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Alphabet sets in 4 sizes and Number sets in 3 sizes are provided to help you customize the pattern. Though it is marked Intermediate because of its size, its a fairly simple pattern to make. Only full cross stitches are used.

I hope you will enjoy making the pattern as much as I did designing it. Instant Download of the pattern no waiting for customizations or exchange of messages 2. Get the Do-it-Yourself creative satisfaction. Get 4 Alphabet sets and 3 Number sets free along with the pattern. Re-use the pattern many times and gift it, but each time get a new unique project due to the customizations. The main pattern PDF file a. Beginners instructions and tips for cross stitching.

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The complete instructions to customize DIY the pattern. Sample images of both color combinations. Floss color codes DMC and Anchor of both the color combinations.

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If it is too narrow, try again with more beginning chains. At the end of the row, make one chain stitch, then turn the work counter-clockwise, leaving the hook in the chain. Make one single crochet stitch in first stitch and in each remaining stitch of the previous row. Be sure to work into the last stitch. Cut the yarn from the skein, leaving a 6" end.

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Draw the hook straight up, bringing the yarn through the remaining loop on the hook. For more crochet instruction, information, and fun things to do with your crocheting, go to the Getting Started page for a list of helpful books, videos, CD-Roms, and web sites. Also visit the Crochet Guild of America site, which also can be accessed by clicking on Guilds from the Getting Started page. Post your question on our bulletin board. You may find the answer to your question already posted. Skip to main content. Learn Single Crochet The instructions below will show you how to make a foundation row and a single crochet stitch.

A coarser wool, like one from an American Rambouillet sheep, also would deaden the ball. A fine, springy wool, like an Australian Merino, would liven it. The construction of the baseball, essential to game play, was a choice of fiber craftsmanship. Even now, a century later, with the advancements in technology that have allowed us to measure the physics of baseball to shocking degrees of precision, every single major league ball is hand-stitched.

With all the innovations that have changed the way the game is played, someone has yet to develop a satisfactory method of mechanizing the process of ball creation. Any tiny mistake or discrepancy — a difference in tension, a slight change in the thickness of the fiber — could make the game fundamentally different. The integrity of every game of baseball relies on the winding of yarn and the stitching of thread. Promotions at major league baseball parks are often a rotating door. There are the stalwarts, like bobblehead giveaways and fireworks nights, but part of the appeal is in keeping things fresh, making sure giveaway items have both a broad appeal and novelty value.

For the last 14 seasons, though, the Seattle Mariners have been running the same promotion each year, and each year it keeps drawing people. There are knitting bags, and yarn and needles to be had, and a group ticket discount. It seemed so directly targeted toward me that it was almost frightening: Before this summer, I worked at a local yarn store, selling materials for knitting, crocheting and needlework, helping people with their projects, teaching classes for beginners.

I have designed knitting patterns and distributed them on the internet. I am rarely seen in any situation without some kind of yarny project in my hands. I was a yarn store employee. The summer I learned how to knit was the same summer I started watching baseball again, and the process of learning that skill is inextricably entangled in my memory with the process of remembering how much I love the game.

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There was a mutual benefit to my ability to focus on baseball games and my ability to focus on knitting when I combined the two. My first real project, a purple jacket that has held up to three years of near-daily winter wear, was begun the day the Jays were eliminated from the postseason. Over the winters of and , as I sat watching archived games, reading baseball books, absorbing all the information I could, I sat almost always with a ball of yarn beside me and some winter item producing itself between my fingers.

When I began to learn how to design my own knitting patterns, one of the first charts I made was of the Blue Jays logo. This intersection of interests, though, has always been something of a lonely pursuit for me. The idea of not only being around others who shared both of my primary interests, but a lot of people who did, was irresistible.

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I was not prepared for the volume of people who were actually participating. The yarn market on the third deck was almost impossible to move through. Everywhere were vendors of fabric and notions, rolls of unspun silk and wool roving in bright colors, Mariners-themed yarns. My favorite Mariners-themed item on sale: Everyone was talking to someone; everyone was in a group.

A group from Bellingham had taken a bus down for the event. There were knitting circles with shirts printed seemingly especially for this occasion.

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