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In fact, if you never love God, he will still love you. Your love has no bearing on the amount of love he lavishes on you. We will see it, in time and for eternity, as we gaze at the face of God and his Son, Jesus Christ, while we stand in his presence in heaven. Some days I doubt God. I doubt his goodness, his nearness— and that he even exists. When I doubt him, does he leave me? When I was seven years old, I ran away from home. With my clothes in a paper bag, I stormed out the back gate and marched down the alley.

Like the prodigal son, I decided I needed no father. I got to the end of the alley and remembered I was hungry, so I went back home. Though the rebellion was brief, it was rebellion nonetheless. And I also remember rather sheepishly stepping in the back door and taking my seat at the supper table across from the very father I had, only moments before, disowned. Did Dad know of my insurrection? I suspect he did. Did he know of my denial? Was I still his son?

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No one else was sitting in my place at the table. Lucado, your son says he has no need of a father.


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Do you still consider him your son? His commitment to me was greater than my commitment to him. Our God is no fair-weather Father. I can count on him to be in my corner no matter how I perform. How can I know what he is like? How can I trust that he is powerful enough to take care of me? How much time do you have? God has not changed and cannot and will not ever change. He is always the same—yesterday, today, and tomorrow Heb. Nobody comes close to his power, creativity, wisdom, or love. Many arrogantly believe they are close, but all fall short.

There is no one like him Isa. He holds the position of King of all kings 1 Tim. Writers like myself try to encapsulate God with a thesaurus of adjectives, but still our fingers freeze up on the keyboard as mine are now.

Live Simple and Become Shiva - Nithyananda Morning Satsang 6 Jan 11

One wayward sneeze in my direction, and I am contaminated, sick with a cold and out for a week. No one can soil or stain God. No outbreak of sin can contaminate him. God is holy and righteous, no matter how sick the world gets 1 Sam. Since no one put God in power, no one can take him out Ps. We are limited by brain capacity, time, relationship overload, responsibilities one can be at only one baseball practice at a time , and patience. God has no limit to his time, power, knowledge, and love Ps. So can God take care of you?

Like whether there really is a God. How can we know he truly exists? Belief in God is not blind faith. So how can people get to that place in their belief in God? Look to the skies. Two hundred billion stars just in the Milky Way galaxy. Billions of galaxies and expanding. Where does it end? How did it all begin? A circle of life.

How did it all come to be? Why does it work in perfect synchronicity? Look to our morals. A common sense of right and wrong shared by people in different countries and different times in history. Murder is always bad.

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Courage is always good. Trace its preservation throughout time. How did it remain so well intact despite wars and opposition? Look to the resurrection. So many of those who claimed to have seen the risen Lord died with that testimony on their lips. Would they die for a lie? Or did they believe they, too, would rise?

No other man in history has caused so many questions, stirred so many hearts, given so many answers. Could he be who he said he was? God is not a product of your imagination. We really have two different viewpoints. Actually, it is much more. One of the clearest verses on this question is Romans 3: All of us know what it means to have a shortfall.

See a Problem?

Sometimes we think of a shortfall in athletic terms. We also think of a shortfall in financial terms. When we have month left at the end of our money rather than money at the end of our month, we suffer a shortfall. According to the Bible, there is another type of shortfall. The Bible says we suffer a spiritual shortfall. We fall short of the high standard. We have inadequate goodness in our morality account.

Simply put, we are not good enough to go to heaven. So what can we do? Well, we can start doing good deeds. Perhaps if we do enough good deeds, they will offset our bad deeds. The question then surfaces, how many good deeds do we need to do? If I lose my temper in traffic, can I make up for it by waving at the next four cars? If I spend one year being greedy, how many years should I be generous? If I miss church one Sunday, how many services do I have to attend to break even?

No one knows the answer to those questions. No one knows how many good deeds it takes to offset the bad. A code has not been discovered. Is God nothing more than a heavenly deal broker who sells packages of grace? Is that the kind of God we have? God has been so kind to us. We have no way of balancing the scales. All we can do is ask for mercy. And God, because of his kindness, gives it. God turned over our sins to his Son. His Son, Jesus Christ, died for our sins. He did what we could not do so that we might become what we dare not dream: Why talk to God about my troubles? According to the Bible he can: The writer of Hebrews is adamant almost to the point of redundancy.

Look at the wording again.

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Not to a large degree. Wells , Connie Fleishauer, Dottie Adams. More Info Add To Wishlist. Love Written in Stone: Max on Life Participant's Guide: And deep, heavy ones. Follow his website at MaxLucado. Lucado--with more than million books and other products available --gathers nearly questions he's fielded over the years as both author and pastor to create a compendium of sound, biblical advice sure to resonate with readers.

The San Antonio, Tex. He answers such tough questions as, "Does God lead us through feelings?

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Lucado also offers an addendum of his best advice for writers, as well as Scripture and topical indexes. Max's many fans will snap up this book; those looking for answers will search its pages as well. Copyright Reed Business Information. Have a question about this product? Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product?