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But he has everything under control. He doesn't need or want you here. Fire entered the peaceful blue green eyes. I don't allow anyone to tell me what to do! Just Southside High had a much rougher reputation then any other high school in their district. You aren't going to change that fact from me.

Kevin placed his hand on Betty's tight shoulder. That he had to joined the Serpents.

WTO-CANCUN: ‘Serpents Nest’ Surrounded by Poverty

Betty jerked Kevin's hand off of her body as she stormed through the gates and unto the grounds of Southside High school. She was going to find Jughead. She was going to get him out of here. She was going to get him back where it was safe. Kevin sighed as he slapped the french as he rushed after his blonde best friend. He worried his lip. He knew that this visit wasn't going to end well. He sent a quick text to the one person whom he knew Betty would lean on.

Betty was happy that Kevin decided to join her. She wasn't going to admit it but she felt fear just standing outside the gate looking in at the high school. But even if she had to go in alone she would. She had to get to him and get him to safety. Kevin spied the small group of high school Serpents before Betty did.

What he saw broke his soul. He desperately wanted to spare Betty what she was about to see. But before he could open his mouth to distract her from the sight she looked over. Betty stopped dead in her tracks. Wide eyes staring unbelieving in front of her. Jughead in the arms of someone else. His head was resting up against her neck. His right arm was stroking the other side of her neck.

The Serpent's Nest - The Serpent's Hand

He pulled her closer to him as his head lifted and his mouth met hers. Her breath caught as Jughead himself deepened the kiss. Jughead ever slowly stopped kissing the mysterious girl. Resting his head against the girl's head he turned his eyes to face them.

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The side of his lips slowly rose in a smirk. Joaquin came up and nodded tightly towards Kevin.

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  6. He went to join his fellow Serpents. Placing a firm hand on Jughead's shoulder. He smirked over at Betty.

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    We hurt those that we love. You don't have to play your part so well Joaquin. Heat fired up in his chest towards Jughead Jones. He fully knew that Jughead was desperately trying to push Betty far away from him. From what they would be very willing do to do her. But he hurt for both of his friends. He doubted if Jughead and Betty could honesty get pass this once Jughead is free from the Serpents. Jughead felt his eyes go soft in a silent plead for Betty to leave. But any weakness and Betty would just fight that much harder. That she would remain by his side even if it means joining the Serpents herself.

    He couldn't allow that to happen. He had to protect her. Against her mother's legacy.

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