feel so much better for doing it plus I've got 12 weeks free membership because the practise nurse recommended me.

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Have you considered Overeaters Anonymous OA? I gasped, I cried, I laughed out loud. I could not stop turning the pages of this beautifully written book. His story from diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and subsequent love affair with food as an addiction is a lifelong journey. Food quieted the inner voice of not okay. Re-learning health habits of many years - for example not eating a bag of "orange cocaine," or Cheetos, in his hourly commute from a city an hour away - was not easy.

Patience with oneself as small strides are made toward reducing weight through physical activity and portion control is a reminder that it takes years to put it on and years to lose it. Carl has been an inspiration to my patients and me. Camp "mother" and now "grandmother" to the Carolina's largest overnight camp for children with diabetes, Camp Adam Fisher Everyone is touched by Diabetes in some way and everyone is affected by the growing drains on our national health care system.

Passing Through is about fighting a disease - Diabetes - an ongoing, daily battle fought with a fork and walking shoes. This is a story about losing weight -- and the advice will work for anyone - but this is not a typical how-to weight loss book. For the swelling ranks of Type 2 Diabetics, this is a battle that can be won. Passing Through is a message of truth and hope from someone who has lived it.

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    While I am not a diabetic I do suffer from Chronic pain. Moore's story inspired me to push myself a bit harder and not just give up. His story speaks to all who have difficulty or health issues. Carl shows us that with the proper attitude and HARD work your life can improve. Read this book and start living again. Sandy is currently reading it Mar 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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