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Leave this field empty. These new believers experienced deliverance from a distorted and oppressive view of life—they had once acknowledged local deities, worshiped their idols, and followed the regulations of false religion. Though now free in Christ, many still struggled with the pull of their past lives. This sounds much like the nation of Israel when they left Egypt.


Israel had responded poorly to trials and temptation in their wilderness journey, becoming a model of what not to do. Paul explained that the O. Scriptures were written to provide warnings and guidance for modern readers Paul applied the appropriate O. Step 4 The Right Prescription Step out in faith to do what is right, based on the example and wisdom of Scripture 1 Cor. Getting It Right Incorrect interpretations and applications of the Bible can steer people off track.

How did the N. James uses some good examples. He applies biblical stories about Abraham 2: What kind of literature is this? Narratives stories are most often used to teach life principles and spiritual lessons. Poetry is used to paint emotional pictures that touch the soul.

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  5. Be careful not to interpret poetry or prophecy the same way you would narratives or laws. What did the author mean when he wrote this? The interpreter must consider the whole story in context. Who was the author addressing, and why? What did he mean to communicate?

    Who was the God of the Old Testament? - Living Church of God: Study Topic

    Does my potential application seem to fit the overall context surrounding passages of what the author was saying? What do other students of the Word say? Consult commentaries, or ask a pastor about the text. How does this passage connect to the gospel? The whole Bible points to the life, teaching, and work of Jesus.

    How Did Old Testament Humans Live So Long? Pre-Flood Humans Explained.

    Instead, the church is a scattered people who are exiles and sojourners among all the nations of the world, functioning as refugees in all kinds of alien political systems as representatives of the true heavenly citizenship. You can see from just those few examples and there could be others that when we read the Old Testament, we are, by its own intention — as Jason DeRouchie showed me so well a few days ago — making the necessary changes of application for our day.

    All of them — all of them — are useful. Not just a few scattered, nice points like Isaiah All of it is profitable. God has not changed. Therefore, wherever we rightly understand his character and his ways in the Old Testament, we are learning something true about the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us and sent Christ to die for us. When Christ died, his blood secured for us a joyful participation, a full participation as Gentiles in all the promises of God in the Old Testament. This is one of the most important truths that Sarah, in asking this question, should take hold of with all her might.

    Connecting the Bible with Real Life

    That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory. That is an absolutely glorious, amazing, wonderful, stunning, precious sentence. Paul says in Galatians 3 that as the seed of Israel, you benefit from all the promises made to Israel. You become part of the Abrahamic hope of the world. This is what we do. Paul is arguing that Christians should not return evil for evil.

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    How does he argue? My limited, but I hope significant and helpful, suggestion for Sarah is that two glorious uses of the Old Testament today are these.

    Old Testament Religion

    First, meeting God for who he really is so that we can know him and worship him since his character was revealed as truly in the Old Testament as in the New Testament. Second, letting the hundreds of promises in the Old Testament wash over you as your blood-bought birthright in Christ Jesus so that every day, you set yourself free from sin by the superior pleasures of the promises of God.

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