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Sadly, Fraggle—the name absolutely everybody knew him as and the crusty punk certainly rocked—suffered a stroke last week and did not recover. A passionate beer geek and vegan and punk and socialite , he and his former partner opened Beer Revolution in Oakland, injecting a huge dose of awesome into the San Francisco East Bay community. It was and remains a place to explore new beers and congregate, really delve into, discussion about beer and other important life matters.

I never got to be very close with Fraggle—I lived in The City and then we moved away from The City—but every time I saw him his larger-than-life personality commanded the room even if we were at an outdoor beer festival. As time marches, people age, accidents occur, and other tragedies strike the community, we will lose more family members. How many of us have a wicked awesome beer cellar going? Mine has case upon case. I always say I plan on enjoying every single beer before I go. That dude loved sours and big, strong ales—stuff that woulda been amazing long down the line. Weddings come and go.

And those magical bottles persist on shelves. Just pray we all have a million more last-beers and a million more moments to enjoy them with friends and family. June 25, European Beer Bloggers Conference ahoy. April 11, A pizza looks at After that paragraph, I add ominously, "He wasn't alone," but let's save something for those who buy the book.

Fast-forwarding, I write about brewmaster Bolt Minister. And maybe I could mention here that I'm up for some focus-grouping.

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Do y'all like the music break in the middle? Lemme know if that stays or should end up on the digital editing-room floor. I don't generally repost press releases from breweries, but sometimes they say what I'd otherwise shy away from. Almost a year ago, I tongue-in-cheekily blogged about the death of IPAs because of how fractured the marketing had become.

Numerous more "series" of hop-forward beers from larger craft breweries have not made me drink my words. But as the enthusiasm of hop-happy beer drinkers grew, it quickly proved to be much more than a niche ale among men and women but mostly men. This new brew adds a decidedly feminine twist to a masculine original, combining the intricacy and intimacy of seductive malts with a buxom dose of Sparkly Crystal, Xena, Warrior Princess, and Lady Liberty hops from Paradise Island.

Maine Beer Company Weez (Best Black IPA) Review - Ep. #164

Belgian candi sugar and spice were added in the whirlpool. The candi sugar and spice lends a nice, sweet balance. This WIPA pairs perfectly with cute shoes, and totally cute tops.

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Lead by Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton, the team of BridgePort brewers prides itself on using hops from an hour away and clear glacial water from Mount Hood. BridgePort Brewery is located at N. For more information, call or visit www. March 3, Beer Birthday: Today is the 55th birthday of beer writer Jay Brooks. He is the co-founder of SF Beer Week and it breaks my heart missing it even if it was because I live in a foreign country now. To anyone who follows the brewing industry, none of this is news. Video is unrelated to the product.

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Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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Please try again later. It's a pretty good read about a man's odessy he actually uses this word many times to travel the United States, visiting various breweries and brewpubs. He sticks mainly to long established, family run breweries and some many of the chapters are often mini-family business histories.

The author seems more interested in the history of each business than the product. The strength of the book is that Jaeger is a top-notch interviewer. It's no small feat in this book, when in many cases, he had already downed a few cold ones before the interview. Surprisingly, there's little said about how the end product of each brewery tastes. The author also visits a bunch of brewpubs on the trip, but too many times, just breezes through the visit leaving the author to wonder what each place is really like. Anyone looking for any sort of insights as to how each different place on the map fits into its time and place is going to go away a bit unsatisfied.

Beer enthusiasts will enjoy it, but others may want to look elsewhere in the road trip genre. As I make my way through Red, White and Brew I'm struck by how many fascinating stories there are to be told by those who make the beer we all love to drink. The strength of this book is in the history and perspectives of those personalities that Yaeger interviews along his journey through my neighbouring country to the south.

Yes, I am a Canadian who loves a good American microbrew. It's important to realize you won't learn much from this book about which beer you should be bringing home from the corner store; you will, however, uncover a ton of history about the brewery that made that beer, the people behind it, the business ups and downs, the process, and the blood sweat and tears that go into every bottle But the main takeaway for me was a new appreciation for how democratic beer can be.

The Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors of the world might prefer you to believe that beer must come from large breweries, but the people in Red White and Brew all started down their various paths with a very different idea in mind. It just takes one trip down to the local homebrew store, and you're on your way.

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As I've already warned my girlfriend, the day may arrive where I come home with a few bags of malt and hops, and start putting into practice the ideas I now have percolating in my mind thanks to Red, White and Brew. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The author doesn't miss a beat here in this intriguing story of Microbreweries in the USA, providing what is both a great travel book and a great resource of information about the revival of the American beer industry.

Still, if you are looking for something that is a lot like Bill Bryson but with breweries I'd heartily recommend this. The author is interesting himself, and the people he meets share a great deal of information. One person found this helpful. As a self proclaimed beergeek, and avid homebrewer, I found Red, White, and Brew a very enjoyable read, that forces the reader to keep turning pages to see what's next on the beer menu. The author does a nice job of getting behind the scenes of some of America's best breweries, and sheds some light on what makes these unique people tick.

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My only critisism of the author's writing style lies in the way he weaves his own personal life experiences in with each of the interviews. I found this to be confusing at times, not completely sure if he was spaeking about himself, or the subject of his interview. All in all this is a book worthy of a read by anyone who enjoys the craft brew revolution underway in our country, or just likes reading about, as well as drinking beer.

One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. It's almost every guy's dream: Sample on the way, and then write a book about it! Brian has done it: The beer-hog's guide to America.

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It's filled with characters and, of course, beer. Almost every page makes you think "Shit, I wish I'd done that! The only qualm I have is the author's subtle bragging. Brian has a nice easy-to-read format and I found the book very informative. Nor did I see Dick. Or should I say, he was everywhere. The receptionist called over to every department of the brewery because starting first thing in the morning, Dick is apt to be in all places at once.

No mere figurehead, he is a hands- on leader who is just as likely to be working with a brewer on the bottling line as riding a forklift in the ware house. Soon enough, he showed up in his office and asked me to join him at a rickety wooden table. Except for Wendy, the whole clan lives in Pottsville. Dick started working here at age fifteen. Family owned and operated. These are the points he reiterated to me as we sat beneath portraits of successive generations of Yuenglings: Dohrman, and one of Richard Jr.

Dick helms a family business first and a brewery second. I was hoping to meet you there in Denver or maybe one of your daughters," I said. The girls are all busy, too. We run a lean operation. The nature of the beer business means always having to navigate rough waters. His vigilant management has grown the company into the sixth- largest brewing concern in the country and second- largest independent. He began working here summers throughout high school and college, so I wondered how it felt being groomed for this role. Exhaling a cloud of smoke, he said surprisingly, "No, there was pressure put on me to leave because my dad and uncle never felt there would be an opportunity for me to take over the company.