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Mon Nov 04 Tue Oct 22 Though the jury is still out on what they think of the series after one episode,. Though the jury is still out on what they think of the series after one episode, they amuse themselves by making up nicknames for Benedict Cumberbatch, declaring that Sylvia is Scarlett Johansson if Scarlett Johansson had a personality, blaming all bad sex decisions on France, identifying a stone-deaf fox, and discussing the pallor of self-abuse.

Mon Oct 07 Fri Sep 27 In this recap of the excellent film adaptation of Maurice, Kelly and Tom learn how to pronounce "Maurice," marvel at Hugh Grant's trascendent good looks, figure out where to get their buttery waxed, fail to tell the difference between Thing 1 and Thing 2, spot a young Helena Bonham Carter, and are generally appreciative of Messers. Merchant and Ivory's approach to male nudity spoiler alert: Mon Sep 16 BS historical and otherwise.

Please enjoy his fascinating insights, our hilarious banter,. Please enjoy his fascinating insights, our hilarious banter, and the reasonably passable audio quality! Mon Sep 09 They talk about Simple Jack perhaps more than necessary, complain about Muir and Princess Steel, wish Michael McCann was in a better show, marvel at the resourcefulness of one "Kitty Burlington," get mad at the elder Mr. Hatton, watch Sofia almost-but-not-quite cry, wonder what happened to Liam, rejoice at the return of Sad Andrea, and wish this was a show about Ge Mon Aug 26 They celebrate the return of Chris Noth's mustache, puzzle over Neve Campbell's otherworldly, hideously costumed press agent, start shipping Malandrews, wonder what happened to Sad Andrea, kill a German munitions supplier, encourage the Cousins to open a bar and grocery, talk a lot about rivets, and transmute some bread into steel.

Kelly accidentally reads a telegram like a Dalek, Tom feverishly reads Wiki Mon Aug 12 There, they anticipate being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, figure out whether we are supposed to feel bad for Kitty Carlton,. There, they anticipate being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, figure out whether we are supposed to feel bad for Kitty Carlton, find a new favorite solicitor, hope that Violetta is hooking, mistake a German for an Irishman, wonder how many mini-Muirs Mark has left in his wake, and fall freckles-over-heels in love with a ginger.

All this, and Kelly wants to set a Whole Foods on fire, Mon Jul 29 Lord Pirrie's hat is sincere, Sofia's button is suspicious, Dad's gin bottle is traditional, and Chris Noth's mustache is still on the lam. Kelly invents a new catchphrase, Tom reveals his cinematic past, and everybody is drunk it's Julian Fello Tue Jul 16 Andrews are related, and laugh and laugh at Simple Jack. Kelly attempts to make an offensive rhyme about Irish people, Tom advises our Cousin of the Week to sleep his way to the top, and nobody likes Andrea.

Mon Jul 01 Amidst the color saturated splendor and completely inappropriate sexual tension of Edwardian Belfast, they marvel at Neve Campbell's "acting," the period-appropriate whores, the machinations of the Onion Organizer, Stephen Oven-Bake, and Chris Noth's mustache's fantastic performance as Jiggery Pokery Morgan. Kelly explains how the keel-laying ceremony keeps ship-sinking demons at bay, Tom wishes he Mon Jun 17 Kelly and Tom get unbelievably angry at Mr. Mon Jun 03 Their more quick-witted than usual observations extend to remembering that Drunky McGin exists, the plight of colorblind Edwardians,.

Mon May 20 In this recap ofMr. Kelly plans to write Jordan Baker fan fiction, Tom s Mon May 06 Kelly and Tom return at long last with a recap of Mr. Mon Apr 08 Kelly and Tom set out to change the way the internet experiences Mr. Their discussion of the two-hour Masterpiece Classic premiere involves a LOT of made-up names, LinneyWatch , the smile that dropped a thousand panties,. Their discussion of the two-hour Masterpiece Classic premiere involves a LOT of made-up names, LinneyWatch , the smile that dropped a thousand panties, the Ginger Gregson, a Torchwood alien, and the niceness of people being nice to one another.

All this, plus Kelly is the Regina George of slumber parties, Tom is declared an honorary woman, and the Cousins grace us with a plethora of lengthy, informative Telegrams Mon Mar 18 Kelly and Tom wrap up their wrap-up discussion of Downton Abbey, Series 3. They ponder how to solve a problem like Molesley, the ever changing cast of babies, Isis-shaped lamps, the merits of sharing a diaper with a monkey,.

They ponder how to solve a problem like Molesley, the ever changing cast of babies, Isis-shaped lamps, the merits of sharing a diaper with a monkey, Ireland's lack of cinematic quality, the real Dante's Inferno, Mary's similarity to the Queen Mother, the new musical sensation Thoroughly Dismayed Lord Grantham, the downstairs love pentagram, and Murray-related activities. Kelly reveals her latent telekinesis, Tom disparage Mon Mar 11 This week, to the surprise of everyone, including themselves, Kelly and Tom kick off the first of a two-part possibly three-part Downton Abbey Series Three recap discussion!

They cover alternative ways to write Matthew Crawley out of the show,. They cover alternative ways to write Matthew Crawley out of the show, the failings of the TARDIS when parsing trans-Atlantic slang, whether or not twigs are allowed in British prisons, heroin-addled costume designers, the heir to Sunny Marlborough's lifetime of bad decisions, how to play Snapdragon, and the gayest name eve Mon Feb 25 Mon Feb 18 Take a tour of the revolting world of a double-wide episode of UYDS!

E8 in an attempt to reconcile themselves with PBS' dumb programming schedule. They also discuss Sybbie's giant melon head, McG's hypnotic d Mon Feb 11 This recap of Downton Abbey S3: E6 is brought to you courtesy of podcast network BaldMove. Kelly and Tom discuss crackpot theories, ways to make the podcast profitable, and the joy of wordplay. They also criticize Mrs.

Bartlett's wallpaper, Isobel's face, and Bates's very existence. They also seek out a mirror for O'Brien, a musical role for Jimmy Kent, a magical spell for Baron Fellowes, and a surprising possible identity for Thomas's erotic pen pal. In addition, Tom de Mon Feb 04 Kelly and Tom sob their way through this emotional recap of Downton Abbey S3: E5, possibly one of the best episodes of the show to date.

The tearful twosome observe Daisy's rapid transformation into Mrs. Patmore, Junior; welcome converts to the Church of Shank Bates; roll their eyes at the wacky exploits of Ethel in the kitchen; reveal who, in fact, is the walrus; marvel anew at the sheer awesomeness of Dame Maggie Smith, and wish that Thomas would find his own clock to wind. Kelly demands a pi Mon Jan 28 On the plus side, this episode features Thomas's erotic pen pal, toffee noses, the comedy stylings of the Dowager Countess, a newfangled electric toaster, Ethel's plotline finally paying some dividends and the really, really, ridiculously good-looking Jimmy Kent.

Unfortunately, it also includes far too much Murder Prison, Branson being a completely out-of-character moron, the comedy stylings of the Dowager Countess yes, again Mon Jan 21 Plus, Kelly won't shut up about Ever After, Tom explains the origins Mon Jan 14 Daisy reveals herself as the Cassandra of Downton, Matthew and Mary keep having sex in lieu of an honest conversation about finance,. Daisy reveals herself as the Cassandra of Downton, Matthew and Mary keep having sex in lieu of an honest conversation about finance, our favorite replacement ginger reappears, Reed's magical origins are uncovered, and MacL shares a sexually charged moment with the Dowager Countess.

Kelly wonders if there was ever really a time when she didn't hate Matthew, Tom hopes Anna's garter is for her second husband, and they alt Mon Jan 07 Welcome back to Yorkshire, Cousins! Mon Dec 17 Kelly and Tom wish the Cousins happy holidays with this special podcast covering Mary Poppins! Everyone's favorite twosome also reveals how to talk to a Scottish prostitute, the way everyone in Edwardian times d They still talk about it—at length—but despite their undying love of Cecil, they just can't sign off on the Merchant Ivory classic.

Fortunately, they do manage to reveal Queen Elizabeth II's favorite film, brainstorm Twitter handles for EM Forster characters, muse about male nudity, explain proper library book etiquette, and identify Edwardian hipsters. Kelly spends much of the Mon Nov 12 They also announce the UYDS programming schedule for the rest of , insult Gypsies, and once again wonder what happened Mon Oct 29 In this first of a three-part exploration of James Cameron's bloated, beautiful, Oscar-winning Titanic, Kelly and Tom name themselves Cousins of the Week, critique the slipshod enforcement of Titanic's health inspections, and wonder who brought all the free beer in steerage.

They are also baffled by Leo Dicaprio's lack of a Wisconsin accent, the exact location of the whore's quarters, and what happened to Sven. All this, plus Kelly's feelings on spaghetti, Tom's preference for action titties, an Herein lies a collection of fascinating facts and titillating trends from the Edwardian period,. Herein lies a collection of fascinating facts and titillating trends from the Edwardian period, never before discussed on this podcast! The most exciting tidbits include tales of China's Qing Dynasty aka Years of Humiliation , the convoluted culture of contraception in the UK and abroad, and a shocking revelation about Edwardian nipple piercing!

The second half of Julian Fellowes' Titanic is slightly better than the first half, but not by much. Kelly and Tom bid farewell to stink town aka Julian Fellowes' Titanic and discuss why Baron Julian gave Lyndsey Marshal the O'Brien treatment, the make-out scene guaranteed to put the spark back in any marriage, and whether there was any religious diversity among the survivors of the Titanic disaster.

Kelly busts out her Christopher Lloyd impersonation, Tom hasn't learned anything from That Come along on a fantastic voyage where stops include the worst movie on IMDB, sexy Russians, and the discovery of Titanic: Your intrepid hosts also marvel at the fact that Julian Fellowes is singlehandedly employing all of Britain's actors, English people doing American accents, and the many bitches who boarded Titanic. All this, plus a s Mon Aug 20 Laughs are thick on the table like unhidden talents as the gang invents words Laughs are thick on the table like unhidden talents as the gang invents words like Mr.

Edgar , tries to place a bet with florins like Rob , and spend a lot of time discussing Ray Liotta's brains like no one in the history of ever. Tom briefly turns into a Tennessee Williams character, Kelly recounts a time her par Mon Aug 06 The residents of Manderston pull off both a Raj supper and fancy dress ball, Reggie Raj Singh is simultaneously sympathetic and off-putting, and Master Guy plays the drums.

Mon Jul 23 Lavigne demonstrates Maggie Smith levels of awesomeness,. Lavigne demonstrates Maggie Smith levels of awesomeness, Monsieur Dubiard remains the Chuck Norris of Manderston, and Master Guy delivers withering glares at the camera. While Kelly makes more obscure references than usual and plans an outreach event for prostitutes, Tom explains the difference between Jules Verne and Robert Zemeckis. Mon Jul 09 Other topics include Morrison's O'Brien-esque tendencies, the many ways that Antonia is awesome, whether or not Kenny the Hall Boy wears makeup, the unbearable beigeness of Lord and Lady OC, and the disappointing lack of bo Mon Jun 25 Kelly and Tom recap Manor House E2 and return to snarking as usual.

After they catch up on their long-neglected correspondence, Tom develops strong feelings about fox hunting while Kelly imagines a Twilight-esque love triangle with Rob and Charlie. Meanwhile, back at Manderston, Monsieur Dubiard makes Mrs. Patmore look like Santa Claus, Mr. Edgar turns into Depressing Mr. Rogers, Lord and Lady OC remain a perfect example of why people have violent revolutions, and everyone learns how importan Mon Jun 11 Comedian and returning guest Natasha Muse joins Tom and Kelly as they dive into Episode One of Manor House and all the curiosity about bathroom breaks that entails.

The trio discusses the worst idea since Dance Moms,. The trio discusses the worst idea since Dance Moms, the Human Centipede of alarm clocks, Jay-Z's inevitable production of The Music Man, and the greatest bromance of Kelly waxes nostalgic for a simpler era of reality television, Tom longs for a biscuit jar, and Natasha advocates for the removal of pants.

All this, plus a bu Kelly and Tom take special guest Sam Roth on a weekend trip to get all up in the loins of Gosford Park, where they encounter a surprising amount of factory rape, a mesmerizing performance from one of the lesser Dames,. The gang also discuss the proper way to eat jam in a tuxedo, the always-giffable Maggie Smith, and invent a new line of Up Yo Mon May 14 Matthew goes full emo, Isis pulls a Great Escape, Mary mines the literary canon for humor, Jinksy gets caught with his robe on,.

Matthew goes full emo, Isis pulls a Great Escape, Mary mines the literary canon for humor, Jinksy gets caught with his robe on, and the hall boy speaks! All this, plus Lord Grantham and the Terrible, Horrible, Mon May 07 Everybody knows a pudding and some legal woes help to make the season bright.

Mon Apr 30 Sun Apr 22 E7 as Kelly and Tom chat about the Edwardian equivalent of Yahoo! It's business as usual in this recap of Downton Abbey S2: They also lament the lack of Downton's saloon, advise listeners on teabag-steeping, and Kelly says "luncheon" a lot. Mon Apr 16 In their recap of Downton Abbey S2: E6, the gang chats about all things Canadian,. Patmore on Hoarders, what men get up to behind the bicycle shed, and two more DA spinoffs! Bates, and the total horrorshow that was World War I. Also, everyone cries during Downton Abbey S2: Mon Apr 02 They still manage to discuss Downton Abbey S2: Tue Mar 27 Bates is a purity ball, Edwardian Cosmo, Double Edith,.

E3, and discuss the logistics of being a monkey's uncle, the one and only Batman, whether or not Mr. Along the way, they encounter omnisexual handmaidens, proto-Kardashians, and a mean set of hypno bangs. In addition, Kelly is enraged by skittles, Tom knows nothing about Fiddler Mon Mar 19 In this recap of Downton Abbey S2: E2, Kelly and Tom geek out because Adebisi is following them on Twitter, come out in favor of embroidery, and suss out some really depressing facts about World War I.

Back on the farm,. Back on the farm, Edith has her most interesting plot to date, McG impersonates Napoleon, Thomas fails to kickstart the Edwardian "It Gets Better" campaign, Ethel greets all of Downton's unexpected guests, Lord Grantham throws a tantrum, and Miss O'Brien's heart grows three sizes in one episode. Kelly and Tom come roaring out of hiatus for Downton Abbey S2: E1 to introduce a very saucy replacement ginger, explore Kelly's canine obsession, plant a flag for the new nation of Batesylvania, proclaim that nail-filing is the new smoking, expose Tom's crush on silent film star Clara Bow, unexpectedly root for O'Brien, do lots of all-caps SOBBING, and discuss whether or not the Dowager Countess would have been a Trekkie.

They also catch up on correspondence from several cousins, declare a Chara Mon Feb 27 This recap of Downton Abbey S1: E6 is accompanied by the sounds of the wild Patmore and Carson's tardy dressing gong as Kelly and Tom consider the effects of breeding on being patronizing, McG's scheming prowess, Julian Fellowes' private life, how to get Batesed, Daisy's belated self-awareness, the trouble with fairies, the difference between a crush and a concussion, and the way that nothing bad ever starts in Germany. In addition, they announce the trivia contest winner, read some freaky-beatn Kelly and Tom dodge bullets, drop balls, and have a quaff of ale in their recap of Downton Abbey S1: On their journey, they discuss various ways Mary Crawley might kill herself, make inevitable Clue jokes, come down with a case of Thomas fever,.

On their journey, they discuss various ways Mary Crawley might kill herself, make inevitable Clue jokes, come down with a case of Thomas fever, investigate the ancestries of Kelly Clarkson and Morrisey, and find out how hard people who are not Sybil fought for the vote. Tom reveals that he is a fan of Daisy's hat while Kelly sits in the hall. They make an important announcement that affects ALL of the T E3 and learn how everything can get cancer, meet Laura Linney's ghostly cinematographer, tag along on the most unsuccessful date, discover how Sybill invented the topsy tail, read the stud book, and lament Edwardian England's lack of emoticons.

Also up for discussion: In this recap of Downton Abbey S1: They also ponder how to fill three bags, the art of matching carpet Tue Jan 17 Kelly and Tom kick off their recap of Downton Abbey S1: Baklava Syndrome Mon Dec 03 I Do, Charloote, I Do! The Return of the Luncheon Mon Oct 15 What Would Gwen from Torchwood Do?

DashCam Mon Sep 24 Summa Cum Rat Mon Sep 10 Koala Chlamydia Tue Jun 12 The Highlander of Everything Mon May 28 Brodie's Set, Episode 1 Sat Feb 17 Daddy Don't Agree Mon Jan 22 Fetch Me My Floozies! Peaches Wed Jan 10 The Punchening Tue Jan 09 Where's My Boogie Rock? Too Bougie for Bham Tue Jan 02 Haberdashery Nonsense Sun Dec 31 Changretta Vendetta Sun Dec 31 Never Trust a Jeremy Sun Dec 31 Indie-Go-Gun Thu Dec 21 Chance-anada Fri Nov 24 Pronounciation Anxiety Mon Nov 13 CassiopeiaPress December 3, Publication Date: December 3, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. For more than 20 years he was a faithful director of the Middlefield Bank and he was a past president of the local Masonic Lodge. Don was an avid boater and fisherman and he enjoyed taking trips to Canada for these activities. He also enjoyed four-wheeling trips with family to West Virginia and traveling with his wife Cherie. When he was not traveling, he greatly enjoyed the peace he found while mowing his lawn.

Donald cared deeply for his friends, family and community. He will be greatly missed by many. He is preceded in death by his first wife Kathryn Moss of Parkman Ohio, whom he married in , and his eldest son Scott Villers. It is with great sadness that the family of Lester Lee Swift Jr. He was preceded in death by his wife of 50 years, Anita, who passed away in March of and his parents Lester Swift Sr.

He enjoyed a long career as a tool and die maker. He loved tractors and cars and was an avid race fan. He will be missed greatly by his family and friends. Box , Washington DC He immediately stopped and single-handedly rescued the woman from the Cuyahoga River. Raymond enjoyed the world of entertainment. He was also an avid collector of guns and Presidential coins. Raymond loved traveling in his motorhome and with his family and was always up for a road trip wherever it took them. Raymond will be greatly missed by his first wife and good friend, Barbara Mazzone; children, Kristine Dr.

Mollie Elizabeth Hoar nee Stanic , 32 of Burton fought a courageous and heroic battle with cancer before peacefully going home to be with the Lord early Friday morning, March 16, She was born in Painesville, Ohio on Nov. Mollie married Scott Hoar on Sept. Mollie lived her life to the fullest. She enjoyed planning and hosting social events like birthday parties and holiday gatherings with family and friends. Her greatest loved though was being a wife to Scott and mother to their three daughters. Bank, Springdale Ave. Mark Hissa , 63 of Huntsburg passed away Feb. He was born Nov.

In his younger years, he was on the St. Helens unicycle drill team and performed all over. He was an avid antique steam engine enthusiast and loved to attend the shows. He was a member of the Ashtabula Engine Club. Mark was a long time dairy and grain farmer in Huntsburg and was a memorable man in the community.

In the winter, he tended to his maple trees producing the best syrup around. The spring and summer months he was busy with crops and caring for his honeybees. He visited Russia, China and Europe to name a few. His door was always open for anyone who wanted to stop by. The steam engines were a landmark that attracted people from all over the world, and the farm was something that everyone loved. He will be missed.

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He was preceded by his parents in death. Miller nee Troyer , 72 of North Bloomfield, passed away peacefully while surrounded by her loving family at home, Wednesday morning, March 14, She was born in Parkman, Ohio on Feb. Linda later married Daniel E. Linda is preceded in death by her parents. She was born in Painesville on Feb. She will be greatly missed by: Kathy is preceded in death by her father and sister, Linda Luther. Mary Lois Canfield, 72 a longtime resident of Auburn Township, Ohio, passed away Wednesday, March 7, at her home with her family by her side.


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She was a teacher for Willoughby Eastlake School District 31 years. She retired in She was married to Wallace Canfield Jr, who passed away May 13, Mary enjoyed reading and was a 4-H leader. She was a member and served on the Geauga County Fair Auxiliary since She served as a director of the Fairboard since and served many years as assistant secretary to the Geauga County Agricultural Society. She especially loved being with her family.

She will be missed by her family and friends. She is preceded in death by her husband Wallace and her parents. Box , Burton, Ohio She was born in Middlefield on March 7, to the late Eli P. Emma is now reunited with her loving husband, Sam E. Emma is preceded in death by: She was born Oct. During World War II she contributed to the war effort by building radio components.

After working as a teaching hairdresser in her own business for a number of years, she became an LPN, graduating valedictorian of her class at Saint Francis School of Nursing in Olean, N. She married the love of her life, Henry Chrzan on Jan. She was a great mother, grandmother, and homemaker. She enjoyed sewing, cooking, knitting, sketching and reading poetry, but most of all was a devoted Christian who loved Jesus. She will be sadly missed by her loving husband of 64 years, Henry J. Andrew, Rudi, and one little girl on the way.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her brother, Harold Seaver. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Truth for Life, P. Box , Cleveland, OH , www. Bennett , 89, a longtime resident of Burton, passed away Wednesday, Feb. She is together again with her beloved husband Clell Bennett.

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Thelma was born Jan. She married Clell Bennett and moved from West Virginia approximately 60 years ago to live in the Burton area. She was a homemaker and loved taking care of her family. Thelma enjoyed bird watching; taking photos; and spending quality time with her family and friends. She is survived by her loving son Vincent O. She is preceded in death by her husband in ; her son Perry A. Bennett in ; and her brother Thurl Hamrick in Miller nee Miller , 58, of Burton, passed away peacefully Saturday evening, Feb.

Elizabeth married Allen R. Miller on May 28, She will be greatly missed by her loving husband of 35 years, Allen; mother-in-law, Ada N. Elizabeth is preceded in death by her parents; father-in-law, Raymond M. He graduated from New Lyme Deming School as a superior athlete. Alex married his wife Trudy E. He went and walked through College KSU.

He is survived by his loving wife, sons, Eric Becky T. Burial was at Windsor Township Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be given to Abundant Life Church of God. Condolences and memories can be shared with the family at www. Richards , 58 of Claridon, passed away at his home Friday morning, Feb. He was born in Cleveland, on Aug. Jimmy is once again reunited with his loving wife, Kelly Prymmer Richards, who died Sept. He had a great love for his family, friends and muscle cars.

He is preceded in death by his father and loving wife, Kelly. Feil nee Williams , age 96 of Bristolville, passed away peacefully at her home Saturday morning, Feb. She was born in New Castle, Pa. Gloria is now reunited with her loving husband, Edward B. Feil, who died in May, She enjoyed being a homemaker, especially cooking and sewing.

Gloria also liked gardening and spending time with her family and dog, Flash. She will be greatly missed by daughter, Linda Reynolds and many friends. Gloria is preceded in death by her parents; husband, Edward; son-in-law, Richard Reynolds and one sister. She was born April 28, in Belington, W. She married Charles H. They were married 29 years before he died in Phyllis was a cook at Blazing Bills and loved working, especially with the young ones at the restaurant. She enjoyed volunteering at the American Cancer Society store in Middlefield; watching soap operas; shopping; going on cruises; and especially being with her family.

She is preceded in death by her husband and her parents. Smoot, 68 of Huntsburg, passed away Saturday, Feb. He was born Jan. Michael was a member of St. He is preceded in death by his parents and three brothers, Terry, Roger, and Arley Jr. Condolences can be sent to www. Reed , 84 of Middlefield passed away peacefully on Jan. He liked to go camping with his family and spending time with his grandchildren. Besides his parents, Wayne was preceded in death by his first wife Carole J.

He was born in Middlefield on Jan. Mahlon married Florence Hostetler on Nov. He was a lifelong resident of Middlefield and a member of Zion Christian Fellowship. He worked as an extrusion engineer and was the very first employee hired at Mercury Plastics in Middlefield. Mahlon loved fishing, especially ice fishing, and enjoyed going a few times each week. He also liked to visit flea markets in the area and being an active member of his church. Interment was at Zion Christian Fellowship Cemetery.

She was born in Bedford, Ohio on Feb. Iolah is once again reunited with her loving husband, George Burzanko, who died in December, Iolah enjoyed time in the kitchen, especially cooking and canning. She loved going to garage sales with her sisters and playing pinochle with family and friends, and bowling. She will also be greatly missed by her loving best friends and caregivers, Barb Sandford sister and Vicky Meadows niece. She is preceded in death by her parents; husband, George; daughters, Kathleen Nabozny, Cheryl Burzanko, three brothers, and two sisters.

Online condolences may be sent and a tribute video viewed at www. She was born Nov. She moved to Middlefield with her family in and graduated from Cardinal High School in Mary married the love of her life, Scott, on May 23, and had two wonderful children. Mary enjoyed spending time with the family camping. She will be missed by her loving husband Scott L. Luoma , 87 of Burton, Ohio passed away Jan. He worked in the production department of Air Maze until his retirement.

Kit was known for his support of the Berkshire High School football team, was treasurer of the Touchdown Club, and loved to listen to the Fort Huntsburg Band. He served a term as Trustee for Burton Township, enjoyed the Monday auction on Nauvoo Road, loved fishing, and made high school football his hobby. He is survived by six grandchildren, Chelsea, Casey, Cassidie, Cennidie, Meadow, and Jaxon, as well as three great-grandchildren. Besides his parents he was preceded in death by his dear wife of 47 years, Evelyn A. Burial was at Welton Cemetery in Burton. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Geauga County Dog Warden.

He was born in Willoughby, Ohio on Feb.

Deputy US Marshal killed in the line of duty

George worked as a carpenter but was a true craftsman of his trade. He built his first two homes and later transferred his special skills to his hobbies after retirement. George enjoyed tinkering as he restored many antique pedal cars and collected model airplane engines. George won another Award from Mechanics Illustrated for his work on a model sailboat. He enjoyed driving and showing his Buick and Chevy cars.

George is preceded in death by his loving wife, Helen; parents; daughter, Mary Fowler; an infant son, Baby Rose; and sister, Jean David. Barbara Joanne Rowley died Jan. She was preceded in death by her husband, William A. Joanne was born Dec. She lived in Middlefield with her husband and family from to She practiced in Geauga County as a registered nurse serving the local school districts.

May she be remembered as the greatest mother in the world. Edward Catholic Church, enjoyed traveling with her family and loved nature. Ray Miller, and granddaughter Jennifer McDougall. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to St. Shirley is once again reunited with her loving husband, Otto Penicka Jr.

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She retired after working 30 years as a Medical Assistant at various clinics. She enjoyed spending time with her grandsons. She was born in Youngstown on Feb. Shirley is once again reunited with her loving husband, Earl M. Rosa Lee Herst was her caregiver and companion in all that Orile was involved in, during her life, while in Warren, and Burton. They were building Stuff Buddies and going shopping for bargains. In lieu of flowers, donations are requested to be sent to Rosa Lee Herst, S.

Orile will be laid to rest following the private services next to her husband, Earl, in Shadyside Cemetery, Auburn Corners, Ohio. Wrentmore , 55 of Middlefield, Ohio, passed away unexpectedly due to natural causes, early Saturday morning, Dec. He was born in Troy, Ohio on Feb. Alan married Connie Bright on Oct. He worked many years as an electrician. Alan was a kind and wonderful person who could make anyone smile. He enjoyed spending time outdoors, especially fishing, or just taking his motorcycle for a ride.

Alan also loved animals and watching sports. However, his greatest passion was spending time with his family and friends. He is preceded in death by his mother, Helen Takacs. Cheryl Ann Merryfield Springer left for a new adventure after 57 years of living life to the fullest, on Friday, Dec. She was at peace and in the loving presence of her family. An employee of Kraftmaid Cabinetry for 30 years, she accepted a new position as a guardian angel for her granddaughter, Emme.

As you read this, she wants you to know that she is dancing in the rain with a margarita in hand, and she hopes that you will do the same when you think of her. She had a knack for gift giving and party throwing, and her greatest talent was the art of friendship. She enjoyed camping and hiking with Mark, collecting seashells on the beach with her toes in the sand, and celebrating life over boat drinks with friends.

She believed in magic and looked forward to introducing Emme to the gnomes and fairies who live in her garden. This year, she will celebrate Christmas with her parents, Barbara and Burdette, who passed on before her and whom she missed dearly. And the next time it rains, you know what to do! Memories and condolences can be sent to the family at www. Melinda Taylor-Briggs, age 65, a longtime resident of Huntsburg. She was a wonderful cook and enjoyed music, Irish Festivals, rummage sales, floral gardening, and traveling, especially to the mountains of North Carolina and their blue-grass music.

Also, she loved the many cats that she had in her home over the years. She was preceded in death by her father. Warren Wilson College, P. Information and condolences online at www. She was born July 20, in Sewickley, Pa. She enjoyed Crocheting and spending time with her family. He was born in Johnstown, Pa. Jay married Michelle Sunky in Byler , 54 of Maumee, Ohio passed away peacefully after a brief illness at St. He was born in Warren, Ohio on Sept. Owen was a resident at the Sunshine Creating Community in Maumee. He was a member of the Old Order Amish Church.

Lester is preceded in death by his parents; and brothers, Lester, Erwin, and Joseph Byler. She was a graduate of Middlefield High School. In her earlier years, she worked for the Navy as a payroll clerk in Civil Service. She married Zane Reed June 15, They were married 46 years before he died in She enjoyed raising her two sons and daughter. She also was a secretary for Ted Reed Jr. Althea was a member of the Middlefield Senior Center.

She was a kind-hearted person and enjoyed playing cards, gardening, fishing, crossword puzzles, and cooking. She especially enjoyed being with her friends and family. She is preceded in death by her husband Zane; her parents; her son James Reed; her sister Marquerite Gardner and her twin infant sister Alta. Ahlman nee Jarvis , 74 of Huntsburg, passed away peacefully Thursday afternoon, Dec. Marjorie is once again reunited with her loving husband of 50 years, Robert H.

Ahlman, who died May 15, She worked as a Secretary for 27 years at Johnson Rubber in Middlefield before retiring. Marjorie liked reading and tending to her flower gardens. She was a kind-hearted, caring, and loving person who enjoyed taking care of others. Marjorie will be greatly missed by her children, Robert H. She is preceded in death by her parents; husband, Robert; and brother, Jim Jarvis. Merryfield , 88 of Middlefield passed away peacefully Saturday, Dec. Hope worked as the personal secretary to Mr. Hope loved her family, reading, music and her Scottish Terriers. She was a dedicated piano student and was inspired by Mozart.

She will be sadly missed by her loving husband, Marten E. Sonny Merryfield, who she married Dec. Besides her parents she was preceded in death by her sister, Ella Wicker, daughter-in-law Cheryl Ann Merryfield, and her niece, Claudia Brisentine. Box , Middlefield, OH Sly, 79 from Mesopotamia, passed away suddenly Wednesday Dec.

He went on to boot camp in the US Army. He was a tinkerer and could fix anything that anyone brought to him. He loved to fish and work on his lawn mowers. He had the uncanny ability to take a dollar bill and make rings from them, draw large eared monkeys, and color with or without his grandchildren. He will be sadly missed by his loving wife Janet Morrison Sly whom he married Jan. Besides his parents he was preceded in death by his son Edwin Thomas Sly Jr.

Anna Hudak , 82 of Troy, died Tuesday, Nov. She has lived in the area since She was a member of the Shrine of Mariapoch in Burton. Anna enjoyed crocheting, baking, cooking, gardening; and loved her dogs Wolfgang and Fritzie. Besides her parents she was preceded in death by her loving husband, Elmer Richard Hudak who died Sept. She was born in Erie, Pa. She retired from teaching after 35 years at Crestwood Elementary School. Ruth then remained active in her church and community. Ruth also enjoyed playing 5 card pinochle and being a member of the Hiram Research Club.

When staying in Bradenton, Fl. Ruth was also the Treasurer of the Braden Castle Festival. She is preceded in death by her parents. Lucinda Sharp-Gates , 72 of Parkman, surrounded by love, passed away peacefully Thursday evening, Dec. She was born in Philadelphia, Pa. She earned a B. Degree from Hiram College and then a M. She enjoyed helping strangers become neighbors in their new homes. Lucinda was also a co-owner and the Operations Manager of the Cleveland Parachute Center for over 20 years.

While doing so, she founded and operated Second Wind, hot air balloon repair. Lucinda enjoyed life and loved to travel, especially overseas. Box , Easton, MD Linda Alice Hopkins, 71, passed away Wednesday, Dec. Linda was an amazing woman, and to express her significance in words would be impossible. She was a lover of all things, but most importantly her family, friends, church, and animals. Abused dogs had a special place in her heart, and her and her husband, Mel Hopkins, rescued and adopted many of them into their family. Linda was also an exceptional cook, and had worked many years at Broadfield Manor Nursing Home as their dietary manager.

It was something she was very proud of, and upon retirement she devoted a lot of her time to preparing meals for her church. When she was not busy cooking, Linda enjoyed watching the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns, as well as Nascar. She enjoyed doing whatever it was that her loved ones enjoyed. If her nephews wanted to camp out she wanted to camp out. She also enjoyed making a trip to the movies for just the girls, and then another trip just for the boys. Linda will be greatly missed for her exceptional love that extended way beyond those in her immediate family.

Even if she barely knew you, her faith and genuine soul cared so much for you that she would often say a prayer on your behalf. She leaves behind her beloved husband whom she celebrated 24 wonderful years with on Oct. Memorial contributions in her name may be made to Ducro Funeral Services and Crematory who is handling the arrangements. Donald was my father, and was one of the strongest men I ever met.

My parents met at a skating rink. The story goes Dad told his friend this was the woman he would marry, without having met her. Mother says he tripped her and she fell into his arms. They married in and had one of the strongest marriages I have ever witnessed. They had two little girls when he was drafted into the army in He made sure has wife, Flora, and children would be cared for, and then performed his duty for his county by serving in the Supply Corps in the Army, in the Philippines. He received an honorable discharge in , and came home to his newest baby girl. Donald knew how to play, but first he was a hard worker, a loving father, grandfather, and great grandfather.

He was a strong example of the way a man should lead a good Christian life. He was always honest, supportive, and a leader in everything he thought was important. He was very active in his church and the Masons, serving in various leadership roles.

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His wife and he travelled extensively in their Airstream Trailer. He served several times as president of that organization. He served as president of his ham radio club. He was an excellent photographer, and took pictures of covered bridges in Ashtabula County to be used in a fund-raising calendar. Dad always worked two jobs. He built many homes in Ashtabula, including ours. He retired as a Con Rail train engineer when he was He continued doing construction work for many years while my parents lived in Florida. He also attended church at Nelson Circle, and the Methodist church in Garrettsville.

Dad was a friend to so many, and loved by all. He was irreplaceable, and will always hold a place in our hearts. We are so much richer for having known him. Miller , 5 hours of Windsor, was granted her angel wings Tuesday evening, Nov. Marian was a member of the Old Order Amish Church. She will be greatly missed by her loving parents, David D. Miller; maternal grandparents, Robert H. Miller; paternal great-grandparents, Crist J.

Miller; maternal great grandparents, Dorothy A. Byler; and many friends. Marian is preceded in death by: Miller; and maternal great-grandfather, Rueben R. Bytnar Mathews , 89 of Middlefield, passed away peacefully Wednesday morning, Dec. She was born in Hadley, Pa. Corabell is now reunited with her loving husband, John Bytnar, who died in She enjoyed listening to country music, going to yard sales, collecting key chains and salt and pepper shakers, taking care of her German Shepherd, Hillary, watching her favorite shows, Bonanza and Gunsmoke, embroidering pillow cases, and doing puzzles.

She is preceded in death by: Leagan , 79 of Chesterland, passed away peacefully Monday morning, Nov. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. Walter married Gloria Jean Wagner on Aug. Army Veteran, and a member of the N. Walter had a passion for singing.

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He liked to be involved in community affairs and often attended Commissioner and Township Meetings to stay informed. He is preceded in death by: Byler nee Miller , 75 of Middlefield, passed away peacefully Saturday morning, Dec. She was born in Arthur, Indiana on Sept. Ida is now reunited with her loving husband, Andy J. Byler, who died Oct. Ida was preceded in death by: Lee was employed at Burton IGA grocery store at the age of 16 and worked there for many years.

As a member of the Burton Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, she organized and volunteered to work the annual spring pancake breakfasts for many years. Lee was the last remaining partner of the Lee-Ann Corporation that developed the 24 lots on Evergreen Dr. She was also devoted mother and truly loved her two sons and family.

Hall , 87 of Middlefield, went home to be with the Lord on Nov. He was born in Windsor, Ohio on Dec. He was a tool and die maker in the rubber manufacturing industry, working his way up to President of the Stalwart Rubber Company, retiring after 38 years. He was the holder of several patents, a Trustee for Middlefield Township for 10 years, a member of the Middlefield Historical Society, and a long- time member of St. He was preceded in death by his parents, two sons an infant and Gregory, two brothers Ralph Hall and Charles Hall, and a sister Frances Koller.

Memories and Condolences can be shared with the family at www.