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Pferdemist (Die Boris Mayer Reihe 2) (German Edition)

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Synoptic-scale flow structures associated with extreme precipitation events in northern Switzerland. International journal of climatology, 36 6 , pp. Soil and Water Conservation in Ethiopia: Wittgenstein is more than a boarding school, it is a place where young people can grow up into happy and responsible adults.

Tradition, moral values and embracing new ideas are reflected in the high standards set in the curriculum for Realschule secondary school and Gymnasium academic-focused secondary school necessary for entering German university. Teachers and boarding school staff work closely together to unite education and personal development. Small classes of 17 to 25 pupils set Schloss Wittgenstein apart from other schools. With bilingual classes in the Gymnasium, pupils will grow up in an international context. Andere Vorteile umfassen Berufsvorbereitung, Partnerschaften mit Unternehmen inklusive der entsprechenden Praktika, Sprachferien in Frankreich und England, sowie die Teilnahme an Sprach-, Mathematik- und Geographiewettbewerben.

Wittgenstein ist mehr als nur ein Internat. Experience the country of poets and thinkers Germany has a lot to offer in terms of literature, theatre, music, history, culture and museums.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Gameplay German #4 Hoysala Ruine - Let's Play Uncharted Lost Legacy

Built in over the fireplace the Portrait of Marie Henneberg, c. Albertina, Vienna Middle right: Portrait of Marie Henneberg, c. The more important is that the Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle Saale celebrates the centennial of his death with the only special exhibition in Europe outside Austria. Umso herausragender ist es, dass das Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle Saale zum Today, Gustav Klimt is not only known as the most important representative of Vienna art nouveau, but with his distinctive style, he is unique in European art history.

Only four of his paintings are today actually held in a German museum collection — one of which is in the Moritzburg Art Museum Halle Saale: The painting was the starting point for the exhibition which, among other things, shows preliminary studies for the painting, illustrating how the artist worked.

This formation process is also in focus when it comes to other loans displayed in the exhibition. Das Bildnis der Marie Henneberg, entstanden um Dieser Entstehungsprozess steht auch bei den anderen gezeigten Leihgaben im Fokus. The second focus lies on the couple Marie and Hugo Henneberg. As a photographer he introduced the innovative gum bichromate process, a photographic imaging process.

His work can be found in nearly all important public and private collections devoted to the postwar period. We look at an extraordinary artistic development, one of constant transformation within the interstitial divide between abstraction and figuration, brought to an abrupt end by a sudden heart arrest 50 years ago in April Nay was 65 years old. However, he was rehabilitated after the war ended and his artistic career received huge acclaim not only in Germany, but also in Europe, and soon in the US.

He worked in series focusing on particular forms and shapes and developed powerful and innovative concepts. One of the main series is devoted to the flat and round figure of the disk. And just as the Pythagoreans developed a theory of the structure of the universe in which number, music and spheres could be represented as interrelated, with Nay the elements of pictorial composition were brought into a coherence that could serve as a universal simile.

Guggenheim Museum, New York. Discovering international contemporary photography in Brunswick The Museum for Photography Brunswick exhibits international contemporary photography with a main focus on the artistic examination of said medium. This makes the museum one of the few that concentrates on the diversity of photographic imagery and artistic possibilities in the context of societal issues. Visitors can explore the dialogue between photography, painting and sculpture. The Museum for Photography regularly holds exhibitions showcasing its collection.

In an international cooperation, her work is also currently shown in the United Kingdom. From 21 March to 6 May. The Museum for Photography Brunswick. Visitors admire the Frankfurt model. After ten years of planning and building, the Historisches Museum in Frankfurt reopened with a completely new concept and focus in October Openness, participation and inclusion are part of the guiding principle, because the museum wants to meet visitors on an equal footing. They should not only examine, but also participate. Die sollen nicht nur anschauen, sondern auch teilhaben.

This becomes apparent in the permanent exhibition: The exhibition with many original exhibits not only features informative texts but also various multimedia content. Das wird an den Dauerausstellungen deutlich: Among the highlights are the new city models: It shows the city as residents see it. Based on that the Rotterdam artist Hermann Helle built an exceptional city model that shows the diversity of its quarters. What distinguishes Frankfurt from all other cities?

Ein Highlight sind die neuen Stadtmodelle: Since opening its doors in , the International Maritime Museum Hamburg has impressed visitors with the comprehensive collection of founder Peter Tamm. He discovered his love for ships when he was just six years old and his mother gave him a small ship model as a present. Today the maritime museum is a place where visitors can go exploring all day long. Die Liebe zur Schifffahrt begann bereits als er sechs Jahre alt war und seine Mutter ihm ein kleines Schiffsmodel schenkte. The museum is an absolute must-see for all ship enthusiasts but it is equally fascinating for landlubbers.

Families with kids can explore the Kaispeicher B using an exciting treasure map. Information about exhibitions and opening hours can be found online. Explore a diverse cultural landscape Culture enthusiasts will find their fair share of things to do in Switzerland as the country is full of great museums, inspiring art galleries and exhibitions, diverse cultural offerings and much more. Emil Frey Classics based in Swiss Safenwil offers not only an exciting museum of classic cars but is also the ideal event venue.

Institute of Geography

And for those looking to buy a classic car or in need of repairs to their own, this is the ideal place. Und wer auf der Suche nach einem Classic Car oder Reparatur-Service ist, hat hier ebenfalls die richtige Adresse gefunden. The museum is heaven on earth for classic car fans. In the atmospheric hall of the old textile factory around 60 rarities of the Emil Frey Collection are permanently showcased on 1, square metres. In der stimmungsvollen Halle der alten Textilfabrik werden auf 1, Quadratmetern rund 60 Sammler- und Liebhaberfahrzeuge aus der Emil Frey Sammlung permanent ausgestellt.

Currently the special exhibition Cars and Architecture tells the exciting history of Swiss architecture in relation to cars such as dealership constructions , displaying unique photographs and vehicles. The location is also a fantastic event venue for any occasion for up to guests, with or without a guided tour of the museum. So, if you are looking for a location with an extraordinary flair, you have found your place.

Wood tells us a story that we are not allowed to know but invited to see. My objects are shaped by woodturning with wet wood and thus, through warping during the drying process, the wood contributes to the final form of my works - like this, my objects become holzArt. In meinen, aus nassem Holz gedrechselten Objekten, beteiligt sich das Holz, durch das Verziehen im Trocknungsprozess, an der Endform meiner Arbeiten und so werden meine Objekte zu holzArt.

Josef Mueller started the collection in and his son-in-law Jean Paul Barbier, a collector himself, completed it by enriching it and giving it coherence. The collection today houses about 7, objects, including art from classical and tribal antiquity as well as sculptures, fabrics and ornaments from civilisations all around the globe. Acquired from Robert Duperrier in Paris in Schematic violin-shaped figure attributed to the Metropolitan Museum Master. Studio Diane Bouchet photographies. In the early s, Swiss collector Josef Mueller moved to Paris where he met artists and art dealers who introduced him to non-western art.

However, it was later shown that this was not the case, since the mask was collected in the then French Congo more than 20 years after the picture was painted. The museum sets up two major exhibitions each year displaying a selection of objects from its collection. It also organises travelling exhibitions and lends out objects to international museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Studio Diane Bouchet photographies Bottom right: Former Tristan Tzara collection, Paris. The Swiss photography think tank The Fotomuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland is a leading institution for presenting and discussing contemporary and historical photography.

In this article, we take a closer look at what unites history, photography, and ideas about contemporary society. Founded in , the Swiss photography museum analyses the versatility of photographic media via various outlets like exhibitions, publications, and events. In addition, the Fotomuseum Winterthur has also been building up their very own collection of photographic art ever since Our goal is to inspire and surprise our visitors of every age. Upon request, the museum offers guided tours and workshops in English. In addition, there are English text descriptions throughout the exhibitions.

Wietlisbach also reveals what is in store for Plus, we are celebrating our 25year anniversary and are in the process of developing a collection exhibition. Exterior view of Fotomuseum Winterthur. Discover the man behind the genius When Albert Einstein — lived in the Swiss city of Bern, he came up with a revolutionary theory that changed our perception of time and space forever. A good hundred years later, the Einstein Museum in Bern offers a unique insight into the life and work of the famous scientist.

Due to its phenomenal success, the temporary exhibition was then converted into a permanent one now known as the Einstein Museum. Other key themes of the exhibition include the horrors of the Holocaust, and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Travel, the guide can even be downloaded prior to your visit. Those who would like to know more will be pleased to hear that a ticket to the Einstein Museum also includes ten other.

And if you would like to combine an educational museum visit with a fun day out, you should head to Bern on 15 June Escape the city and its hustle and bustle by focusing on exciting challenges high up in the air. Equipped with appropriate climbing gear, visitors can test and train their balancing and coordination skills on 12 obstacle courses at varying levels of difficulty.

The team at the Zurich High Ropes park provides professional instruction and watches over every section of the courses, making your stay safe and secure. Team events always create a great atmosphere, both at climbing and archery contests and during the fondue barbecues afterwards. Forget about shop talk: Anyone of average health can enjoy the adventure and thrill of overcoming up to different obstacles.

At the Zurich High Ropes park no prior trai-. During the summer months, visitors can relax in the outdoor pool in the shared area afterwards. And throughout the season, lovely barbecue areas are available for grilling your own food. You might also feel tempted to book a yummy barbecue event, with Swiss delicacies on a stick and chocolate bananas for dessert. Boost your adrenaline and free your mind during a perfect break from work and business at the Zurich High Ropes park. Even before they reopened at the beginning of March, legendary Hotel Stein was already known far beyond Salzburg and its surrounding areas.

First mentioned on record as early as when it was still a pub, the listed building has been carefully renovated during the past year. The brand-new hotel concept successfully combines the typical styles of Salzburg and Venice. Integrating this historic background into the new hotel concept has proven extremely successful already. The 56 rooms and suites are lovingly decorated with carefully selected pieces of art, which is of utmost importance for owner Rinaldo Ivernizzi.

Various handmade unique lamps and glass artworks specifically made for the hotel are on display for the guests and give Hotel Stein its very special charm. The large-scale photography by Salzburgbased photographer Luigi Caputo complements this further. The photos show moments of Venice and Salzburg and are homage to both of these remarkable places. Her glass art is installed right by the bridge in the public space directly in front of the hotel and continues throughout the interior, which creates a lovely stylistic connection between the inside and the outside. The interior design of Hotel Stein uses the colour blue as its dominant element, reminiscent of the blue sky or the blue lagoon.

Blue is known as a calming colour, one that promotes harmony and stands for infinity: A perfect match for the hotel. Influenced by modern interior design trends but without losing its own character, Hotel Stein convinces with a light-filled relaxed atmosphere. Luxury with the true flair of. The wellness area with a sauna, a gym and a lovely little spa invites guests to unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. Instead of using hotel cosmetics, which are manufactured industrially, Hotel Stein chose a partnership with Saint Charles Wien-Berlin.

The high quality natural cosmetics are ethically produced and only use herbs as ingredients, without any additives or chemicals. Located on the roof terrace on the seventh floor, the Seven Senses is an absolute hotspot for visitors and locals alike. It is open regardless of the weather and offers new food and bar concepts that will truly engage all senses. The atmosphere is laid-back with. With stunning panoramic views of the scenic old parts of Salzburg and a variety of international culinary highlights, this is simply a fantastic place to be.

From breakfast to dinner, the Seven Senses is a must for any visitor to Salzburg. Due to its popularity it is recommended to reserve a table right away when you book a room. There is also a brand new private lounge for up to twelve people, which features its own private outdoor area. All in all, Hotel Stein celebrates a new form of hospitality with a subtle elegance and quiet excellence. Modern features, tasteful design and art, and a concept that merges the best of two worlds: Hotel Stein is not just a hotel but a lifestyle.

Have you packed your bags yet? The center for cancer treatment and research is located in Wiener Neustadt, 50 kilometres south of Vienna. The accelerator speeds the particles up to , kilometres per second. Exact and stable positioning of the patients is indispensable in ion therapy. The treatment planning for every patient is based on the diagnostic imaging. At the ion therapy and research centre MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, patients benefit from an innovative form of radiation therapy. Ion beam therapy uses charged particles for irradiation — protons or carbon ions.

The special physical properties of these particles allow the provider of the treatment to apply the maximum radiation dose to the exact area of the tumour, while mostly sparing the healthy tissue. Thus, this form of therapy is optimal for treating tumours close to radiation sensitive organs and therefore side effects and long-term effects can be significantly reduced. Ion beam therapy offers an additional option for cancer treatment. Bei der Ionentherapie erfolgt die Bestrahlung mittels geladener Teilchen — Protonen oder Kohlenstoffionen.

To facilitate such a kind of irradiation, a complex particle accelerator is necessary — the one at MedAustron was developed in close cooperation with CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. MedAustron started patient treatments at the end of , with tumour diseases in the brain, in the ENT region or at the skull base being the most frequently treated indications. Pediatric patients, patients who needed a reirradiation after a previous conventional radiotherapy and patients with prostate cancer have also already been treated at the Austrian centre.

The treatment options, and thereby the range of indications, will now be expanded step by step. In addition to the clinical application, the facility offers the possibility to conduct translational research in order to continuously improve the treatment method. Offering 5 luxurious suites only, the small, yet exclusive Chalet guarantees privacy and a personal, full service offering.

As well as being a paradise for adults, it also has a lot on offer for the little ones. Thanks to its location, Campofelice Camping Village is not only the perfect starting point for hikes, bike tours or the exploration of the surroundings, but also offers a great deal of comfort. With 15 hectares, Campofelice is the largest campsite at Lake Maggiore and impresses with a boat harbour, a shop, a great restaurant and comfortable, spacious pitches. All are equipped with electricity and free Wi-Fi, and partly comprise of direct drinking and waste water connections.

Two new playgrounds, the family pool,. Of course, a diverse entertainment programme is also on offer for adults. For example, the large sports area with crosscountry track, fitness zone, football field, ping-pong tables, tennis courts, beach volleyball court, miniature golf, BMX track, several water sport opportunities or the Aqua Park, gives everyone the opportunity to indulge in their favourite sport. And as if this were not already enough, Campofelice Camping Village will get extended by a pool and wellness area with over square metres of water this summer.

An island with a thousand faces Borkum is the biggest East Frisian Island and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. With endless white sandy beaches and a range of activities in the world of nature, vitality, sports and culture on offer, Borkum is the ideal location for any type of holiday.

From seals and grey seals to approximately 12 million water birds per year, which nest, breed and overwinter on the island, and the special plants such as seaweed, glasswort and beach aster that adapted to the influence of salt, wind and flooding: For nature lovers Borkum is paradise, which can be explored during a mudflat hiking tour, a carriage ride to the seal bank, by bike or on foot.

But for those looking for a wellness holiday the Thalasso-certified island with its beautiful sunsets is the right choice. Various spa offers such as mud treatments, Thalasso-walking courses, climate therapy paths and DSV Nordic Walking tracks contribute to the vast range. Culture also plays an important role in Borkum. Around kilometres of hiking and cycle routes, and water sports such as surfing, sailing and kitesurfing make Borkum an ideal location for sports enthusiasts.

Und das zu Recht. Passau is a very popular tourist attraction that puts a spell on national and international visitors alike. The widely visible St. Consequently, it is not surprising at all that a visit to Passau may seem like a quick run through a variety of cultural epochs. Visitors can experience the ancient Roman culture firsthand in Kastell Biotro, which used to be part of the Limes and helped to guard the borders of the Roman Empire. Housed in the Veste Oberhaus, one of the biggest preserved castle complexes in Europe, the Oberhausmuseum takes its visitors on an enjoyable tour.

Accommodated in a listed building, the museum houses a highly acclaimed collection of contemporary art from the 20th and 21st century. Passau - a city that whets the appetite for culture! Jedoch ist es nicht nur diese topographische Besonderheit, die Passau zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis macht. Der weithin sichtbare Dom St. Nach einem Stadtbrand im Jahre neu errichtet, atmet sie italienisches. Geburtstag - ein Ereignis, das mit einer Symphonie aus Licht und Klang vom 1.

Juli bis zum 5. Passau - eine Stadt, die Lust auf Kultur macht. However, something has now happened that lawyers really like: The European Commission published a draft text of the UK-EU withdrawal agreement at the beginning of February, initially for internal discussion between the EU27, and the UK put forward its own draft wording on some issues two weeks later.

Best Sellers Ebook Little Mermaid Rtf By Walter Foster Philo Barnhart Diana Wakeman

The draft agreement is an amalgam of the agreed, the proposed and the purely aspirational: Correspondingly, the text of this version of the document is highlighted in thre e colours: At first glance, green and white look fairly evenly balanced with an occasional sprinkling of yellow in between. I encourage you to have a look at the document and to compare and contrast what you see there with the political spin you hear in the news as to what is or is not acceptable to the UK.

Clearly, a lot of work remains to be done, including on transition and Northern Ireland and, equally clearly, the whistling has died down and the clock is indeed ticking. The contract negotiations will no doubt have been and continue to be cathartic, given that political sound bites now have to be cast into clear and legally enforceable obligations.

The EU negotiation guidelines make it clear that the progress of negotiations in the second phase will be dependent upon the results of the negotiations obtained in the first phase being translated into clear and unambiguous legal terms. The UK and the EU now have some six months left to agree the draft withdrawal agreement, allowing the time required for the European Parliament and Council, and for the UK, to ratify the agreement prior to 29 March Juli oder Dabei geht vor allem um eine transparente Technologie, die dem Nutzer keine neuen technischen Kompetenzen abverlangt.

Projekten, die scheitern, fehlt es oft an einem dieser Bausteine. Wie beim Autokauf gilt: Vertrauen Sie auf Tradition. Profitieren Sie von Innovation. WITTE — seit And the MAXX Plus screwdriver series, with its specially developed triangular grip shape and innovative microfibre coating is no exception — in terms of ergonomic design and force transmission it is unrivalled. Have confidence in tradition. WITTE — since This means making digitalisation a priority and embracing the new ways of working and cooperation it enables.

Such a transformation calls for new technologies and processes as well as new business models. Products and technologies for digitalising the industrial value chain have been on the market for several years, but figuring out how to piece them together can be difficult. Exhibitors demonstrate how to integrate automation technology, software and IT into plants and factories to create intelligent production, energy and logistics systems.

For example, collecting and analysing data in the cloud makes it possible to develop additional, internet-based services. Virtual power plants bundle electricity from numerous small generators and feed it into the power grid in the precise amounts negotiated at the time of purchase. Warehouse management systems, smart con-. Companies should use digitalisation to optimise their own structures and networks.

Not only the production process, but also processes such as energy efficiency, supply chain management and networking with all partners along the value chain. Hot topics include artificial intelligence, cobots, digital twin, smart supply chain, and predictive maintenance as well as decentral energy supply, virtual power plants, e-mobility, lightweight design, and platform economies.

Partner Country Mexico fits perfectly in the programme with its focus on industrial production, energy and environmental technologies, career development, startups and foreign investment. Diverse group pavilions and special displays also highlight complex systems and solutions. During the week, more than 80 conferences and forums inform visitors of the latest industry issues and trends.

Only from 23 to 27 April in Hannover. Secure your ticket at the following link. Evolution as a model for energy-saving products The German fan and electric drive manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg puts the spotlight on bionics: This time a marine mammal is the idea behind a new fan development. The innovative fan ZAbluefin increases efficiency by up to 15 per cent. When it comes to reducing energy consumption in the production process, plant managers of industrial companies are professionals.

In this context, they look at benchmarks and invest on a targeted basis with the aim of achieving a rapid return on investment. However, ancillary costs not directly associated with production are often viewed as unalterable and are tolerated as a permanent annoyance. With its modular fan system, Ziehl-Abegg offers the ideal upgrading solution: For example, evolution helped the humpback whale to easily. Peter Fenkl explains which elements of the humpback whale are replicated in the radial impeller ZAbluefin: This avoids excessive turbulence, reducing both flow losses and noise.

The v-shaped contour of the rear section of the wing delays potential flow breaks — enabling the fan to be used for numerous different pressure ranges. The product name ZAbluefin comes from the English word for flipper. The new radial impeller not only possesses bionic features of the whale, but the innovative fan also combines knowledge gained from hydrodynamics marine biology as well as aerodynamics ornithology.

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It also incorporates bionic elements of the owl. For many years, the designers of Ziehl-Abegg have been observing a large number of creatures whose bodies are optimised for water or air flow. The engineers were struck by the quietest of the birds of prey - the owl. Just why is the owl so quiet? The owl hunts at night when visibility is very poor. Owls therefore locate their prey by hearing. And this only works if they can fly extremely quietly.

A barn owl, for instance, weighs around the same as. Their wings, however, are several times larger and more arched. This gives the bird much more uplift at lower speeds. Pigeons, on the other hand, have to flap their wings hard, which makes them audible from afar. This causes the air flowing over and underneath the wings to meet at the rear edge of the wings more gently and therefore more quietly. The rear edge of the fan blade is serrated for the same reason. However, the Ziehl-Abegg designers did not scrutinise owls only.

Vultures, eagles and storks raise individual feathers; these create small border-vortices at their tips, further reducing the resistance of the wing. ZiehlAbegg owlet fan-blades have long had this feature. The combination of several. Another area of business is electric motors which provide the power, for example, for lifts, medical applications computer tomography equipment , deep-sea underwater vehicles and electric city buses.

The high-tech company has an impressive innovative capability. Ziehl-Abegg employs 2, personnel in its production plants in southern Germany. The company has a global workforce of 3, spread between 16 production plants, 28 companies and sales locations. Turnover in totalled up to million euros, with exports accounting for three quarters of the figure. Ziehl-Abegg SE is not a listed company but instead is family-owned. The humpback whale is the example for bionic fan design at Ziehl-Abegg: The German fan and electric drive manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg provides technical experience training days for children: Ziehl-Abegg replaced the fans cooling the converter station of BritNed at Maasvlakte in the area of Rotterdam.

The new fans help BritNed lower energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint. What started very small in , is a top business with employees today. Welding, machining, varnishing, assembling: Today, five generations later, Kurt Kinkele is successfully leading the family business, which has firmly established itself in the international engineering sector. We offer contract manufacturing and we can produce everything ourselves with top quality and always on time.

Customers who are looking to produce a prototype, a pilot series or an unusual product, should look no further. We want to be the company with the best engineering expertise in Europe. Was klein begann, ist heute ein Top-Unternehmen mit Mitarbeitern. Das KnowHow unserer Kunden ist bei uns sicher. Through funding, coaching and strong international network support, our team works hard to trigger your full entrepreneurial potential. An dieser entscheidenden Stelle fehlte bisher ein praktikables und wirtschaftliches Konzept. Im Zuge des Monitorings konnten so nach nur zwei Wochen konkrete Optimierungspotentiale identifiziert und ohne weitere Investitionen implementiert werden.

A helping hand around wires and cables Wherever power flows along a wire or data is transmitted along a fibre optic cable, a HellermannTyton product is never far away. From humble beginnings 83 years ago in Germany, the company has become one of the leading global suppliers of products used to fasten, fix, connect, insulate, protect and identify electrical and digital cabling.

Paul Hellermann probably did not imagine just how big his Hamburg startup would grow. The company still sells rubber grommets and cable binding tools like the ones he invented to protect cable sheaths from damage. But the product portfolio is now considerably broader. HellermannTyton supplies thousands of items used to route, fasten, protect and mark the wiring in vehicles, machinery and buildings.

The company is present in 38 countries and operates 15 world-class manufacturing facilities. As wiring became more complicated, Bowthorpe was one of the first people to realise that the colour of cable sleeving and a numeric system could be used to identify their purpose. Before his death in , Hellermann sold his original company and shares in the British partnership to Bowthorpe, under whose leadership the company was quick to adopt plastic injection moulding and extrusion technology.

Automatic bundling wins acclaim The cable tie business really took off in the s. The aptly named Heinrich Kabel, head of product development at the German site, invented the continuous strap bundling system in Cables could now be bundled using a handheld pistol that looped a strap through a plastic buckle and pulled it tight before cutting it off. Riding the wave of industrial interest in Tyton, the company embarked on a round of unprecedented international growth. The group incorporated the name when it rebranded under HellermannTyton in Much more than just cables ties The Tyton System has since evolved into the Autotool CPK, an electrically operated automatic bundling system which.

But cable ties are just one aspect of cable management. As a specialist in products that fasten cables together, affix them to something, join them together, protect them or mark them clearly so that they can be identified later on, HellermannTyton is never far away wherever cables are installed. Demands on wiring are growing Smart homes, autonomous vehicles and industry 4. Even the wireless future has to be connected somewhere - and often discreetly, in half the available space or lighter than in the past. HellermannTyton is already helping customers around the globe solve the challenges thrown up by new technology.

For example, e-mobility has sparked a proliferation of high-voltage power systems. HellermannTyton has been solving such issues for customers in other sectors with shielded braided sleeving for years. Depending on where wiring is installed and its function, the cable management products chosen also have to withstand mechanical strain like vibration, or the effects of weathering such as ultraviolet radiation, moisture, very low and high temperatures, the influence of chemicals, or a combination of any of the above.

Made for real With decades of experience helping customers across all industries overcome their hurdles, the company is a go-to expert in all aspects of cable management, product design and manufacture. Many of the ideas evolve into standard products. HellermannTyton also has teams of product developers at 11 locations designing plastic components for specialised applications.

For example, a releasable clip for the easy wiring of inflight entertainment systems in aircraft seats or a spacer to prevent abrasion on the cables in wind turbines when they twist. Two new products, the Ratchet P-Clamp and the RFID Cable Tie, are examples of how the versatility of conventional parts can be significantly increased and their field of application made smarter. Und unsere Architektursprache ist bewusst nachhaltig: Zuerst wurde noch im privaten Wohnzimmer gearbeitet, doch erste Erfolge stellten sich bald ein.

Dies erforderte intensive Abstimmungen mit. Bis ins Detail spiegelt unser Entwurf die hohe Wertigkeit des urbanen Standortes wieder. Die Resonanz darauf zeigt: So wird der See quasi direkt ins lichtdurchflutete Wohnzimmer geholt. Durch eine klare und gezielte Kommunikation arbeiten die Architekten transparent, effizient und termingerecht. Durch das geltende Wettbewerbs- und Vergabereglement, welches meist objektbezogene gebaute Referenzen fordert, ist der Zugang zu anderen Projekten als bisher jedoch leider nicht einfach.

Thus, one can find many periods and styles here, ranging from elaborate Baroque monuments to imperial buildings, art-deco architecture and contemporary masterpieces. The Hundertwasserhaus Located in the third Viennese district, this exceptional, kaleidoscopic building was designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and constructed between and The apartment building is a focal point of Viennese architecture and is a tourist hot spot for a reason: Mirabell Palace in Salzburg In the centre of Salzburg, visitors can look forward to a special baroque masterpiece.

Built in by prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his beloved Salome Alt, Mirabell Palace today is a favoured wedding location and tourist destination. It is a beautiful place to enjoy nature, contemporary architecture and a cup of coffee or a cocktail. Despite its impressive dimensions, this landmark building which beautifully combines Romanesque and Gothic, is well-known for its distinctive, coloured tile roof. Featuring an imperial double-headed eagle, , tiles have been laid out to design a ceramic mosaic spread. Following an international competition in , the Paris-based architect Dominique Perrault was assigned to design the tower.

Today, the building is the tallest in Austria at feet and is a bold and distinctive landmark for the Austrian capital. Individuum und Monotonie sind ein Widerspruch und daher wird jedem Projekt seine ausdrucksvolle Formensprache in hochwertigen Fassadengestaltungen. Den Grad der Extreme arbeiten die Architekten anhand eines Bauherrnbriefings und dessen Kostenvorstellungen heraus.

Die umgebende Landschaft ist nicht nur Erholungsraum, sondern gestaltet auch den Innenraum. Der Fensterpositionierung in der gesamtheitlichen Fassadengestaltung wird daher sehr hohen Stellenwert zuteil. Im kompromisslosen Einsatz werden auch auf Wunsch das gesamte Mobilar, Wellnessoasen und selbst Waschtische designed und bei deren Umsetzung betreut.

Discover Germany war daher bei den ad2 architekten am 9. Februar angesagt — es ging zur Preisverleihung des German Design Awards in das winterlich kalte Frankfurt. Rock star buildings Austrian architect Wolfgang Reicht plans eccentric landmark buildings in both China and India, but more and more strives to implement his generalistic approach in Europe as well.

Reicht buildings are like rock stars. To reach this goal, you need a good client and an architect who knows how to effectively combine technology and emotion, spatial experience and interior design. Apart from the Asian public sector, company headquarters in particular achieve a certain uniqueness through signature architecture — which is especially important within a mega market like China. The same applies for entire districts. This is by no means an exclusively Chinese problem: Especially within the rapidly expanding parts of European cities, endless kilo-. While there is no objection against exhausting building regulations to a maximum, the regulations should grant more liberties in the first place.

However, his home country also entices the architect: The exchange becomes more intense, in each direction. Chinese investors with an international focus show more and more interest in our market as well. We are currently experiencing that with two projects in Austria. Der Architekt mit seinem. Der Austausch wird intensiver, auch in die andere Richtung. Austrian architecture firm A01 architects The dynamic team around A01 founders Maria Planegger and Andreas Schmitzer uses a unique and sometimes experimental design language to create high-end extraordinary architecture, which not only stands out visually but also ticks all the required boxes in terms of functionality.

A building is not just a building. It is a way to express personality, to identify and create a sense of belonging, or to serve a specific purpose to perfection. Back in the day, Planegger and Schmitzer both studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. At the beginning of their career they both focused on interior design.