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Bermakna, jika kita mengucapkan apa sahaja kata-kata yang baik terhadap air, insya Allah air akan bertindakbalas yang baik dengan kata-kata tersebut. Patutlah air yang dibacakan ayat2 al-Quran mampu menyembuhkan dengan izin Allah. Lain-lain info kenalah dapatkan buku ni. View all 3 comments.

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Dec 30, Linda Isakson rated it did not like it Shelves: This is not science but fantasy. People should not confuse his assertions as being scientifically valid. Water is not a sentient being, thus does not "feel" emotions. His word experiments are not reproduceable, thus does not validate his hypothesis.

Jun 14, Eden Banzhaf rated it it was amazing. This book is great. The theory that water is changed by different elements including light, music, harsh words etc.. I loved this book.

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Such a great gospel lesson too! Jul 10, Dian Nugraha added it Recommends it for: Jun 22, Jamie Roberts rated it it was amazing. This book really made me stop to think about how important water really is in our world I read this book aloud with my husband. I highly recommend reading this book in a similar manner because it's much more effective to grasp the concepts when you stop to discuss each chapter together along the way and to bounce ideas back and forth. Jan 23, Bliss rated it it was amazing Shelves: I found this at the library today around 1: I've been reading it since then.

The book is wonderful and it's in line with some decisions I need to make for my life right now. Apr 01, Phuc Nguyen rated it really liked it. Jul 05, Linh rated it really liked it. Maybe in that book "Secret Life of Water", i focus better that the first one "The hidden message from water".

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I learn new definitions and theories. Definitely, what i love the most is "Hado melody" that the author mentioned in the book. I feel that it is right in some ways. It causes me to think more about creating good frequency to the world and spreading it. Jun 14, Kelly rated it really liked it.

The Secret Life of Water

I'm giving this book four stars not because I thought it was a well-written translation. There are many errors. Also, there is a lot of filler information, in my opinion. But, because there is a lot of inspiring information that would be good for the people of the planet to consider, I found The Secret Life of Water to be a valuable read, nevertheless.

Apr 27, Amanda Witt rated it it was amazing. A good little book, discussing the qualities and properties of water. This was some weird bullshit. Feb 22, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 30, Michele rated it it was amazing. What a perspective-shifting book.

The Secret Life Of Water - Masaru Emoto

I am so happy to have read it, and I value the research and revelations Masaru Emoto has shared. Humanity needs to wake up and get on board with these ideas and remedies to save ourselves and our planet. Masaru Emoto sedang mencoba memperlihatkan pada kita bahwa betapa kata kata yang kita ucapkan bisa begitu berpengaruh pada bentuk kristal air. Ternyata, energi dan doa dapat dialirkan air melalui hado. Hado adalah tiga unsur yaitu getaran, resonansi dan frekuensi.

Jika kita mengucapkan kata kata baik pada air, maka air akan membentuk kristal yang indah, sebaliknya kata kata buruk akan membuat bentuk kristal tak beraturan sampai berlubang dan buruk. Bayangkan jika tubuh kita berisi kristal kristal hitam yang tak beraturan, maka akan seperti apakah hidup kita?

Air ternyata juga memiliki kekuatan menyembuhkan yang luar biasa, dibanding obat. Air yang diberi doa kesembuhan akan mengalirkan penyembuhan bagi penyakit. Saya jadi teringat Rasulullah selalu mengucapkan doa doa dan memberi ludah penuh berkah milik beliau pada air yg akan digunakan kaum muslim. Begitu pula cara beliau menyembuhkan orang sakit dan mendoakan Ali dan Fatimah di malam pernikahan mereka Aug 02, Mikel rated it liked it Shelves: The concept is really interesting. I thought there were really good parts to this book. The author has some interesting insights and I took a lot away from the book but I have to agree with another reviewer Mr.

Emoto get's really into 'water worship' sometimes. If you're really into the water concept this book would be an excellent choice.

Secret Life of Water

I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from reading this book. It's full of good information but if you don't believe that water will bring about world peace The concept is really interesting. It's full of good information but if you don't believe that water will bring about world peace then remember to take those parts of the book with a grain of salt. Oct 29, Ruzz rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 03, Satia rated it did not like it Shelves: Although there is some good practical advice towards the end be environmentally aware, pray, etc.

Look at the pretty pictures and move on. Once you've read the methods for how these pics are taken, all defense of their "lessons" is lost. Dec 26, Bayhaqi Ahmad rated it liked it Shelves: Gained something about the unique behavior of water sure has made me realized one thing. Water is alive, a living thing and could 'interact' in it's own way. There is some parts inside this book which I haven't had a grasp or didn't catch the meaning at all, but I guess it was the translator fault I got the Indonesian version Anyhow, this book has given me some need-to-know facts about water and useful way to conserve water for future.

Nov 19, Martha Sweeney rated it really liked it. I loved the information Masaru Emoto depicts about water and the differences thoughts and energy play on it! The only challenge I had was when he would make some pessimistic and negative comments or statements, which I thought were the exact opposite as to his findings and purpose for his studies. Other than those few moments that were contradictory, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have implemented many aspects to my own life!

Sep 14, Sally rated it it was ok. Cut back or quit drinking easily. Scientifically engineered ways proven to increase happiness, well-being, and reduce addiction. The Power of Positive Energy: Try this chemical-free approach to overcome stress, anxiety and depression, control behavior and live a good life.

The Missing Manual to You. The Akashic Records are a powerful spiritual tool intended to help you on your journey through life. This is a quick-start guide to using the Records. Review A blend of science and spirituality marks Masaru Emoto's lovely "The Secret Life Of Water", which links the search for happiness and serenity with the life of water on this planet.

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention secret life life of water blend of science science and spirituality water crystals scientific method emoto work books in the water research simply negative beyond crystal explains important incredible spiritual experiments form photography. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Here, Emoto really explains what hado really is, this strange concept that seemingly was unknown in our own culture until very recently, except among natural healers and clairvoyants. Yet it is a very old concept, part of the treasure of ancient Japanese wisdom, and thereby part of perennial science. Once I got familiar with this knowledge tradition, I found a number of other books about hado, as for example sending out hado by deliberate intent for healing, or learning the hado of cooking.

Myself a passionate chef, I always wondered how it is possible that two people using the same recipe, and the same kitchen for cooking the same food can end up with cooking food that tastes differently. While the dish may even look the same, the taste is different. The Japanese say that the cook whose dish tastes better has a better or more sublime hado. I found books how to deliberately improve your cooking hado so as to cook better-tasting food, while you may cook the same food that you always cooked before. From about page 50 of the book, Emoto expands about healing with hado.

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  6. And he has collected amazing examples from all over the world, and from different researchers, to prove his point. He envisions what he calls hado medicine becoming one day the medicine of the future. Based upon these experiments, Lakhovsky elaborated a cancer etiology and healing procedures for both plant cancer and cancer in animals and humans. For Emoto, the body is something like a complex sound machine and it really vibrates, emits frequencies and can be seen as a musical composition. All organs produce sounds, and all the sounds are in harmony with each other in the healthy organism.

    Now what happens when we are sick? And when even one sound is out of pitch, the entire composition is not as it should be. He claims that all water has a memory that manifests through the fact once an affirmation has been emitted, and water has been impregnated with such positive or negative intent, this impression lasts. It will not just vanish after a day or a month. But how can we imagine this in practice, and what are the details of this science?

    How long will the impression last in the individual case, and how to detect it? While he appears to have given contradicting information to the press in this regard, in the present book he writes, quite honestly: There is always a mix. Now, when there is a mix, which crystals are going to be photographed and shown in a publication? To argue from the detractor position: Fact is that Emoto not only applies intent for choosing the crystals but he also applies intent for choosing the choosers. He argued in interviews that he was carefully selecting the people who were doing the photographs because another crucial point brought forward by the detractors was that if intent is so powerful on water, then what about the intent brought in the water, more or less unconsciously, by the photographer?

    And how can we detect to what extent the crystals have been formed by the affirmations, glued as paper messages on the bottles, on one hand, and the intent formed in the minds of the photographers, on the other? I carefully put a question mark here as to scientific credibility. While I intuitively agree with Emoto and his research, I think its scientific foundation is far from being established. Before getting to the substance of my review, I'd like to point out that this book is very attractive from a physical standpoint, with beautiful, color photographs on high-quality paper. As such, the reading experience itself was quite enjoyable.

    On a substantive basis, this book is an exploration of water and the impact of the subtle energies of Hado, a force that is present in all things. Masuro Emoto has blazed a trail in the study of the effect of words, music and images on the formation of water crystals, operating under the hypothesis that negative words create a negative reality in the formation of ugly ice crystals and vice-versa. This is very interesting from the standpoint of the transformation of non-physical concepts thoughts , into physical form.

    I've always struggled with the mechanical aspects of manifesting my thoughts into reality, and I think this book explains the process pretty well. Having said this, the author himself points out that his adherence to the scientific method is not strict and that his work is somewhat subjective. He also has a slight tendency to stray far afield, as in his discussion of hemp as a means of alternative energy.

    In spite of these small complaints, I found the book to be worthwhile and quite fascinating. I've been so moved by it that I've been giving this book out as gifts to my friends and family. I hope that everyone gets a chance to read it or one of the books in the water series. One person found this helpful. This is so interesting. It is just beautiful. Masaro Emoto , guru of the water.

    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This product is not supported by my IPhone 8 and should not be sold as such. I want my money back for these two items I bought on my last order. The book is just very vague and tries to cover too many things in a short book. The water crystals only form for a matter of seconds and aren't even consistent.