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If your address has changed, please include your old postal code. Twin Saints Cosmas and Damian, Vol. When she brought me the magazine I tucked it away for a read. It took two more issues before I got around to it. I took all four issues with me this week, as I had to attend a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. I read the magazines cover to cover the first day and really enjoyed them. Your articles are short, to the point and at age fifty, provide me with the opportunity to understand the past better. You cover social, economic, cultural, travel and local current events.

I look forward to enjoying it for years to come. To give Tony an echo, I especially was interested in the article about twin Saints Cosmas and Damian. My mother passed away in at the age of She used to run religious pilgrimages to Saint Cosmas and Damian out of Toronto. I never really knew all the details and your article filled all that for me. Di nuovo grazie per la rivista che mi avete mandato. The similarity between these two cultures is synonymous with Family, Food and Friends. Bridgette Potondi, Toronto RE: The daddy he never knew, Vol.

Zara and his fantastic team, First of all, congratulations for this amazing and unique magazine. Every time I receive your publication I cannot put it down until I have finished reading it, and the following day I pick it up again and go over to see if I missed anything and discover I did in fact miss someone that I recognize in the magazine. There are always interesting articles that seem to touch us in one way or another. Your article on the Italian war veteran reminds me of all the stories my maternal grandfather told me when he was in the war and survived.

Last year my grandfather Alfredo passed away at the age of 91 years old. Growing up with no father, in poverty, my grandfather managed to leave Italy and move to New York back to Italy and at the age of 85 years old moved here to Montreal. My daughter of 9 years old has fond memories of her great grandfather. Keep up the great job. Ida Di Re, Montreal. So many great reads, but my favourite by far, the touching letter from the soldier to his son. Brought tears to my eyes. I was very impressed by the coverage you gave to our student-cast of Pinocchio including the photographs highlighting Commedia dell'Arte.

The quality of work produced by Panoram Italia, is community involvement. That speaks for itself. I feel that in many areas of Canada this magazine represents us really well and it fills a need that was absent for many years. Creative Works on the Internment of Italian Canadians. Si sta discutendo in Senato, a Roma, la questione della riduzione del numero degli eletti.

E Randazzo Pd ha rincarato la dose affermando: Noi di PanoramItalia, che viviamo in Canada, ribadiamo la nostra posizione e diciamo: E lo fanno appellandosi demagogicamente a nobili principi. In un Paese come il Canada, i candidati si sono visti rifiutare nel giustamente! Il 10 giugno il governo canadese ha ribadito pubblicamente questi principi. Ci sono prove che i candidati, poi eletti, non hanno rispettato le direttive del governo canadese. Manterrebbe inoltre il diritto di voto solo chi ne fa esplicitamente richiesta contattando i diversi consolati sparsi per il mondo.

Possiamo benissimo farne a meno. So you can conquer every road with superior agility and ease. Visit Mercedes-Benz Maple or mercedesbenzmaple. Mercedes-Benz Maple Jane St, , mercedesbenzmaple. Has the language of Dante lost its allure? Professors, teachers and students say the Italian language is still alive and kicking By Rita Simonetta. The Italian language has had a tough time in the country during the past four decades. A Statistics Canada Census shows that the number of Canadians who identify Italian as their mother tongue has declined considerably in the past few decades: Italian came in fourth place, but Punjabi, Urdu, Tagalog, Arabic and Spanish experienced dramatic gains.

In fact, Spanish ranks second in terms of growth after Chinese. The trend is mirrored in Toronto. The Census shows that Italian held strong as the second most common mother tongue in the city , speakers , but it trailed Chinese ,00 , and it was followed by Punjabi , , Tagalog , and Spanish , , all three of which have made a sharp increase in the last several years.

So with the growing popularity of other languages like Spanish, for instance, some learners are opting to study the language of Cervantes rather than Dante. Not a chance, according to professors, teachers and students of the language who say that the language is by no means down and out. Salvatore Bancheri, chair of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto, says that Italian language and culture is as relevant as ever, and it still holds a strong attraction for learners.

Bancheri says, highlighting how Italian culture has helped shape Western civilization from its influence on everything from art to engineering.

Bancheri notes that his department has experienced a small decrease in enrollment compared to the s, he points out that this must be taken in the proper context. For instance, there has been an increase of Italian language programs offered by competing universities, colleges as well as private educational institutions, which shows that the study of the Italian language is alive and well. Leaside introduced Italian courses in after requests from parents, and the responsibility of teaching the language fell on the reliable shoulders of Enrico Vicentini.

Vicentini says the popularity of the courses is evident: Seventy-four students enrolled the first year. This academic year students are registered and next year students have signed up. The same is true for year-old Benedetta Lamanna whose father and maternal grandparents hail from Puglia. Lamanna received her honours BA in from U of T with a major in Italian, and she has never looked back. Bring your investments to life When you think mutual funds, think Standard Life Mutual Funds Now, with even more funds and portfolio managers with complementary investment styles to help you achieve your financial goals.

Ask your advisor about bringing your investments to life with Standard Life Mutual Funds. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Ad oggi le regole del lavoro italiane garantiscono la sicurezza del lavoro per i lavoratori anziani, ma possono condannare le giovani generazioni a una serie di posti di lavoro precari e temporanei.

Ora sta affrontando, senza freno, la ristrutturazione del mercato del lavoro. Gli industriali italiani e non solo sostengono che sia, quindi, la presenza di questo articolo a spaventare gli investitori. Gli ultimi due tentativi di cambiare questa legge si sono conclusi in tragedia. Dieci anni fa, il Prof.

Gli Italiani non sono assolutamente d'accordo sul cambiamento delle regole del lavoro e pensano che questo contribuisca a creare un. Se non si creano veri investimenti, non verranno mai creati nuovi posti di lavoro. La reazione non poteva che essere immediata, veloce, furiosa, bipartisan e intergenerazionale. La rabbia continua a crescere e le prospettive di lavoro si riducono: Monti e il suo governo di tecnocrati sono teoricamente liberi da interessi politici acquisiti.

Loro non devono conquistare alcun elettorato. E l'una dipende dall'altra. In , Canada began accepting family-sponsored Italian immigrants, and between and more than , Italian women crossed the Atlantic as part of the wave of post-WWII immigration. They braved the long journey to join fathers, brothers, husbands and uncles who had come for a better life in Canada, bringing with them young sons and daughters, and the traditions and identities of the homeland.

In the s, they were the first generation to take on new roles outside the typical domestic duties and manual labour jobs commonly offered to women, and venture into higher education and professional careers. That progress, Patriarca says, helped to make strong female role models more visible in a culture where women were not usually visible. In all, they represent the diversity of roles and possibilities for women in the Italian community.

Immigrating to Canada as a young woman in the s gave Domenica Belmonte the opportunity to fulfill her dream of teaching and to build a life and career in a new country. Clare School in Toronto for 35 years. For Toni Lombardo, it was the strong and nurturing character of her Italian mother that instilled in her the passion to make a difference. Her spirit of volunteerism has become second nature to her own three children who at a young age, have learned how personally fulfilling community service can be. We invite you to learn more about the stories of these three women and the others profiled in this issue who are a testament to our vibrant ItalianCanadian community.

Clare School di Toronto da 35 anni. Sono molte le generazioni di famiglie che conservano un vivo ricordo delle lezioni di italiano, diventate strumento per la vita e motivo di profondo apprezzamento della propria cultura. Nella sua clinica privata di igiene dentale a Etobicoke, Lombardo fornisce servizi gratuiti, o scontati, per coloro che non posso permettersi una cura. A little bit of time goes a long way.

Lina Michelina Greco understands this better than most people. She is quite a busy woman, with most of her time taken up with managing Chalkers Pub in North York alongside her son. Immigrated in from Cerisano, Calabria, she possessed an immediate advantage over other immigrants because she had attended English school in Italy.

She soon felt the need to become involved in her community, putting her English knowledge to use in a way that would help others. Then, 37 years ago, Lina began what would become her longest-standing endeavour: She noticed an ad in the St Charles Church bulletin asking for volunteers and eagerly responded. The following year, she was asked to take on additional responsibilities when Judy Sgro, the manager at the time, left for Florida for three months.

During this time, Lina catered to the needs of the CCS, and through the generosity of the Italian community, was able to provide all the materials they needed. Today, her contribution continues as a captain in the annual Daffodil Day residential campaign in which she and other volunteers travel door to door collecting funds throughout her community.

Lina contributes each year as a member of the Volunteer Committee, alongside others such as Bahy Allameh, Marcella Fuoco and Jennifer Bartos, daughter of Nick Natale, who passed away last year after losing his own battle with cancer. During her many years of volunteer work, Lina has received many awards and certificates to complement her incredible list of accomplishments.

Among them is a medal from the Governor General of Canada, a letter of recognition from the Canadian government and numerous certificates and letters of appreciation from the CCS. However, all these awards are just humble achievements to Lina. Her greatest accolade is not a plaque, a medal, or an award; it is a simple statement written by the CCS on one of their certificates. A lifetime volunteer, Lina Greco promises to continue to help the CCS and the people in her community for many years to come. Upon realizing that there was a lack of post-secondary facilities where her daughter could rise to her fullest potential, Phyllis was inspired to launch a day-program that assists individuals with cognitive disabilities towards better integrating into their communities.

She knew that this platform had to be conceived to make its participants feel like contributing members of society, with the same opportunities afforded to most citizens. To fund it, Phyllis and a small group of like-minded parents joined together to create a business that would run out of the Santone's basement. The goal still remains to one day have. Alternatives running solely from the profits raised by Chocolate Concepts.

Until then, fundraising efforts as well as generous grants from such organizations as the Ontario Trillium Foundation contribute to funding Alternatives. Lina Baccarella, the executive director of Alternatives, is just as passionate about the program as Phyllis is. She is also quick to point out how Phyllis saw that there was a need in the community that was going unfulfilled before anyone else noticed it, in a sense, making her a visionary.

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It provides social skills and job-training expertise for those that can remain competitively employed, with a variety of workshops and classes that include literacy training, visual and performing arts, as well as fun and healthy fitness habits that help with mobility and social interaction. From discussing the importance of current events in the daily newspaper to teeing off after lunch for a game of golf, there are courses for all levels of cognitive function at Alternatives.

To see something that launched in her basement in as a modest vision to provide her daughter with the same opportunities as her other two children, into a resource that families across Vaughan and the surrounding areas rely on, is truly inspiring to Phyllis. We all have a passion.

However, not many of us have the audacity to pursue it. Assunta Di Trani has defied conventional paths to answer her true calling for the past 28 years. Although she was born and raised in Toronto, her parents who migrated to Toronto in the early s from Pisticci Matera , raised her in a traditional Italian household, internalizing and exuberating Italian culture every step of the way.

After graduating from Humber College as a social service worker in , Assunta was soon hired at Sistering, an agency that assists marginalized, homeless and low-income women in Toronto. At the time she joined the organization, there were only two other social service workers. With Assunta dedicating most of her life to this remarkable drop-in center, it has come a long way, currently staffing over 20 professionals.

With the help of other community development support workers, housing workers, project coordinators, therapists and volunteers, Assunta creates a positive and non-judgmental environment and helps approximately women a day, including many women of Italian descent. Her Italian heritage has most definitely contributed to the ways in which she reaches out to the women, empathizes with their suffering and makes them feel heard, understood and taken care of.

The imperative value she places on family, the role of mothers, sisters and daughters, healthy meals, and friendly demeanor — all characteristics of the Italian culture — has undoubtedly shaped her persona. More info at www. Che cosa ha ispirato la nascita di Million Dollar Smiles? I peluche vengono consegnati ai bambini malati e i donatori possono partecipare alla consegna e gioire dei loro sorrisi.

Per maggiori informazioni, visitate il sito www. I always change my approach. Their children went to St. Clare and now the children of their sons and daughters attend. Although the school is now home to diverse ethnicities and cultures, Italians still make up the majority. She points out that she began teaching at St. Clare the same year she received her Canadian citizenship. Additional support made a world of difference in when St.

Clare was deemed an international language school. As a result, the study of the Italian language is compulsory and is taught during school hours for minute sessions to students from kindergarten to Grade 8. The school day is consequently extended by 30 minutes in order to compensate for the time. Maria Fantauzzi, the principal at St. Belmonte for two years, and she has always put students and the language first. Both Fantauzzi and Belmonte are equally quick to point out that the strength and success of the Italian program at St.

Clare is also thanks to Italian teachers Viola Garofalo, who teaches full-time as well as Palma Barbieri, who teaches on a part-time basis. Next up is a Grade 8 class. While the 24 students are predominantly from Italian-Canadian backgrounds, the non-Italians in the class seem to be just as at home. Belmonte has a natural rapport with the youngsters. She engages them in light banter by asking their opinions about the newest Fiat car and then smoothly transitions to taking up a homework assignment that tests their knowledge about everything from espresso to Giuseppe Verdi.

Toni Lombardo is a people person. She thrives off of being around them and she chooses to surround herself with them at all times. When I need calm, that's where I retreat," she says, with the knowing chortle of a mom who has seen it all. They have coffee, we gossip," she says, "When my next appointment comes, sometimes I have to say, "OK, you can stay, but you've got to find another seat. She boasts 1, patients, ranging from celebrities to the socially marginalized. She holds free clinics regularly, seeing up to 14 clients in the course of a day.

She worked in a dental office in high school, before pursuing diplomas in aesthetics, public relations, recreation for seniors with whom she continues to volunteer , and, finally, dental hygiene. As a teenager, she would spend autumn weekends in the backyard, jarring tomatoes, which she resented only a little. But I see how much my kids get out of doing these things now.

Our differences make us. Having a strong identity has, she says, helped her cope with her sister's premature death, a bad divorce, and raising three children — Luciano, 14, who is developmentally delayed, his twin sister Sophia, who suffers from a rare blood disorder that leaves her in constant pain, and Isabelle, One thing that has struck Lombardo is how frank people are once they're sitting in her chair: She attributes this to the role of the hygienist, the familiar stranger with whom people have this oddly intimate relationship.

She recalls a depressed patient who once came into the dental office she used to work at. He said he was gay and suicidal. And he couldn't talk about it. But then he spoke to Lombardo. A co-worker had described the man. She left her job, inspired to open her own practice in which she could do dental hygiene her way. Ci sono i bisbigli e le parole mai dette nei versi di Gianna Patriarca, le preghiere, le amarezze e le speranze che le donne italiane hanno represso per anni nel buio dei seminterrati di Little Italy. Dopo tanti anni vissuti in Canada ha trovato un equilibrio fra i due mondi?

No, solo un equilibrio di sopravvivenza. La completezza resta una chimera. A parte i miei nonni e la mia casa, mi mancavano moltissimo il paesaggio, la luce e gli spazi aperti. Avevo solo nove anni, ma sono dovuta crescere in fretta. Mio zio mi diceva: Prima di partire per il Canada, la nonna mi aveva regalato una bambola. Tanti anni dopo ho capito che era una metafora della mia vita: A scuola ti indirizzavano.

Non era possibile avere altre ambizioni. Da loro ho ereditato i valori, ho solo scelto di esprimerli in modo diverso. Ho scelto di non soccombere al silenzio. Nei miei versi ho sempre cercato di dare voce a quello di cui le persone non volevano o non riuscivano a parlare. Spero di rompere il silenzio anche questa volta. Like so many, this vivacious 32 year-old has goals and dreams of a bright future ahead. However, the obstacles he has had to overcome make this young man unique.

After struggling with a drug dependency that plagued him throughout much of his teenage years, he now faces his greatest challenge. Vince has been diagnosed with cancer. To combat the growth, he received a stem cell transplant along with debilitating chemo and radiation treatments. In May , awaiting the final results, he was informed that the mass had metastasized. A Toronto native of Italian descent, Vince grew up surrounded by an affectionate and boisterous family. As a boy his days consisted of singing duets with Nonna Maria, as well as instruction on morality, family values and Sicilian tradition from Nonno Vincenzo.

His grandparents, along with his mother Antonina, were instrumental in the development of his resilience that would prove crucial later on in life. His family, concerned about his growing drug dependency, encouraged him to seek help. At the age of eighteen he complied with them and agreed to enter Caritas, a drug rehabilitation centre in Toronto. Vince resided at the facility for two years where he acquired the skills to live a healthy and productive life.

Gaining confidence through this form of therapy, he continued his education and became a certified auto mechanic. Yet Vince had a profound passion for music. As an amateur virtuoso of the pop genre, he chose to audition for Canadian Idol in However, one year later, with a new bride and a baby on the way, he received the devastating news about his cancer.

Today he feels fortunate, saying that he has been blessed with the loving support of a large family, many friends, his community and God, while gaining the greatest strength from his daughter, Nya, whose name ironically means purpose. Everything I do is for them. He does not pity himself nor does he have any regrets. He believes his experiences were an essential preparation for cancer, the biggest challenge of his life. The Parasuco clan definitely made their share of sacrifices, arriving in Montreal in by way of Capizzi, a small village perched atop a mountain in Sicily.

His rise started modestly: Within just three months of being there Salvatore had been charged with running the store, even bringing products to sell to his peers at school out of his locker. Having developed a passion for fashion and retail, a year-old Salvatore was ready to go into business. In , his unisex multibrand shop Pour Les Deux opened.

He was selling jeans from lesser known local brand U. After the fifth request and loss of five sales, I picked up the yellow pages and called laundries and factories to see if they could wash jeans. Out of frustration and necessity, I started washing jeans at home with my parents. My parents washed two hundred pairs a week in that small house.

After returning from a three-week trip to Italy, they embarked on creating looks akin to those of the trendsetting Bel Paese, whose fashions were well ahead of North American style. Kids laughed at my name in school. They were a hit with the American crowd, but Salvatore still wanted to win over the Canadians. Returning to Montreal, Salvatore decided that the best way to raise brand awareness was to get in front of people and that meant advertising.

Les femmes de Tagoresse (Les Mondes d'Orilonde t. 2) (French Edition)

But with little money, he needed a way to effectively get the message across. I was involved in the evolution of a stretch denim fabric that could stand up to all the aggressive new washes. Even though I felt I could not afford him, I went after him and hammered a deal that included a TV commercial shot on milimetre film. More positive results followed as demand for Parasuco spanned from Canada through to the United States. The brand opened its first standalone flagship store in Montreal in , with more Quebec boutiques to follow, as well as an impressive space at Square One Shopping Mall in Mississauga, Ontario.

And what about the trendsetting motherland? They did not have money, but they taught me the important things in life, and I am very lucky to have a beautiful and supportive wife and two beautiful children. I thank God everyday for what I have, especially for giving me good health and the energy to fulfill my dream of making Parasuco the first international brand from Montreal, Canada. We adapt and come up with innovative fashion when least expected.

After 37 years in business, the Parasuco brand keeps getting rediscovered, and that is what I love. This property features square feet of elegance and functionality. It is designed for a family that works, plays and entertains in the city. Located near Dufferin and Lawrence, it is walking distance to various schools, shopping, highways and public transportation.

For more information on the details of this lovely home go to www. Inspired by the majestic mountains and the serene quality of life on the Isle of Corsica, King City welcomes the arrival of its most exclusive community, Corsica Estates at King. Imagine your own lookout terrace. At Corsica Estates, your home - an artful combination of classical French and Italian architecture - starts with these features. With our design consultants, you can customize your home with luxurious modern finishes and features to meet your needs. It all started nearly 60 years ago, in , when a pair of teenaged Italian brothers immigrated to Canada from Sora, Italy.

Keen to carve out a living, Alfredo and Angelo De Gasperis were ready to make their mark on this country. After taking the advice of their cousin, the pair decided to launch their own company. It was not easy, both being new to the country and to business, but their determination, work ethic and strong entrepreneurial spirit sent them on their way. The family lived on the main floor, and the rest of the property was dedicated to the business: In , the pair was joined by a third brother, Antonio, and the company was ready to expand in a significant way.

So began Con-Drain, a small concrete and drain business. In the early days, the brothers would never have imagined what their first business venture would eventually become. Today the company employs over 2, people and commands a multi-billion dollar market share across several different industries. It is now one of the largest sewer and water main companies in Canada. Con-Drain got its first big break in the s, when it was hired to clear the drains of chicken feathers in a west Toronto community. The company had been chosen from the yellow pages, and the community was impressed by their honesty and willingness to work around the clock.

When the man who first called them went on to found Cadillac Fairview, he hired Con-Drain as his sewer and water main contractor as it built the now flourishing 7, acre Erin Mills community. Word spread, and soon Con-Drain boasted a healthy group of clients. Their timing was perfect. Canada was in the middle of an infrastructure growth boom, and Con-Drain was at the ready to help facilitate this expansion. This philosophy, paired with their commitment to excellent customer service, helped attract loyal customers who appreciated their quick turnaround and more personal, hands on approach to business.

Since the s, Con-Drain has expanded through new subsidiaries and acquisitions, possessing a host of companies that include road development, electrical and gas line installation, community and neighbourhood development, all operating under the Con-Drain Group of Companies umbrella. The first addition was Metrus Properties, which quickly grew into a big player in the design, building and leasing of industrial buildings within the GTA. Next was Con-Elco, which found a niche in the reconstruction market by refurbishing older subdivisions and providing upgrades for utility companies.

Following that came Con-Strada Construction, which specialized in road work construction and generated three companies of its own, all of which allowed the company to take on larger projects and earn a larger portion of the profits. The brothers were not done yet. The next subsidiary to launch was the land development specialist, Metrus Developments. The company then acquired Crowle Fittings, which provided the fittings and valves for the sewer and water main industry, in which Con-Drain was already a major player.

This helped launch it into the industrial and municipal markets. The subsidiary list goes on and on, including: These companies all came about organically, resulting in a formidable, vertical empire. Now, the umbrella company can take a piece of undeveloped land, move the earth, install the pipe and storm water systems, the roads, the hydro and utilities, and even build the homes that go on top.

The second generation of De Gasperis leaders has since taken over some of the day to day operations of the Con-Drain Group of Companies, but the founding brothers are still on hand as the principals of the company. At the age of 70, Angelo could not see. Condor Properties and Country Wide Homes. Condor Properties plans, builds, manages and leases commercial, industrial and office properties.

It has acquired millions of square feet in high-quality properties, all strategically located throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


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In addition, Condor holds significant land inventory assembled for aggressive future development in all asset classes. From securing the right location to initiating the planning process at the conceptual stage; and from carrying out the construction, right up to the successful delivery and completion of the building, Condor is the one-stop choice for those seeking commercial, industrial and office properties.

Country Wide Homes, on the other hand, plans, designs, builds, and markets high-end residential communities. Angelo has brought the fundamental principles of trust, commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service to Country Wide Homes that has helped make it one of the fastest growing and top-ranking developers of master-planned homes and communities in the GTA. Country Wide Homes is synonymous with building innovative, efficient, quality homes with the greatest attention to quality and detail. It has built countless award-winning homes and communities and continues to do so throughout the GTA.

Nearly 60 years later, the DeGasperis brothers and the next generation show no signs of slowing down. There is no doubt that together, they will continue to focus their attention not only on what they have accomplished, but will look to ensure continued growth and success in every facet of community building. The medieval city of Siena sits on a hill Cars are banned within the city centre, but are provided with ample parking spaces. The rivalries between them are ancient, an attitude of campanilismo reaching fever-pitch during Il Palio, the annual bareback horse races held every July and August.

During the fourday festival, there are colourful medieval pageants like the Corteo Storico held on race day when the contrade bands, nobility, clergy and officials march through the town in medieval costumes. In the brief race, each bareback rider completes three breakneck laps around the treacherously raked course of Piazza del Campo. Many are knocked off their mounts at the killer curve of San Martino, an occurrence that neither stops the race, nor disqualifies the horse from winning!

Like the Senese, this race is tough and unpretentious. Thoroughbreds are not permitted to run, losers lay where they may and any horse that has the heart to finish first without its jockey can win. During the festival each contrada holds dinners where, for the price of a ticket, you can sit at long communal tables set up in the street and partake in hearty casalinga fare like roast veal or pork bathed in luscious green Tuscan olive oil, garlic and rosemary, traditional pastas like pici or pasta e fagioli, loaves of unsalted bread, drink Chianti and finish with the medieval delicacy of panforte, a sweet, dense fruit and nut flan.

The two-day 76 km event starts and ends in Montalcino, and passes picturesque locations like Pienza, Montepulciano and Monticchiello. Following the dinner there is theatrical or musical entertainment and you can explore the artworks by contemporary Senese artists hosted by the restaurants which transform into art galleries for the night.

The free event is organized by the cultural association, Macondo, and takes place in November with many Italian and European poets. From the world of contemporary poetry and international peace, you can travel back in time to the sumptuous splendour of the year-old Palazzo Chigi-Saracini and its international academy and classical music festival.

the small novel from the life of loonies and other strange stories russian edition Manual

The Academy brings many world famous musicians such as Pablo Casals and Yehudi Menuhin to Siena to teach master classes and perform in the concert series "Micat in Vertice" throughout the spring and winter seasons. In Siena, there is a wealth of diverse cultural experiences for the thoughtful, adventurous traveller; it is a city whose spirit is at once modern and medieval, intimate yet international.

Mortiz without all of the pretension and high prices. Highly appealing as a potential vacation spot, Livigno has the unique benefit of being able to accommodate and entertain tourists all year long with an active fall and winter sports season as well as a full roster of spring and summer activities for all ages. Up here, the air is fresh — ideal for jogging and cycling, the views are spectacular — making for spectacular hiking and the prices are all tax free — hence its notoriety amongst European shopaholics looking for a bargain.

Immerse yourself in degree nature in its mountainous surroundings where daily itineraries are packed full of things to do solo, as a family or with friends. Cycle City Undoubtedly the most popular activity here in the summer is mountain biking. From forest foot bridges to hairpin turns, brookside trails and uphill biking, the impressive range of free ride routes will suit any experience level from newbie to seasoned pro. Participate in a trekking excursion or try your hand at Nordic Walking, the practice of hiking with walking sticks to tone your muscles as you go along.

Riding horseback is also commonplace up here in the summer with guided tours. Take advantage of the mountains with activities like mountaineering with alpine guides in the Val Salient area and climbing along the rocky mountains. The Dairy House is the head of a local cooperative encompassing over mid-sized farms in the region.

The brewery Birrificio produces the highest draft beer in Europe and every Thursday this summer, owner Andrea Rocca will take you through the motions, introducing the different types of beers he produces. Come summer time, the local chocolatiers invite the public into their laboratories to show them how their decadent sweets are made. Thanks to a decree signed by the Emperor Napoleon in the early s, which still holds true today, Livigno also enjoys a duty-free shopping status. In an initiative known here as Mountain Shopping, all retail goods are tax-free.

For more information on all that Livigno has to offer, visit: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari: We had the privilege of being among the first foreigners to discover this monument erected by the City of Modena in honour of the most significant automotive celebrity of the 20th century.

But because of snow, baby Enzo was officially registered two days later. His father Alfredo owned a structural metal workshop that employed about 30 people engaged in making bridges and canopies for the Italian State Railway. Costing 18 million Euros, the project was completed in March World renowned architect, the late Jan Kaplicky, created the modern structure while the striking interior design was entrusted to Andrea Morgante.

The curved glass and steel exhibition building is covered by a yellow aluminum roof yellow being the colour of Modena in the shape of the sports car hood. Here and there a few spots of vivid colours created by the cars exhibited on white platforms set 45 cm from the floor. As a matter of fact, we are presently preparing the exhibit to be shown next fall recounting the great rivalry between two legendary racing car builders, Ferrari and Maserati.

Our aim is to make Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari a showplace honouring the past as well as projecting into the future. May I add that all cars and artifacts exhibited are loaned to the Museo since we do not keep a permanent collection. Two engines, one in front, and the other in the rear: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari. I believe one of the reasons is the presence of Via Emilia, this ancient road built by the Romans in the 2nd century B. With the advent of mechanization, these farmers had to learn how to handle machinery and thus developed their talent for all things mechanical.

White floors, white walls and a white ceiling curving down all the way to the floor. Aerial view of Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari showing the old Ferrari house and workshop and the superb new structure with its unique yellow roof. The creative condiments, gourmet toppers and zesty twists in the following burger recipes will satisfy every taste and budget. Impress your backyard guests with these mouth-watering barbecue burger creations and quench their thirst with a mint and peach lemonade.

Les hommes de Tagoresse (Les Mondes d'Orilonde t. 1) (French Edition)

Trim fish of dark flesh and cut away the skin. Cut the fish into chunks and pat dry. Add fish cubes to food processor with the Dijon, honey, oil and lemon juice and pulse into a coarse grind. For medium doneness, grill burgers for 3 minutes on each side over medium high gas heat or a few inches above hot coals.

To assemble burgers spread the avocado mix on bottom bun, top with grilled swordfish patty, add some tomato topping, rucola leaves and finish with the mayo lathered top bun. Transfer the fish mix to a bowl. Add parsley, green onions, salt and pepper.

Mix fish to combine and form four large 1-inch thick patties. Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes burgers must be very cold to hold their shape when cooking. Combine the ingredients in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap until ready to spread on the bottom bun of the burger. Remove sausage from casing and form into 4 patties approximately 1 inch thick.

Refrigerate until ready to grill. For the fennel slaw: Keep refrigerated until ready to use. Pulse the roasted red peppers with olive oil and salt in food processor until almost smooth. Grill patties about minutes on each side over medium high gas heat or a few inches above hot coals. Slather the bottom bun with the roasted red pepper spread and top with the burgers. Add a generous helping of fennel slaw on each patty and top bun. In a large pitcher, muddle the mint leaves and syrup.

Add lemon juice and gin, stir well. At this point, you can put the pitcher in the fridge to keep until ready to serve. Just before serving, add the sparkling water to the pitcher and stir. Fill 8 glasses with ice, divide sliced peaches and lemonade among glasses and garnish with mint if you wish. Directions Prepare the condiments: In a small bowl combine ketchup with peperoncini, set aside. Brush mushroom slices with a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt and grill 2 minutes per side, set aside. Gently form the meat into 4 balls, then lightly press into 4-inch-wide, 1-inchthick patties.

Preheat a grill to high. Season the patties with salt and pepper. Grill about 3 to 5 minutes per side, turning only once. Top each burger with 2 slices of fontina cheese during the last 2 minutes of cooking and cover with a disposable aluminum pan or metal bowl to help the cheese melt. Top the bottom bun with lettuce. Serve the patties on the buns; top with pancetta, grilled mushrooms and hot ketchup.

Combine all ingredients except the mint in a medium pot. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until simmering. Continue to simmer for 2 minutes and remove from heat. Add the mint leaves to steep in the pot as it cools to room temperature. Strain the syrup and refrigerate in a sealed container until ready to use. What led you to a career as a comic? Music always played a huge part in my life. I grew up in a big Italian. Are you enjoying the fame from your current TV role? My nonno Giuseppe was always playing the guitar and making people laugh.

My nonno Giovanni was a trumpet player. I discovered my love of performing at York University. I was a member of Vanier College Productions. The best part is when people yell the name of a different show from across the street.

I think the main reason I got chosen is because the producers wanted to put a different spin on a food show. Food plays an important role in Italian culture. Having travelled across Canada in pursuit of the perfect comfort food, where did you find the best pasta? I left with a full stomach. She takes macaroni and cheese, rolls it into a log with sausage in the middle.

Then she batters it in panko bread crumbs and deep fries the whole thing. She cuts it into sushi size bites and serves it with a few homemade dipping sauces. It was absolutely delicious! Which restaurant has stood out the most for you? I was truly touched by the hospitality. This family-run restaurant treated us like one of their own.

Uva per mosto e moste per vino! This country is breathtaking and I feel very lucky to be able to do so much traveling for my job. Has the show changed your eating habits? No one can eat the amount of poutine I do and NOT change their eating habits. I eat a lot more vegetables now, covered in cheese and gravy, but still vegetables A 9 lbs burger! It was bigger than my first born. You Gotta Eat Here! A parlare, o meglio, a scrivere sono gli imprenditori-amici Grom e Martinetti, manager il primo, enologo il secondo, rispettivamente di 39 e 37 anni.

Il progetto Grom nasce nel Resta ancora molto da fare e da sperimentare, soprattutto in agricoltura. Painting, sculpture, drawing Ultimo naturalismo e Informale al Premio Spoleto. Sette corpi di energia dal bosco. A retrospective English edition. Storie dell'arte contemporanea in Meridione. The Theaching Methods of a Bauhaus Master. Manifesti, multipli e video Every human being is an Artist. Posters, multiples ad videos. Difesa della natura The living sculpture. Kassel - Venezia LEO Bianco o Nero. MiArt Art Now! I fogli che il vento mi sparge sono disegni di vento e di animali.

Drammi e speranze del Novecento. La proporzione per una nuova estetica. Il territorio per l'arte. USE Scarti, oggetti, ecologia nell'arte contemporanea. Fifty Years from Le parole nell'arte tra sessanta e settanta. Togli il fermo - Let it go. Opere dalla Collezione Merlini.