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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. What can you say about DS that hasn't already been said. Her writing is wonderful, and you get lost in her words. Can't wait for the next!! This book really hit home. I needed it so badly.

How to be in the depth of life and learn to pull yourself up. To believe in yourself and self worth. God sure puts things in front of you. Thank You so much.

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This book was absolutely incredible; I simply could not put it down! One of this author's BEST!!!! Not as predictable as alot of the othets. I couldn't put it down. I was sorry for it to end Audio CD Verified Purchase. At first I thought this was an expanded hits package, but listening to the songs and the progression of Anne's work this collection is a journey through her career and musical time. What else can one say, except "Wow! It came in better than advertised shape.

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For the true Anne Murray fan, this has it all: It came across as incredibly underdeveloped and petty. I didn't care for it or for the all too quick romance it tried to push along the way. I wasn't very impressed with "Now and Forever" when it was all said and done.

I can get behind a rising teen musician's claim to fame and the girlfriend who grows with him, but unfortunately, I found this too shallow of a read to connect with me. It's a shame Initial reaction: It's a shame really, because despite some qualms to start, I'd hoped that it would get better as it went along. There were certainly points where it could've been better, but it dropped the ball. Sterling is a high school teen whose boyfriend Ethan is in a up and coming rock band destined for stardom.

I had a hunch that this would be a rise and fall type story, but wasn't sure the angle which it would take. I wasn't entirely convinced of Ethan's talents based on Sterling's description of him "Elvis Presley" and "Michael Jackson" like, but not sounding like anything or anyone else. The descriptions Sterling gives of Ethan's talents and rise to fame are clunky, awkward and contradictory, and I couldn't excuse it for just being "awkward teen speak" as it was probably going for. It was just too over the top and inauthentic. I read on thinking that - even with the clunky beginning and descriptions of Ethan and Sterling's relationship - it would get better.

Sterling navigates rough times as she faces her boyfriend's increasing distance, visits her grandmother, confronts "haters" among fans who compete for her boyfriend's interests, and observes the band's scuffles including with the manager as Ethan's star rises even above his bandmates - measured in some chapters by the number of social media followers he has. Much of these are palpable problems, I'm not going to knock the book for that.

Now & Forever

I will criticize it for having one-dimensional characters and predictable, shallow presentation, though. This book was just not good. I think it might be one of Colasanti's weakest ones to date. You're pretty much stuck with Sterling's voice throughout the entire book, and that makes it difficult to see how Ethan grapples with fame or beyond the rosy-tinted glasses see what I did there?

The perspective point from Sterling is also problematic because Sterling She shames whomever she can about their grammar, debates the intelligence of her boyfriend's fans based on their "text speak", and in general isn't willing to stand up for her friends even when she sees them having scuffles that threaten to pull them apart. Not to mention she wants to be a book publisher in the future I see you, Mary Sue. I see you very, VERY clearly. Just as long as the story carries me along and invests me in the journey of said protagonist s.

Turns out, there's really not much of a story here, not even remotely a likable one. First offense is that I'm not convinced by Sterling or Ethan's chemistry to begin with - it's told to you in numerous occasions in a way that's not endearing - and it feels like it's talking down to the reader each and every time they seem to be noted as "forever" lovers. And if I had to read the word "melting" once more when reading about Sterling's reactions to Ethan, it was too soon.

Ethan's purported rise to fame is so thinly drawn that it's predictable down to the conflicts it spurs. Ethan getting the invested and isolated interest of his manager? Ethan getting his bandmates to change their original name because people really want to see Ethan more than the others? Ethan getting a successful solo record? Ethan becoming more distant from his friends and girlfriend because of rise to fame? Problem is, alongside other threadbare sidestories with other characters that are barely featured in the novel Sterling's Gram included - and I liked her , you really don't get a chance to see the development this cast has.

It's because of the thinly-drawn state of it all. I even wanted to feel more as Sterling finds herself on the end of internet backlash just for being Ethan's RL girlfriend, but it's mostly Sterling just verbalizing at her "haters" even when the book should have an opportunity to actually show her anguish and insecurity there. I don't understand why this very real problem, among others, was so lacking in intimacy on Colasanti's part. She could've dug her heels into that and made it mean more. Teens, even reluctant readers, would be able to appreciate a narrative that actually gives more time to develop the characters and show their relationships in more detail.

It was even difficult to connect with one major character death in this book because the character whom it affected was in the book for quite a bit of time, but the presentation made it come out of the blue between other events. I'll admit that provided Sterling a chance to see how much Ethan didn't care that it happened, but again, the emotional disconnect was such a problem, the narrative events didn't hit me at my core.

I hated that I couldn't connect to these characters or situations just because they were so shallow in presentation and told so predictably in places. Don't get me started on the threadbare romance in this book. As far as I'm concerned, there wasn't a romance, just a brief passing connections between Sterling and a boy who was in her boyfriend's circles, knew that Ethan's distance was becoming a problem, didn't speak up about it, and then all of a sudden - BOOM.

Sterling falls for this dude. Nevermind that Sterling was emotionally cheating with this guy, before she even suspected that Ethan might or might not have been unfaithful. Are you kidding me? I'll give the narrative credit for investing me at least in the themes and for a couple of the characters who had promising interactions, but this was mostly too shallow of a narrative for me to get behind.

The fact that the ending was so rushed and the experience giving me less time to get to know the characters and more time being dictated to was even worse for wear.

With Love; Now & Forever

I was going to give this the benefit of the doubt at 1. The problems outweighed the good aspects tremendously, and it's an issue that I think Colasanti's going to have to address at some point in her narratives - character and plot development as well as not talking down to her readership. Kids and teens can handle deeper themes and presentations than this.

And so can I. I really enjoyed this book. I'm glad Sterling eventually came to realise she needs to live her life and do things she loves. Did not see the end coming though. Nov 10, Viviana rated it it was ok Shelves: I couldnt wait to read thia book because Susane Colasanti had wrote it and she is definitely my favorite author. At first, the book was exiting and i couldn't stop reading it, but as i continued reading it i started to get bored over the same thing over and over. Sterling going to visiting Ethan on his tour, then she goes back home and worries about Ethan, then goes back to the tour and everything repeats again.

I was disappointed with this book because with every single book i have read of her, I couldnt wait to read thia book because Susane Colasanti had wrote it and she is definitely my favorite author. I was disappointed with this book because with every single book i have read of her, this is one of the two books i didn't like as much as the others. Susane always made happy love endings but this time, she complicated everything. I think Ethan should have been there for Sterling when he was away and fight for her so that they could get back together but he never did. I really hope Susane writes another book soon so that i could read it, because she is still an amazing writer and my favorite author.

I loved that she mentioned Taylor Swift in the book lol Oct 23, Maggie rated it did not like it Shelves: Well Amy, do I have the book for you. There are a lot of things about Now and Forever that I absolutely hated, but by far the worst thing was the writing. Allow me to demonstrate what reading this book was like: Sterling is a senior in high school.

Sterling has a boyfriend named Ethan. Ethan dreams of being a rock star.

See a Problem?

Ethan starts to get famous. As I was reading I just kept thinking that if Susane Colasanti had any finesse or maturity to her writing five or six or seven of the sentences I was reading could easily have been combined into one or two. Sterling is a bit of an enigma. Her grandmother taught her to cook and she is apparently a renowned baker in her town. So much so that she apparently bakes enough to be able to sell hundreds of baked goods at a town celebration. The other odd thing about Sterling is that when she grows up she wants to be a book publisher.

Not work for a book publisher, but be a book publisher. Especially since becoming a book publisher requires many years spent in lesser positions. At first the relationship was a little cute, but it soon became sickeningly cute. Sterling also thought this truly awful thing when Ethan would say something vomit-inducing to her. And the ending, oh god, thank goodness I am not into spoiling books because you do not want to get me started on that ending. I still like the premise even though Susane Colasanti did her best to ruin it for me.

Second, each chapter opens with the current number of followers Ethan has not clear if it was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Susane Colasanti we are done. The writing here was so atrocious that I am embarrassed for everyone involved with this book. Not to mention that the characters and story just fell completely flat. Apr 02, Shane rated it liked it Shelves: This was my first Susane Colasanti book and I have to say I was expecting more, based on some of the positive feedback from her previous books. At first, I was like this: Cause it's Susane Colasanti and it's YA contemporary and I love stories about young love and people turning into global music sensations.

Then my excitement sort of went down by page. I liked the premise of a teen boy realizing his drea This was my first Susane Colasanti book and I have to say I was expecting more, based on some of the positive feedback from her previous books. I liked the premise of a teen boy realizing his dream and becoming a big pop star, as well as a young relationship trying to make it through that. However, I just didn't like the male character enough to care about their love. I know, that's sad, but it's how I felt throughout the book.

Sterling liked the name was a likable one, though her obsession to fix typos had bugged me a tad sometimes. From the middle on it sort of simmered because that was putting me off her. Once that was drowned out, I liked her a bit more. She had dreams just like Ethan did and she wasn't going after them or taking the time to discover herself, instead she was putting her life on hold for him.

Throughout the story it was all about Ethan and how she'd be perceived by magazines and his over-the-top fans. When she meets another guy, Damien, and they develop this wonderful friendship. I liked Damien from start. He pulled me in the way Ethan couldn't. And I was anticipating the end of Sterling's played out relationship with a guy who obviously had changed actually to me, he was like that from start but everyone just failed to see just so she could start something even greater with Damien. While the ending didn't go exactly like that, it sure was sweet anyway.

As for other characters, I didn't really care for them. Georgia was a cool friend until the stress of Ethan's fame took a hold on her friendship with Sterling. And Grams was awesome. So sad what happened to her. That's about where my interest ended in regards to secondary characters though. None were very much impactful.

In the end, it wasn't a bad read; It had a good pacing, nailed the world of music and touring, and what sudden fame can do to a young relationship. And I liked how Sterling had an awakening though it took something to actually happen for her to wake up and started to think more about herself and not make her life revolve around Ethan anymore. That epitome was a great addition because at one point I wanted to shake her. My issue is that while there was so much potential, I didn't get the fireworks. It's not about me being older than the characters either because I love YA and especially contemporary, it's just that there were things that rubbed me the wrong way.

May 01, Libraryangel rated it did not like it. This was just not the read for me. Sterling and Ethan and their entourage have got to be some of the most self absorbed annoying teenagers I have ever read and that is saying something since I read pretty much only YA. Sterling is even weak when she is attempting to be strong and in my opinion none of the boys were crush worthy enough to hold my attention for a summer romantic read. I know there is truth in some of the behavior in this book, but I just couldn't do it right now. I read Colasanti's book "When It Happens" and fell in love with it and its characters.

I own it in book and audiobook form, but I have been disappointed in her last 3 books. I have to say the magic is gone and I am breaking up with you. Oct 21, Mitchii rated it it was ok Shelves: The first half was so annoying. The girl and the boyfriend just rub me the wrong way. The girl was all about: Now, that boy was getting the springboard to stardom and she was left there glancing at him on the sidelines, feeling sorry for herself. I wish I could understand her and the relationship which at some point I did, at least the rational and obvious part but the said relationship was weak as a rotten wooden board.

Ethan was a budding musician, just needed the right opportunity. And that chance happened. He literally gained followers every chapter making their relationship drifting further and further away. It was all about that. But my real problem was Sterling. The girl numerous times drove me bonkers! The girl had an uncanny ability to annoy me, magnificently if I may so myself.

The excessive use of the period was so annoying considering she was a grammar nazi. Having read few books from the author, the other guy, Damien, was not really a surprise. Of course, it was deliberately and conveniently pointed out that he was the right one: The only salvation of the book was her decision at the end, if the past relationship was any indication no wonder it fell apart; so the decision?

And after reading, I was thinking about the title: Or am I just thinking way ahead and it's just a plain cheesy title? Originally published at The Aeropapers. Please leave any comments there. View all 3 comments.

Feb 17, Heidi Rikard rated it it was ok Shelves: What to say, what to say While I didn't enjoy this book, I still must admit a teen girl very well might. The writing was stunted and had way too much "teen slang" for my liking. The characters were undeveloped and I found myself more than once saying, "What? Where did THAT come from The reason I gave it two stars is because the premise is romantic and idealized, and like I mentioned, I think it could find an audience with teen girls.

I jus What to say, what to say I just think there are way better stories out there girls could relate to rather than this one. So, I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to my library colleagues because I think money could be better spent on something else.

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Feb 19, Emily Schirmer rated it it was amazing Shelves: He fills you with peaceful certainty that your love was meant to be. He will support you no matter what. And you just know he wants to be with you now and forever. They are sweet, charming, easy-to-read, and filled with tales of young love. Her stories always manage to take me back to a simpler time, when love took precedence over all. The first few chapters were sweet and light-hearted, and I had assumed I knew exactly what to expect from this book. But I have to be honest: I underestimated this book.

I thought it would be another uplifting fairytale about young love — a time when all is perfect and everything somehow manages to work out for the best. I love stories like that. They cheer me up. They allow me to escape from the less-perfect, far more normal version of everyday life. Those stories never manage to stick with me. Colasanti gave the readers our happy fantasy world, but respected us enough to be honest with us: But the best part about life is that it goes on.

We live and learn. And even the less-than-ideal circumstances are good for us. In most cases, they even help us in a way we never anticipated, teaching us exactly what we most needed to learn so that we can live our lives the best way possible — the way we always dreamed but never knew was within our reach. Without giving too much away, I will simply say that this book was meaningful. It was exciting and fun, full of love and laughter, but especially strength and hope.

Colasanti reminds us to go after our own dreams, no matter how far away they may seem. May 23, Marian added it. I am a big Susane Colasanti fan. I think she's so awesome and I love the pop culture references she adds in her books. I was really looking forward to Now and Forever and was so excited to find it on the New Releases shelf at the library. However, I didn't enjoy it and just wanted to share some of my honest opinions so that I can maybe help others who are thinking about reading this.

My first star deduction is because of the lack of detail. The structure of this book is really cool, as each ch I am a big Susane Colasanti fan. The structure of this book is really cool, as each chapter marks a new set of 'followers' that Ethan has. It shows the gradual increase in his popularity, which also affects Sterling. There were so many cool characters in this book like Gram, Georgia, and Damien but they weren't mentioned enough. I felt likeI didn't really know any of them and I would have liked to know more. Honestly, Sterling bugged me so much!

And she didn't even grow very much in the end. She needs to take a chill pill and not be so uptight and judgmental. Her propensity for fixing typos was really bizarre and I'm surprised that nobody punched her for how rude she was about it. If I met her in real life, I would definitely want to punch her. My third star deduction was because of how nauseating Sterling and Ethan's relationship was. It bothered me that she was so obsessed with him.

Some of the inner dialogue going on didn't seem healthy and I don't think that's a good example to be sending out to teenage girls who will read this. However, just because I didn't like this doesn't mean I'm less of a Susane Colasanti fan. It's just that this particular book didn't sit well with me, for the reasons I listed above. I think I'll still look forward to whatever she releases in the future.

She doesn't understand grammar and must not be very intelligent so her review means nothing. Sep 23, Danni Maxwell rated it it was ok. I was seriously disappointed in this book, even though going into it after dnf'ing it in September I didn't really have big expectations for it. It just lacked a lot. It was predictable and really cheesy and the writing really got to me at times.

This main character 'melts into floor. Although Ethan cheated on Sterling and she was upset about it as one would be when one cheats on you, I felt like she was in the wrong too by talking to Damien like she did. I don't know why, because technically it wasn't considered cheating but I just felt like she was in the wrong with Damien too. I felt like I was reading a Justin Bieber fanfic if I'm honest. Overall my feelings towards Susane's writing has changed, this is the second book by her where I wasn't really a fan; despite my having nearly ten of her novels.

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Overall, I give it a 2 star rating. A book talk or review will be on my channel eventually. Apr 26, Adrienne rated it liked it Shelves: That's what I've been learning in yoga. Change is a natural part of life. It's the only way we can grow and evolve and become stronger. Change isn't always necessarily a good thing. In Sterling's case, it was good for her because she realized how she needed her entire world to stop revolving around Ethan. The chan "Before I was fighting change. The change that occured in Ethan's didn't turn him for the better though. It was inevitable for him to start acting like any other diva, young as he was and vulnerable to what the red carpet offered him.

But deep down, I know Ethan's still a decent person. He just let the fame get to his head. The ending was bittersweet. I was glad that Sterling was finally focusing on herself but I was sad that things had to happen the way they did between her and Ethan. I can't help but hope that they'll eventually find their way back to each other. I didn't like Damien. I hope when Ms.