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Gemmell is the master of heroic fantasy, able to make heros, dark heros and villains with ease. I don't think you need the other books to love this one. Tolto quest'ultimo tassello non propriamente ispirato, il viaggio all'interno di questo ciclo merita di essere intrapreso da ogni amante del genere fantasy. Gli eroi di Gemmell sono semplicemente uomini. View all 7 comments. This continues, and completes, Skulgannon's story line. I'm glad I read it but it felt overlong at times. I enjoyed seeing the stereotypes shattered. May 12, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: In this book Gemmell takes us a thousand years after White Wolf , in a very different world filled with hybrid monsters and immortal humans, and in a story of love, friendship and sacrifice.

Only that the world he has returned is very different from the one he knew, as humanity struggles to survive for centuries under the reign of the immortal Eternal, the worst enemy they have ever faced, and her hybrid monsters. But it has been prophesied that when a great hero returns the reign of the Eternal will come to an end. This fate will fall in the hands of Skilgannon and with the help of Harad the Axeman, though not yet a legend, they will have to try and find a way to destroy her and her magic.

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Of course in the epilogue he leaves again some hints about the future of the protagonists, especially with the last part, but that unfortunately we will never discover it. Aug 16, Solmaz Qanbari rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jul 16, Charles rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the best books, period, that I've read in the last three years.

I think it would be very helpful, however, to have read some of the earlier works in this series. That will make you really have a feel for the characters. View all 3 comments. This was a typical Gemmell book which is a good thing , and it was nice seeing several favorite characters one more time. That said, I thought the previous book was a more satisfying ending to the series.

Apr 16, Vanessa rated it really liked it. It's just that I didn't warm towards Skilgannon and Jiana. I still haven't moved on with the 10th novel, and maybe that's why. Dec 10, Rik rated it really liked it Shelves: An interesting story, really about Skillgannons' redemption more than anything else.

I loved the ending. Mar 28, Mark Farbus rated it it was amazing. Finished my re-reading of the drennai series.

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I have enjoyed all the books but none have quite earned that fifth star. As a stand alone book this does not either. So why have I given it 5 stars? If you asked me before I re-read it I would not have listed it among my favourite books or even rated it over other gemmell novels. However having just read all the books back to back, this novel just wrapped it all up.

Yes, it shamelessly draws from all the other books and the plot twists are as predict Finished my re-reading of the drennai series. Yes, it shamelessly draws from all the other books and the plot twists are as predictable as Druss using Laddie in every other sentence but it made me laugh, it made me cry and it engaged me completely. What more can you ask from a sword and sorcery sci-fantasy novel that does not take itself too seriously?

Apr 21, Wolfdan rated it really liked it. Another great entry in the Drenai saga and the second and final part of Skilgannon's story. Unfortunately we will never know if Gemmell had planned more stories for him due to his untimely death but what we have are some of his best. This could be read as a standalone, it would give away some spoilers for the previous book but honestly not too much. It's set years after the first one.

How this is possible is explained in the book, 'magic' but not really. Skillgannon wakes in a world that he Another great entry in the Drenai saga and the second and final part of Skilgannon's story. Skillgannon wakes in a world that he feels completely disconnected to and is told is vastly different to one he last knew. It is ruled by somebody called the 'The Eternal' who has battled and created her empire over the last years.

Soon however Skilgannon realises it's not really that different after all and is soon swept up in the events of the day. Like a lot of Gemmell books there are ruminations on the futility of war and whether it is worth making a stand, doing what's right, as all things wither and fade. There is death, betrayal and moments of hope. Character's die, even lots of POV's and things never quite work out as you think.

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There are great fight scenes, battles and character interactions. As I have mentioned before, I think Gemmell is the epitome of heroic fantasy with a dark twist and if you like that sort of thing and haven't read him, rectify that immediately.

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Jan 11, Tiberiu Pana rated it really liked it Shelves: The Drenai Saga is over for me after delaying as much as I could to read them all. Reading them in chronological order made sense to me and I still stick by my decision. Having a hint of what would happen in this book from the ending of one of the previous books I expected the best. That probably wasn't the best mindset to read this.

Not much is happening in more than half of this book and it's quite a shame, as I knew many of the characters and would have appreciated more action. You have to know how it ends. Mr Gemmell did a wonderful twist at the end and I can say that after reading the last sentences, I moved my rating from 3 stars to 4. Alas that's a wrap on this Saga. Time to move on, although I'm not expecting many authors to surpass David Gemmell in storytelling. He was a true genius of the heroic fantasy genre. It also reads like the intended last book.

Gemmell pulls the reader along and this made a good holiday read. The second half of the book is pretty predictable and aims to please fans of the series.

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Druss makes his appearance, some folks die good guys and bad and the hero rides off in the sunset. Not as bad as some reviews suggested and consistent with the rest of the series. The last novel in the Drenai series. Vintage Gemmell storyline and action as he brings back Skilgannon, Jianna, and a variant of Druss the legend.

I do agree with another reader who suggests that book 10 should have been the final novel. It was slightly better and Gemmell concocted some serious fantasy to bring back from the dead some of our favorite cast of characters here in book But Gemmell bringing them back from the dead or more appropriately the "void" is still The last novel in the Drenai series. Jun 17, Geoff Battle rated it really liked it.

After a cheese-fuelled night of bizarre Drenai dreams, Gemmell started to pen the wildest soap opera possible, featuring one of his iconic heroes, Skilgannon. At first the story seems a bit 'out there', however Gemmell's flair and ingenuity create a page-turner with an epic story. All the usual trademarks are present; with emotive scenarios, depth of character, well crafted action sequences, great wordplay and narrative, betrayal, love and death.

It's great reading, although pushes the suspensio After a cheese-fuelled night of bizarre Drenai dreams, Gemmell started to pen the wildest soap opera possible, featuring one of his iconic heroes, Skilgannon. It's great reading, although pushes the suspension of disbelief a little.

May 19, Steve Howarth rated it really liked it Shelves: An enjoyable tale with two of his strongest characters united in another doomed situation. Compared to the earlier book I felt that the story in this one wasn't as strong. Perhaps combining the two and keeping the fans happy limited where he could take them opinion? In no way is it a bad book, but during an epic and sadly shortened career he has wrote better, but he ended this one well which is what the character deserved.

Well worth a punt and adding to anyone's bookcase.

The Swords of Night and Day

Jun 15, Steven Bragg rated it it was ok. In a game of deception and shifting loyalties, whose side will you fight for? Discover a lost magic. Embark on a quest for an ancient relic. Join the battle to save mankind from extinction. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Read reviews that mention gemmell legend skilgannon david druss fantasy wolf eternal action thousand bones battle main paced heroes pages evil novels alone human. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The order was determined by David Gemmell in collaboration with the folks at The Gemmell Award and is available at their site gemmellaward. I highly recommend reading them that way, they make a lot more sense plus the story flows smoothly this way. Pretty gutsy way of dealing with it by Gemmell, you can tell he worked hard at this one and really poured his heart into it.

Another tear jerker like White Wolf, it's immediate prequel if you will. Everyone is back for at least cameo appearances, and this was necessary for the tale to be told. Thank goodness I have more David Gemmell brilliance to indulge in. David Gemmell was one of the best storytellers ever. All his books are fast paced, easy to read, very suspenseful and they leave you with a strong desire to read more of his books and adventures. He paints his characters and worlds full of color and makes you feel part of his stories.

I have reread all his books many times and they never fail to thrill me and make me want to read them yet again. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. David Gemmell has done it again.

All of Gemmell's books are formulaic; however, that does not take away from the power of his message. Gemmell is the master of the archetypal, heroes journey story, and his characterizations and deep insight into the human condition always make his books memorable and lead the reader to examine the nature of evil, heroism, and the dark and light sides within their own being.

Skilgannon has been resurrected after 1, years. We learn that he has been fighting demons in the void similar to the Catholic Purgatory. He has returned to fulfill a prophecy that he will destroy the Eternal As always, Gemmell's characters are never one thing; never one dimensional. The truly evil are capable of the highest good, and those that appear without flaw are shown to be anything but.

For Gemmell fans, there are no big surprises in "Swords of Night and Day", but both new readers and lifelong fans will come away entertained and as always somewhat enlightened concerning the nature of man and his place in the Universe. This book is worth every dime. I've read it several times. I notice something different each time. Gemmell's writing at his best. Looking forward to more stories in the Drenae Saga.

One person found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I have read all of David Gemmell's books and am very sad that he has passed away and there will be no others.

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That said, there is not one of his books that I would give a bad review, but I read this too long ago to give a detailed review of the story. For people who have little to no idea who David Gemmell is, you are in for a treat as you embark on this incredible journey through his plethora of novels. The first book in this saga is simply titled Legend. It's a great read and one that starts a grand adventure.

If you have not read Waylander and In the Realm of the Wolf by Gemmell you really need to at least read those two before reading this one. It will add much more depth to the main character and the demons he carries with him. The premise of this novel is the return of long dead heroes to save Drenai one more time from the evil about to encompass it.

Fans of Gemmell who have read Legend will certainly see the similarity here. Throughout the book, it seems as though Mr. Gemmell attempts to weave a tale of morality, doing the right thing, sticking with friends, and doing things even when they are hard to do. All these themes can be found in previous Drenai books. However, in this book, all those themes seem to be forced and disjointed. The first pages of this page book seem to drag on and on. While all the elements of good Gemmell books are present here, they don't seem to mesh together well.

This is the only book in the Drenai saga that I did not enjoy. A few characters present in other Drenai books appear in this one as well. Skilgannon and Druss in particular. Of the main characters there is really very little character development to speak of. It almost felt that Mr. Gemmell tried to get by with what had been told before about them. I felt that the secondary characters were much more interesting than the main characters. Characters such as Stavut, Shakul, Askari, etc. The dialog, at times, was strained and seemed to make little sense.

For some reason, the characters in this novel, just didn't hold the same magic as they did in previous novels. I tired hard to like this book. I have enjoyed Mr. Gemmell's work the vast majority of the time. However, this book just seemed like a mashed together plot, some old characters, and recycled morals and themes. I felt I had read it all before from Mr.

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Gemmell and the previous times were simply better. If there was no author's name on the cover of the book I would never have guessed it was written by Mr. Fans of the Drenai saga should probably read this book, as it is the last in the series. Yet, if you are thinking of getting this book or not getting this book, I would say you may want to look somewhere else.

Don't get me wrong, the last 75 pages are pretty good, it just feels like a marathon to get to that point. While I will certainly recommend the Drenai books to fantasy fans. I can't say I will speak very highly of this particular novel. I am somewhat disappointed that the Drenai saga ended on this note, but with the passing of Mr. Gemmell there most likely won' be any more books. It was a good ride though and one I a happy to have taken.

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