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And as you hear him speak, he tells you of how his recovery was not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual as well. Jason shares how everything he has endured has been a small part of God's larger plan.

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Part of that plan was that he might learn some lessons along the way for the purpose of sharing them with others. Among these are the fact that Christ's power reaches its perfection in our acknowledged personal weakness and a realization that far too often churches fail to be "suffering-safe" places. Among the most meaningful passages of the book for me was when Jason points out, "Throughout all of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, the most often asked inquiry is, 'How long, O Lord, how long? Ironically, though, the most repeated command from God is 'Do not fear' or 'Do not be afraid.

Instead, he responds with His own imperative which, in essence says, 'Trust me. I've got everything under control. Jason speaks of how he was "scarred by grace" and is convinced that he is called to be "a wounded healer. An very tragic beginning to a story that in the end leaves you smiling and that as you continue to read you cannot put it down.

Mile Marker 825

It leaves you amazed at how one man's love, faith, family and friends can help him conquer even the worst circumstances. Jason's story shows how his unbelievably strong faith in god, the love of his family and friends helped him conquer the most extreme physical injuries, as well as emotional injuries that would leave many of us wondering how and why we should go on. Jason shows us how he healed himself emotionally wiith his aith, and how his strong faith in god and the power of prayer can accomplish un-immaginable miracles.

I consider this an excellent read and would reccomend it to anyone. After a near death experience myself, I was encouraged to read Jason's book. This book is so inspiring! Everyone endures pain and suffering to some degree, but a tragic and traumatic event such as this is a true miracle of God's grace and healing in a person's physical and emotional being. Nothing is impossible with God. Hard questions are answered about God's faithfulness concerning affliction and suffering to the 10th degree. The book reveals God's character through Jason's faith and perseverance. Even this horrific circumstance pales in comparison to what our savior endured and Jason's belief in God's trustworthiness is absolutely inspiring and uplifting and makes most circumstances seem minimal.

Mile Marker 825

God is our rescue in times of trouble, he is our healer, comforter and provider even in the darkest days. Jason's dependence and humbleness in spirit is displayed ever so clearly and a true beautiful picture of what is attainable when we believe in the unseen. He explains God's fairness, justice and grace perfectly. God is active at pursuing us even when we don't feel his presence.

This is a must read whether a person believes in God or not. Either way, it will change your mind and your perspective on life. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Mile Marker (Jason Mirikitani) - Westminster English 7

I just finished reading Mile Maker in less than 24 hours. What an amazing story of one man's journey to the brink of death and back. You must read Jason' emotionally gripping account of waking up from a trauma induced coma and having to relearn the most basic life skills, while also dealing with the greif of losing his wife and the shock of becoming a single parent to a toddler. The strength he found through his faith in Jesus and his amazing support network of Christians will make you question anything you think you know about inauthentic religious people.

Jason is the real deal and his faith has been forged in the fires of suffering and pain. I trust his book will encourage you to face life with joy even in the midst of trials. Unbelievable-but-true story of a young father's determined commitment to his daughter's well-being through intense tragedy, loss, and subsequent adversity.

The roadside kindness of a stranger who saved the author's life is just the beginning of this incredible story. Real-life example of God's love and provision. Told with authenticity that inspires genuine hope. Superlatives can sound trite, but they really apply in this case. Jason's most inspiring book was witnessed from the very first phone call of the accident. I am a member of Britton Christian Church where Jason and Jill were well respected and loved leaders.

Little did I know that witnessing the prayers, the outpouring of Christian love and devotion was going to serve as such a blessing and strength for what was to come in my own life. Shortly after the accident my son, Jeremy was stricken suddenly with Gionne Barre Syndrome, leaving him paralized and his body compromised. Jason's recovery was well on it's way when he and his Mom came to the hospital and visited with Jeremy, giving him hope and a stronger faith in Jesus Christ. Not only do we love Jason, but we are so grateful for visiting and sharing his story, just as Jeremy was beginning his gruelling Physical Therapy.

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My fondest memory of Jason before moving back home was when he would bring little Abby to church and let her wear her little red "Dorothy" shoes. A story of great faith and unexplainable perseverance lies within these pages. I pray that your heart may be encouraged as it is taken on this journey, a journey of great loss; great loss met by an even greater faith in God, a Savior who in His sovereignty can and will bring life from the ashes.

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Jason Mirikitani's faith has been refined by suffering, and now through smoke and flame he testifies. Praise be to the mighty God who sustained him in all his woe, and praise God we get to read the story. Louis Cardinals -- "In ways beyond the explanations of reason, when pain meets faith -- faith can grow. Bryan Chapell - President, Covenant Theological Seminary -- "In your hands, you have an inspiring, challenging and honest story by a man who has lived out one of the biggest fears we all face.

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Streams in the Desert. The story is about how he recovered from the accident. The moral of the story is that no matter what happens to you God will never abandon you. Also Jason is trying to tell us that you need to always believe in God. If you like books about accidents and about sadness and a someone's faith you will like this book.

When Jason miriktani car flips 5 times his wife is instantly killed, his baby girl is not even scratched, and Jason has a serious head injury. No matter what god does everything for a reason.