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And does Byron know more about Vampires than he is letting on? Ghosts of Geneva is the second in a brilliant series of novellas certain to appeal to fans of gothic literature, devotees of Victorian fiction, and followers of historical novelists such as Sarah Waters.

Ghosts of Geneva: Byron's Demon

Kate Hoyland is the author of the gripping novel, The Icarus Diaries. She now lives in London with her young son.

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Ghosts of Geneva 2. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Ghosts of Geneva , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nov 08, Harish Puvvula rated it liked it. Interesting novella kindle shorts.

However, no complaints I got this book free on Amazon deals. Doesn't tax my time either - finished it in about 20 minutes. Elizabeth King rated it liked it Apr 29, Thea rated it liked it Jul 10, Silsden marked it as to-read Oct 02, Adorning the rear sanctuary, the lounge seat is contoured with Selby Grey soft leather and also accompanied with Mugello Red stitching and piping.

The inner pockets of the rear doors are lined with a favourite material of the owner; a Grey, Black and Red Tartan. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. The world of Fashion and Rolls-Royce have created a shared value of providing their clients with the ability to have the finest luxury goods, tailored to their tastes and lifestyles. Design Director, Giles Taylor, and his team of talented designers at the Home of Rolls-Royce in West Sussex, who are responsible for the most intricate embroideries and textiles offered by the brand, carefully selected Andalusian White, a pure colour from the eclectic palette of the Rolls-Royce paints, to be the canvas for the motor car accented in three vibrant colours; Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue and Mandarin.

The Geneva Motor Show is the first time all three choices have been seen together. Like the clients who will be drawn to this collection, the car represents simplified, classic style.

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  6. As featured on numerous catwalks throughout London Fashion week, colour blocking, said to have originated from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, is a bold trend that sees opposite colours paired together to make interesting and complementary combinations. The Arctic White leather of the seats, truly a bold and distinctive colour, displays seamless handcraftsmanship through the piping, stitching and embroided RR monograms on all four headrests. The dashboard is lacquered with a clean Piano White wood finish, whilst the interiors of the coach doors are accented with that classic fashion staple, Black.

    They are driven by a restless spirit. They play hard and they change theworld. Untrammelled by social convention, these disruptors lived life on the edge, believing the ultimate power to be self-empowerment, pushing every boundary to realise their personal vision. Glamorous and daring, they lived fast, worked hard and played hard. They follow the road less travelled, live the unconventional life, darkly obsessed by their own pursuits and accomplishments from which they derive a pure adrenaline rush.

    Over recent years, many such individuals have gravitated towards the revitalised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as the brand most appropriate to encapsulate their truly individual lifestyles, much as their celebrated predecessors did in days past. Always pushing their own boundaries, they have asked Rolls-Royce to do the same. Rolls-Royce has transformed the very icons of its brand to access a darker side of its character more suited to this breed of successful people.

    This Bespoke engineering, combined with the Black Badge aesthetic of the inverted RR-badge, Black Spirit of Ecstasy, blackened brightwork, and more masculine colour-blocking in the interior have proved a transformative moment for Rolls-Royce, opening it up to a new alternative clientele who expect something different from the brand. To be given the opportunity to partner with such a marque is a great privilege. Rolls-Royce has provided me with an enriching environment which has in turn allowed me the freedom to explore and push the boundaries of my own work.

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    In total, the art installation consists of 3, identical hand-crafted origami pieces. From multiple angles, the unique design demonstrates the level of craftsmanship, inventiveness, vision and attention to detail that Kaisin, Design teacher at Saint-Luc, Architecture School in Brussels, excels in. Just like the graceful figure that proudly guides each Rolls-Royce, this breath-taking framework, reflects light from its mystical figure allowing shadow and light to collaborate.

    Such cars are considered works of art by their collectors and owners, and in homage to this status, Belgian artist, Charles Kaisin, has created a Bespoke sculpture for the Rolls-Royce Art Programme that will adorn the Rolls-Royce stand for the duration of the Geneva Salon. Elegance This year, Rolls-Royce brings Elegance to the Geneva International Motor Show, a car inspired by something that cannot be bought, but is innate…style.

    The lifestyle of the Rolls-Royce customer is like no other. They are unapologetic in their lifestyle choices and are proud to showcase this to the world. Only Rolls-Royce, with the skilled craftspeople who reside in its paintshop, could have created a paint made from 1, crushed diamonds. Commissioned for an individual collector, this unique motor car takes the term Bespoke to the next level.

    James Ellroy: Haunted by his mother's ghost

    This exclusive paint was created by the craftspeople at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood by subjecting 1, ethically-sourced diamonds to a special process. This process saw the diamonds go through extensive testing to ensure their radiance when used in a paint. Examining the dimensions of the precious stones with the use of a high-powered microscope, the team carefully analysed their transmission and reflection of light. The density and strength of the diamonds created a challenge for the team to produce an easy marriage with the clear paint and its ability to spread gracefully over a surface, leaving the diamonds undetectable to the touch.

    This process resulted in the creation of a very fine diamond powder which was then mixed into the paint. Additionally, a new and unique paint process was developed, including the application of an extra final layer of lacquer to protect the diamond particles during the hand-polishing process. This process added an extra two days of paint application by hand and a further day of finishing.

    Applied to the top section of the car, the paint finish glistens like no other, making this a motor car to be recognised and appreciated. Just like its owner, the car exudes unapologetic luxury and grandeur. The final elegant exterior touches to this one off Rolls-Royce Ghost have been applied by master coachline painter, Mark Court, with a squirrel-hair paint brush.

    The flanks of the motor car are accented with Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines. To enhance the exterior further, the centre of the 21 inch wheels are hand-painted with a Mugello Red pinstripe. Last but not least at the prow of the car, showcased in all her glory, an uplit Spirit of Ecstasy guides this unique Rolls-Royce, and its owner, into the future.

    The interior of this unique Rolls-Royce Ghost also communicates the elegant tastes of its owner. Chauffeur and passenger areas are clearly demarcated as in the early days of luxury motoring.