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Every pair a mismatch

Before that, there colour was completely fuzzy and uncertain. As Brian Greene noted: But in the s, this situation changed dramatically when the Irish scientist, John Bell, found a way to turn this philosophical question into an experimental one. What he found, however, will be the topic of my next post!

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Feel free also to subscribe to thelifeofpsi. Pieter Thyssen Whereas his left brain was trained as a theoretical scientist, his right brain prefers the piano. At work, Pieter builds time machines on paper and loves to dabble in the history and philosophy of science. He explores the world on foot, and takes life one cup of Arabica coffee at a time.

Follow him on Twitter PieterThyssen or at thelifeofpsi. You can reach Pieter via email at pieterthyssen gmail. I am seriously eager to know what John Bell did, well, for a torrent of reasons, but a few of them are here within my limited knowledge in this field: It all sounds to me too very weird and impossible, but more than that, very interesting and intriguing.

If science is all about observation, why would we even bother about anything until we observe it? Quantum Physics always uses the language of observables, but not 'observed. In fact, isn't Quantum Physics all about energy being discrete and discontinuous which brought out the concept of quanta and photons, etc. Why do we have this entanglement and our worry about something out of our observation as part of science? Why did they complicate such a natural wisdom with terms such as superpositions, etc. The cat in the box could be dead or alive only because of Bi's presence there.

That means, are we not setting initial boundary conditions just in order to satisfy our thought process? The conditions in this cat experiment, life and death are like binary digits, we cannot have the middle way. But what if we replace these options in the experiment with, say, "cat might have either fainted and awake? This is, I guess, the same problem with Perturbation theory of Hydrogen atom; this atom could not be excited beyond a limit. It was straight forward to mathematize this problem. I guess you will eventually post your thoughts on many-body problems of Quantum Physics, I will surely look forward to them.

So I am stopping with this long, irritating paragraph, incomplete yet. I am sorry to exploit access to reach you, but it looks like your blog is my only option to delve in this subject, since you seem to use a very friendly layman language. Thank you for sharing this so far! Niels Bohr left and Albert Einstein right. Artistic depiction of two entangled atoms. The curious case of Dr. In that case, the wavefunction has collapsed onto the first term: Intergalactic socks So far, so good.

Since there's an equal chance for both socks to end up in either of the two boxes, we end up with the following state: Enter quantum mechanics But here comes the twist! Spooky action at a distance and quantum nonlocality This however raises a puzzling question. Hidden variables The only way out, according to Einstein, was to insist that the socks were behaving according to the first version of Bertlmann's story. The clash of titans continues Bohr's response was as vague as Carroll's Jabberwocky poem, but it was clear he did not agree.

Here's a hypothetical dialogue between the two giants to illustrate the point: Beam me up, Scotty! How to build a quantum teleportation device The Life of Psi. How to build a quantum teleportation device KU Leuven blogt. A Time Travel Trilogy: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Let's imagine pulling the socks out in pairs. As we have n socks of each colour with n being even then there are n pairs of socks that will be pulled out of the drawer.

If we pulled them out in pairs, there will be six pairs. A quick sanity check shows this is what is expected. Going back to the original question of six red and six white.

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It's always more likely that all the pairs will be mismatched cf. You can find a complete list of all the articles here. Click here to receive email alerts on new articles. TinDC Implicit in this puzzle are premises that: All of the socks are stored singly.


Sock Puzzle Revisited

All the socks are randomly distributed in the drawer. There is no difference between a right sock and a left sock. Above are all eight possible combinations of socks possible. Specific Match An extension question: The answer is eight.

The missing sock

Do you have any intuition as to which will be more likely? Hospital administrators and CEOs have a real opportunity on June 1st to move beyond self-protective sound bites and talking points that blame the victims and take some responsibility for the system that sets so many doctors up to fail. Thankfully a legal team is now convening to enact real solutions. And if you choose to use hashtag CrazySocks4Docs please share what specific measures you are personally taking beyond just displaying your beautiful socks to combat the doctor suicide crisis.

Your email address will not be published. Thank you for you thoughtful response Dr. The crazy socks really trivialize such a serious issue. It is a very Australian response to the problem — similar thing in the form of loud short day. In response to your point 3 have a look at some of the pictures many many people wearing socks above boots, with shoes, scrubs tucked in to show off the socks and bring conversation up.

People are sharing how they are wearing their socks as one of the 4 or one of the 5 and a few who are one of the Others how suicide has been dealt with poorly in the past. Dear Folks, I dare say Pamela Wible deserves a high five from all of us, again! Wible has been sharing this problem and ways to deal with it for a number of years and again we own her thanks. Wible for all your kindness.

Many Mornings - colorful mismatched socks. Be Bold!

Best as always, James M. Why not wear clothing backwards and inside out? Folks may not notice your socks, but for sure, will notice if your clothing is on backwards and inside out. Backwards and inside out is the perfect metaphor for our attitudes and behaviors around physician suicide. There is a pretty substantive body of research substantiating that if I do or say something that makes someone else feel good, I reap physiological and psychological benefit, too. For the health and well-being of all! Bless you, Pamela for your courage, compassion, and commitment!

Thank you so much for your timely efforts in the management of suicide risk and effective suicidal ideation and suicide prevention interventions. I respect your voice in this important endeavor. Honestly, without context I was confused as to what the socks had to do with the statistics. As an African- American, about the anger directed at us related to peaceful protest about death.

I think about kids being in fear of being in school because of death. I think as a physician about colleagues who feel that taking their life is the only option they have to deal how institutions treat them. Unnecessary death, in any form, needs to stop. I already know that empathy in this country is hard to come by. The general public needs to be as upset about what is going on with our physicians colleagues as we are. Great efforts are needed to bring this issues to the forefront See 3. Wearing my socks for my friend Steve who succumbed to his depression in January Bringing attention to the problem at my academic institution in New Orleans.

There is value to be contemplated in designation of a specific day of the year or day basis organized around such a focus of generation of awareness of other contemporary spokespersons.

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Conceded is conception of sock selection may fortify individual decision making as the person may have mindful intrusion during the course of the day pertaining to what their attire consists of — even for such an article of clothing as one concealed beneath the pant leg. I was, at first, all set to wear some crazy socks to my small acupuncture practice today.

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I wore some pretty wild socks yesterday just for fun, with a skirt, and had several comments. But then, people expect me to be a little weird. Bearing that in mind, I believe I just came full circle. I will wear my socks and see if anyone even says anything anyway. Wible for being one of the mentors in the field that speaks with honesty and forthrightness. These awareness campaigns seem to be the common 21st century mechanism for not solving issues. At some point, I feel we are more hyper-aware and outspoken than any prior generation, and yet more afraid than ever before.

Please keep spreading the word of honesty and truth, hopefully more colleagues and mentors will eventually muster up the courage to do the same.