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MINI was an early pioneer here: More than of this vehicle based on the MINI Cooper were used for practical testing purposes worldwide. The project yielded vital insights into the use of electrically powered automobiles, and these were incorporated in the development of the BMW i3.

From a capacity of 1. This transfers its power to the front wheels based on the characteristic MINI principle.

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In addition, it provides constant power delivery even in high engine speed ranges as well as a very high level of efficiency. The electric motor directs its power to the rear axle via a two-stage single-speed transmission. The lithium-ion battery is positioned directly in front of the electric motor underneath the rear seat. The high-voltage battery has a capacity of 7.

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At a wallbox with a charging capacity of 3. Charging at a regular household socket takes 3: Intelligent energy management optimises driving fun and efficiency. The intelligent energy management system controlled by the power electronics of the plug-in hybrid system ensures that the interplay between the combustion engine and the electric motor is optimised for both driving fun and efficiency in all situations. In the event of more intense acceleration, the electric motor supports the combustion engine via a boost function.

Two power units, four drive wheels.

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Only one of the two power units is used when the car is moving, while the other one can be additionally enabled at any time to optimise traction, ride stability and agility. The precisely controlled interaction achieved in the powering of the front wheels by the combustion engine and the rear wheels by the electric motor is the same as the principle that is applied in the BMW i8, only the other way around: The eDrive toggle switch: The driver can also use the eDrive toggle switch to choose between three operating modes.

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The car is powered by the combustion engine, the battery charge state is kept above 90 per cent or raised to this level by the starter generator. At higher speeds and in the case of very intensive loads, the combustion engine is automatically enabled in addition. What is more, the SAVE BATTERY mode can be selected so as to relieve the capacity of the high-voltage battery or raise its charge state to at least 90 per cent so that sufficient electrical power remains for locally emissions-free driving later on.

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Taking into account the navigation data, the operating strategy of the hybrid system is geared towards drawing on the energy capacity of the high-voltage battery to maximum extent. Versatile and variable in the interior, too. The Cooper S gets a more powerful 2 liter turbo petrol engine that delivers Bhp Nm, while the diesel engine on offer on the Cooper is a 1. All engines are offered with an optional 6 speed automatic gearbox while a 6 speed manual unit is standard. Both gearboxes are all-new items that drive the front wheels of the Cooper and Cooper S.

Apart from the new gearbox, the versions of the Cooper and Cooper S get Sport and Green modes as standard. As their names suggest, the Sport mode is tuned for performance while the Green mode boosts fuel efficiency. The Cooper range can also be specified with the Dynamic Damping Control option.

Agile, versatile, electrifying: The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4.

The car gets revised steering and suspension systems that take the additional power outputs into consideration. The suspension has also been lightened. As the Mini Cooper range barring the Countryman is imported into India through the completely built unit CBU route, expect the first crop of the Mini Cooper range to be launched in India next year. Notably, brand Mini set shop in India during The range of Mini Coopers would be a good starting point for that.