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However, the author's continual misuse of words drove me crazy!! Her usage of descriptive words did not make sense at all. This was not an occasional mistake. Almost every page contained at least one glaring example.

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  5. I could not finish the book, it aggravated me so! Do not inflict this upon unsuspecting readers. A Kid's Review 5.

    I could never have believed another book series would be capable of capturing my imagination as the Harry Potter series did. Then several friends of mine in school convinced me to buy and read Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands.

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    At first I was leary of buying another fantasy novel based on magic because I didn't know if I was going to be hooked on the series or disappointed. In talking to my friends, they told me there was a website called [ After reading the chapters I was anxious to buy the book.

    The plot was amazing! The magical world the author created was beyond anything I could ever have imagined! This book has a wizard cat that can transform into a wizard, talking owlsnakes, vampire bats, a two-headed lion with heads the size of eight watermelons each, a two headed dragon that explodes from spilling poisonous potion. I'd never heard of such creatures and yet I could imagine them as I read the book. Then there's the six doors where Amber steps into rooms of illusion, most are dangerously life threatening.

    The characters are brought to life in the beginning through detailed description. I couldn't help but feel I knew them. Amber and her sister and brother are on their own for almost a year and their parents and grandparents are missing. I could feel Amber's abandonment from her parents and later on when her friends wouldn't go with her to find her family.

    The dialogue for the dwarves and faires are written as they would speak which really brought their personalities out and made the story realistic even though it is magical fantasy. I never expected this book to be two stories in one, or that it would have me up all night reading until I finished it. Being an fan of fiction fantasy, I would sooooo recommend this book to boys and girls and anyone looking for a magic adventure. Don't let the main character being a girl fool you into thinking it's only a book for girls.

    This book is full of adventure and risk taking. The creatures and danger in this book had me on edge. And the main character, Amber Shadows is a character teenagers can relate to. I know I did. I can honestly tell you that if you loved the Harry Potter series, you'll love this book too. I can't wait for book two to come out! I received this book as a birthday gift and could not put it down! Once a year my friends and I have a weekend get together where we camp outside and read excerpts from our favorite books around a campfire. This year we read Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands.

    This book is phenominal to say the least! Owlsnakes and two-headed black lions! There was even bits of humor and emotional situations I and my friends could identify with!

    Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands - Wendy Willett

    When we took turns reading each chapter, every little noise made us jump! The author writes in such vivid detail that we all agreed we felt like we were journying right along with Amber and her friends. We think you'll like them better this way. Wendy will be here to talk about her book "Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands, a movie script and film group.

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    Amber Shadows and her two best mates set off to rescue her missing family, and retrieve two of the most priceless, magical wands in all of Magia. Having newfound White Magic powers, she must manage to survive deadly encounters with conjured up Dark Magic beasts, life-threatening traps, and eradicate the most evil Dark Magic sorceress of all time.

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    The book and movie There is no greater story than one that is a dark, magical adventure, keeping you on the edge of your seat. If this is the type of story you crave, then Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands is the page turner for you.

    Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands

    Not all magic is wand power and healing potions as one might believe. What would you do if you were a thirteen-year-old, White Magic witch chosen by the deceased to save your family, find two wands of the highest power, and the whole of Magias' fate rested on your shoulders? Secrets are discovered and kept, and death seems to be Ambers' awaited fate.