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Grimm, Volume 1: The Coins of Zakynthos by David Greenwalt

There are lots of face offs with monsters. There are loyalty shifts. It seems to add some backstory that the show may not have told. Whether that fits in with the canon and universe of the show. The art is good. I enjoyed the story. I was given a review copy of this graphic novel by Diamond Book Distributors and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you for letting me review this graphic novel. Nov 17, Conan Tigard rated it liked it. The Coins of Zakynthos is a collection of six comic book collected into one graphic novel. Personally, Grimm is one of my favorite shows, filling the void on television that I have been waiting for since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended its seven-year run in This makes total sense since both David Greenwalt co-executive produce and then executive producer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jim Kouf writer on the Buffy spinoff Angel , are co-executive producer of Grimm.

Also, both Mark Gaffen and Kyle McVey are involved in the Grimm television show, so this is pretty well-rounded collection of creators for this graphic novel. As for the graphic novel, I quite enjoyed the story, but found some of the dialog to be off-character. The artwork is mediocre and the storyline, which is action-packed, is definitely more gruesome than the television series. The reason I say this is because beheaded noggins seem to be flying all over the place. This is not something that usually happens on the small screen.

The comic also made Monroe goofier than he normal is and some of the dialog also read as just plain silly. Still, the story is about the coins we learned about in the first season of the show, and they are very dangerous. One cool thing the writers did was to introduce another Grimm, and this time she is female. And I know that she looks sexy fighting in nylons, but come on! There is no way that a Grimm would fight in sexy clothes.

They fight in clothing that would help them kill the Wesen, and nylons aren't going to do that. I know that the comic industry likes to make female superheroes as sexy as possible this so boys can get all googly-eyed over the beautiful female leads, but I found this to be a little ridiculous.

With a little tweaking, the comic books in this graphic novel could have been pretty awesome. I would have liked to see character that more accurately match the characters on the television series, and I would liked to see a better artist take over. I'm sure that Jose Malaga is a fine artist, but I feel that the work isn't quite detailed enough for this book.

For the most part, the main characters look somewhat like they do in real life, but for me, personally, I am not a fan of this type of artwork. There wasn't ever a page of artwork that I was blown away by. The Coins of Zakynthos is an exciting story and a nice addition to the Grimm universe. But the silly dialog in some parts and the so-so artwork is what caused me to only rate this comic as good. Still, I was happy to read this book, but also feel that the story should take place in and around Portland, Oregon. After all, Nick has never really left the area in the entire time the show has been on television.

After all, he is a cop on a cop's salary. Flying to Europe and traveling all over the place is fairly expensive to do. Even will all of this, would I recommend this book to anyone that watches the show? You bet I would. And I also hope that Dynamite Entertainment creates some more comics for the Grimm series. If so, I will be sure to read them. I rated this book a 7 out of Jan 29, Carmen Marin rated it liked it Shelves: Like most people, I'm usually pretty skeptical about media tie ins, since most of the time, they're poorly rendered fanfic.

Overall, this wasn't too bad. For the volume cover, they went with a photo and doctored it up nicely, just in case the casual comic book shop customer hadn't a clue that Grimm was a TV show. It's a lovely cover though, and happy that it features Nick's police partner, Hank. From the cover gallery at the end of this volume, there were a couple other good images they could've Like most people, I'm usually pretty skeptical about media tie ins, since most of the time, they're poorly rendered fanfic.

From the cover gallery at the end of this volume, there were a couple other good images they could've used, but of the 'photo exclusive' this one was the best.

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The art overall, isn't too bad, having seen much worse in other publisher franchise adaptations, but I agree with another reviewer that Nick looks pretty generic, which is a shame as David Giuntoli is pretty sexy for a comic book character. I would say the series is set between season two and three, if we were to stick it with canon, even if in the beginning of season three once Nick's back to himself, in a way, he's in search of his mother.

So there are some minor spoilery stuff, if you're new to the show. They do a decent job of 'reintroducing' most of the Grimm world for people who haven't watched recently or haven't watched at all, so I don't think there'd be any confusion for those who'd never seen an episode. It is a great parallel and foreshadow, in ways, to the upcoming wedding of Monroe and Rosalie. What I really like, is like the show, it doesn't stick to just Nick and the Monster of the Week's viewpoints. We get some good insight to Nick's mother, and get to see her kick some more ass as a Grimm.

This all leads up to the overarching plot of the volume, which are some supernatural coins that first appeared in season one, the reason why Nick's mother left at the finale. Which takes not only Nick to Europe, but he brings along Hank and Monroe, as they believe Nick's mother's in danger. I enjoyed the story overall, same dry humor we get on the show, and interesting background to the world. We even get to meet a new Grimm, a female one, and learn about how other Grimm families fared. She has a near typical tragic back story, and is obviously the 'femme fatale' for the series, giving some unnecessary and trite 'sexual tension' between her and Nick.

Grimm Vol. 1 - The Coins of Zakynthos (Electronic book text)

Which bothered me enough considering she was an interesting character on her own right, and smart too. Nice little twist at the end. While it didn't lead me to wanting the next volume 'right this minute', I do plan to read it and look forward to continuing comic adventures of the GRIMM family.

Dec 30, Kit rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I'm a fan of the TV show and my overwhelming impression of this book is that the writers have excised just about everything that makes it worth watching. I liked the opening chapter, which investigated an attack on a mixed-species marriage and the prejudices behind it.

It was basically a mini-episode and it worked fine. However, the main story, regarding the quest to destroy the Coins, is terrible. It's dull, disjointed and predictable, and worse yet comes off as nothing more than an excuse to sho I'm a fan of the TV show and my overwhelming impression of this book is that the writers have excised just about everything that makes it worth watching. It's dull, disjointed and predictable, and worse yet comes off as nothing more than an excuse to showcase Maya, an egregious Mary Sue who fights monsters in stockings and suspenders and can't go three pages without somehow showing she's Better Than Nick.

She has the regulation tragic backstory - more tragic than Nick's, naturally, and with five whole pages devoted to it. Her many misdeeds are forgiven far too readily by the other characters and the reader is expected to follow along. The whole thing revolves around this thoroughly boring individual. The established characters - the ones I watch Grimm to see - are shoved aside.

Vůně dálek: Zakynthos

Monroe gets the best lines as usual, but his and Hank's subplot is perfunctory and his attitude to violence uncharacteristically casual. Hank seems to be there just for the sake of it, and there's no evidence of either him or Nick even thinking about how being close to the Coins again might affect him. Rosalee, Renard and Wu all get to say one line and then disappear. Actually, Wu might get two lines but the artwork is so bad I can't tell for sure that it's him.

Juliette is treated even worse; Nick mentions her once, not by name, when Maya is coming on to him. As far as I can tell she's been cleared out of the way so that the story's real main character gets to kiss the hero - it's like a bad fanfic. While it's good to see Kelly again, this story doesn't develop her beyond what we saw at her last appearance. If Maya represents how the creators think women ought to dress, it's actually quite disturbing that Kelly gets tortured into appearing in a ball gown.

It wasn't all bad. There was some decent dialogue, including snappy lines and interesting speeches. I also liked the other original character, Laszlo. But the creators are far too fond of Maya and her overwhelming presence ruins the whole thing. Dec 14, Sharon Tyler rated it liked it. They uncover secrets long buried during their adventure in Europe.

They are hunted by Verrat soldiers while on their quest to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos. The story line reveals dark secrets and promises a member of the cast. Grimm Volume 1 stands alone, so those that have never sen the television series, or like me watched it for awhile but stopped for one reason or another, will not find themselves lost. Avid fans might find themselves a little annoyed at the information replays at the beginning of each section, but these little interludes help everyone start off on equal ground.

The interaction between Nick, his partner, and the rest of the cast is very well done, as is the action that surround the crew on their mission. I always get a kick at the reaction different supernatural creatures have to the Grimm, and this holds true through out the graphic novel. Since I had not been following the television series, two of the characters were new to me- however as I noted earlier, everything was clear and tied together in a way that made it seem new to everyone rather than like I was playing catch up. Readers and television fans that enjoy new takes on creatures from fairy tales and legend will see things to make them happy in Grimm Volume 1.

If you have never had any interest in the television series it is unlikely that you will have any interest in the graphic novel collection. However, if the premise of the show looked good to you, whether or not you actually watch ed it, then you ought to give this graphic novel a look. Oct 05, Aparajitabasu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Here is the summary of the book: Set in the world of the acclaimed NBC series, Grimm, by the show creators themselves!

Perfectly adapted from the popular NBC show 'Grimm'. If you know of the show or watch it, then you know what this is about. The first graphic volume titled 'The Coins of Zakynthos', follows after Nick's mum Kelly leaves Portland to go destroy the coins. The entirety of the volume is divided into chapters as Nick, Munroe and Hank go after Kelly, after they receive an SOS signal from her.

Leading them on a merry chase throughout Europe, on the backs of the resistance, of the verrat, of new friends and betrayals Yup Nick Burkhardt has only just scratched the surface if his life as a Grimm. The chapters are well presented in the volume. Before each one begins you will find the sketch of wesen characters The illustrations befitting of a comic strip, portrays all the shows characters perfectly. And you will be sure to enjoy this action-packed and adrenaline-inducing graphic presentation. Oct 06, Ramie rated it really liked it Shelves: In this book we witness a pretty standard Portland case - aka a wedding gone wrong when a group gets wind of a mixed marriage that's probably not what you think it is -- unless you know how this show works.

Fans of the show will probably love this book. The art was good, though some of the show characters look more convincing than others. I received this book at no cost in order to review it. Oct 04, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: I have to admit that I don't read a lot of graphic novels; however being a fan of the Grimm television show I was excited to check this one out. I think that Grimm Volume 1 is perfect for fans of the series and could also serve as a great way to introduce new fans to the show.

The artwork is well done really capturing the nuances of the characters and bringing them to life. There are exciting backdrops as the characters travel the world, and the artwork does a great job at capturing the essence I have to admit that I don't read a lot of graphic novels; however being a fan of the Grimm television show I was excited to check this one out.

There are exciting backdrops as the characters travel the world, and the artwork does a great job at capturing the essence of the show. The story is also very well done. I'm not sure exactly when it is supposed to fall in with the show, but I would have to say somewhere in season two with Nick's mom being in it and Hank knowing the truth. The story is full of action, adventure, and intrigue making it the perfect fit for an adventurous reader who enjoys the supernatural mixed in with the suspense.

I also enjoyed getting to know some new characters and learning more about those mysterious Royals. Overall Grimm Volume One proved to be a fun read that I would most definitely recommend to any Grimm fan or anyone wanting to see what Grimm is all about. Oct 24, SarahSmith rated it really liked it. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

First I have to say that I don't normally read graphic novels, but since I really enjoy the Grimm show and I was having some Nick, Hank and Monroe especially Monroe since he is hilarious withdrawal I wanted to check it out. The stories are not part of the show, but maybe some of the characters we meet could be in the future. I sense a potential new love interest for Nick if Juliette gets bumped off from the show.

The artwork is fantastic and the story is good, but slightly hard to follow since it was a little jumpy in between sections. The main characters were just like I remembered them from the show. They kept my attention and had me laughing in parts. All in all I enjoyed reading this since I am a fan of the show and will probably read future volumes.

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I definitely recommend this if you are a fan of the show. And if you've never seen the show, what are you waiting for!? Sep 10, Whitney rated it it was ok Shelves: The story was fun, and the humor that the show is known for was scattered throughout. The book may be somewhat confusing to those who are unfamiliar with the show, despite the attempt in the first segment to give the reader a crash course in the world.

The illustrations were decent, and they did do a wonderful job of depicting the characters Hank and Monroe. Poor Nick on the other hand appears to be a little too generic. This is probably a graphic novel that will mostly appeal to existing fans of the show, and is fun, but ultimately nothing super engaging or special. Oct 17, AmandaEmma rated it it was ok Shelves: Find this review and other reviews like it here: But it is one of my favorites. I was not so impressed with the graphic novel though. I think the illustrations was poorly done, and I had a hard time seeing if some of the characters were a man or a woman.

Tossed into a globe-spanning journey along with his partner, Detective Hank Griffith, and his Wesen friend Monroe, Nick suddenly finds himself in the middle of a centuries long war. Forging a reluctant alliance with the Wesen Resistance and a new mysterious Grimm, Nick must not only get his mother back, but also destroy the coins before they fall into the wrong hands. But in a world where even blood doesn't guarantee loyalty, who can he really trust? Overview Music Video Charts.

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