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The words in this article really blessed me righteousness is now clear for me. May the Lord almighty continue to bless you and your family. I realy thank God that theirs people like you,who has a lot word of salvation about being righteous before our jehovah shama the omen king among all kings on earth whose is jesus christ the saviour amen.

Thanks for the teaching. I have read that if Christ had died early in life without living a full life of obedience to the father, christian would have received partial salvation. What does this means. How come all the comments here are in complete agreement with your opinion? I find this rather monotonous and boring. Does it mean no single individual has disagreed with you so far? Or are you deliberately refusing to publish posts that disagree with your opinion? You should welcome differing opinions and even criticisms.

Lesson 10: Made Righteous in Christ

I thank God for this teaching. God bliss u sir for this reveal knowledge u have imparted. Also christian must abstain from sin, a man thus quote it is not a sin to sin but it is a sin to remain a sinner so be warned!!. This is a wonderful teaching, thank you sir for this explaination of the two Righteousness in the Bible. May His grace continue to empower you more.

Righteousness – Every Christian’s Gift from God

You have made my day, thanks. Thank u for this it really helped me realize errithing i waz doing wrong now ima get the girl of my dreams back. We must add what Galatians 5: Love love love it. For readers who may want to study further. I however am a bit confused at the part of the seared conscience and would want more explanation s regarding when is it that we will be donning against Hod.

The assurance of righteousness lies in the acceptance of Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Then comes our salvation. What a great gift!!! You can only be totally righteous before God by accepting Christ. Very thankful for this article. It is very clear, easy to understand and would be very helpful to explain to people you come in contact with who were just born again. You did well with the scripture. As many read this exposition they will be inspired the more. I am really blessed this morning. May God reward you aboundantly. Your email address will not be published. May 10, at 7: June 22, at 3: June 30, at August 18, at August 18, at 3: June 11, at July 10, at 1: August 12, at 2: October 5, at 7: October 8, at 9: October 13, at 2: October 23, at 7: February 6, at 1: February 6, at 2: Pst Cyrus Stepney says: February 20, at February 24, at 6: March 9, at 1: March 9, at March 20, at 4: May 27, at 2: July 18, at 3: August 23, at 5: October 7, at 9: December 11, at 1: December 17, at February 9, at December 18, at 8: December 29, at 4: The world is darkness, but the believer is light.

He knows the truth about creation, the gospel, and God, and he lives in view of these realities that the world rejects. What applications can we take from believers being children of light? Believer must shine their light by placing it in the most strategic places. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Christians must put their light on a stand Matt 5: When placing a lamp in a house, people put it in the most advantageous position. We must do the same with our lives. We must consider this when deciding where we will work, live, and go to church. How can we most effectively spread our light?

Also, we must remove anything that might dim our light or make it ineffective. There are certain environments that could hinder the effectiveness of our light by either causing us to hide it or by blowing it out as we succumb to temptation. Believers must place their light on a stand for all to see.

Placing our light in the most strategic places also includes helping it get stronger and shine the brightest. For example, this might include things like being involved in a good church, seeking godly mentors, and reading the right books. Some hide it because of work. The bowl which Christ refers to is probably a bushel for collecting grain. Many believers get so busy at work that they hide the light of Christ, or they hide it so as to not hinder their chances of promotion. However, our light should not be hidden under the bushel of work. Secondly, Christians tend to hide their light simply because of laziness, as symbolized by a bed.

They are too lazy to go to church, read their Bibles, serve on missions, or share the gospel. No wise person puts a lamp under a bowl or a bed—and neither should believers. Our light is more important than any lamp in a house. We must strategically place our lamps in places that will maximize their output and effectiveness for the kingdom of God. In what ways are you tempted to hide your light? In what ways do you believe God is calling you to place your light in the most effective location?

With what terms does Paul describe the fruit of the light? The next thing believers must do to live in the light is to produce fruit consistent with light. Paul uses several terms in describing the fruit of the light. We can understand these terms better by comparing them with their opposites. Goodness refers to anything that is morally excellent, including generosity. It is the opposite of selfishness and apathy towards the needs of others. Like Christ, who is the light, we must go out of our way to serve and minister to the needs of the world, and especially to believers.

Are you bearing the fruit of goodness? Or are you cultivating apathy and selfishness? There are two aspects to this fruit. First, it has to do with our relationship with God. Secondly, it has to do with how we live. As those justified and made righteous by God, we must daily practice righteousness. These fruits should be continually borne in our lives, instead of the fruits of evil and sin. Truth has to do with honesty, reliability, trustworthiness, and integrity—in contrast to the hypocritical, deceptive, and false ways of the old life of darkness.

Is the fruit of truth growing in your life? Or is hypocrisy and deception? Many have noted how goodness seems to focus primarily on how we relate to others, righteousness on how we relate to God, and truth on how we relate to ourselves.

Bible Living

How can we produce the fruit of light? As with any fruit, it is produced in the right environment.

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What is the right environment? Essentially, it is our relationship with Christ. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. We must make our home in Christ through prayer, his Word, fellowship with the saints, worship, and service. As we do this, the fruits of goodness, righteousness, and truth are produced in our lives. What fruit do you most desire to produce in your spiritual life and why? Not only must believers produce the fruit of light, but they also must continually find out what pleases the Lord.

Those who walk in the light not only produce the type of fruit listed in the preceding verse, but also find out what is acceptable to the Lord. They put every thought, word, and action to the test. What does the Lord think about this? How does it appear in His presence? Every area of life comes under the searchlight—conversation, standard of living, clothes, books, business, pleasures, entertainments, furniture, friendships, vacations, cars, and sports. How can believers test and discern if something is pleasing to God or if it is his specific will for our lives? If we neglect God or de-prioritize him, we will not be able to discern his good and pleasing will.

In discerning what is pleasing to God, we must discern what God is doing in our hearts. Consider what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 2: Now when I went to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ and found that the Lord had opened a door for me, I still had no peace of mind, because I did not find my brother Titus there.

So I said good-by to them and went on to Macedonia. Paul lived for open doors to preach the gospel; however, he left Troas because he had no peace of mind. Many times, God leads us through peace or lack of it. God works in our hearts to will and do of his good pleasure.

He guides us by his peace, not by fear and anxiety. Scripture records that when God called somebody to do something, he often confirmed it through a prophet or another believer. He then observed that two were likely to be more productive working in harmony, could help one-another when ill or injured, and could defend themselves better than if alone. He illustrated using the physics of a woven rope where two cords were stronger than one and three even stronger.

Solomon observed that an old king who had become unteachable, because he still longed for more-prestige, was less-valuable than a younger king with some humility. He warned that one who rushed into the presence of God to make promises had best be careful that they are ones he can fulfill, otherwise he may anger the Lord God. Solomon people to not be surprised by government corruption as foolishness and greed would lead them to confiscate the produce of fields whose produce was already theirs. He further observed that there may be some accountability found in levels of government.

He warned that when one coveted money it would always be spent as quickly as it was earned and would keep one awake worrying about the acquisition of more. This he contrasted with the peace of the one who worked to pay bills but who was not obsessed with greater and greater wealth. Solomon observed that one who hoarded money for the sake of amassing wealth would find himself constantly-troubled by fear of its loss, and when lost through misfortune, discover an empty life was all that remained.

He concluded that one should enjoy what the Lord God has provided in each moment as a gift and not worry about the future. When Solomon said that one should enjoy what the Lord God has provided in each moment as a gift and not worry about the future, he was not teaching carelessness and a failure to prepare, but rather was speaking about enjoying moments that would pass and never return. In each illustration of Solomon is not the heart-condition of the person the primary determiner of wisdom versus foolishness?

When have you experienced or observed an obsession with competing with others, out or envy and pride, leading to an empty and troubled life?

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  6. This is fruitless and a grave misfortune. For both of them die! It is useless for him to argue with God about his fate because God is more powerful than he is. How does that benefit him? Nor can anyone tell him what the future will hold for him on earth. For death is the destiny of every person, and the living should take this to heart. This kind of folly also is useless. But the advantage of knowledge is this:. God has made one as well as the other, so that no one can discover what the future holds.

    Lord, Your message is consistent and simple — if we look toward Your perfect will for our lives and live through the wisdom that You provide we may expect a better result than if we disobey and foolishly disregard Your perfect wisdom. May my heart be submitted to You, no matter what. Solomon argued that a man may be given, by the Lord God, everything that his heart desires but may not find joy in it. The things of his hearts-desires may bring him little joy, and at his passing be given to others who do find joy.

    Under these circumstances his life is worse than one never born. The text following suggests that the problem was an absence of being content with that he had and therefore obsessed with the constant acquisition of more. If the man is grateful and content with has been given him by the Lord then he will be blessed. For death is the destiny of every person, and the living should take this to heart Sorrow is better than laughter, because sober reflection is good for the heart.

    The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of merrymaking. Solomon returned to a theme of Proverbs, warning that one who lived a shallow and meaningless life will have wasted his or her life. He then warned that one who appeared wise, based on mere human knowledge and philosophy, would abandon their prideful-certainty in times of trouble.

    He concluded that one must at all times be joyful that one belongs to the Lord God, be those times good or difficult, because one cannot know what things lie ahead nor why, and one often cannot change them, so one must trust the Lord to make it through. Accepting that the Lord God has the big-picture under control, and that He does all things for His perfectly-good purpose, makes dealing with worldly imperfections more bearable.

    As is the consistent teaching throughout the Bible, the Lord God knows our hearts, so He knows why we do what we do. It does not matter to Him if we manage to create the appearance of wisdom or foolishness in the eyes of fellow human beings. When have you observed someone with many blessings from the Lord God still waste their life in striving because they were never satisfied? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you an opportunity to celebrate the promise of Heaven, and the many gifts of the Lord God, even in the midst of difficulty.

    I will also seek what I may learn from any present difficulty and praise Him for maturing me. Finally, I will allow Him to be my comfort and strength and I will praise Him for that. Sometimes a righteous person dies prematurely in spite of his righteousness, and sometimes a wicked person lives long in spite of his evil deeds. The man who pleases God escapes her, but the sinner is captured by her. I discovered this while trying to discover the scheme of things, item by item. God made humankind upright, but they have sought many evil schemes. Just as no one can be discharged during the battle, so wickedness cannot rescue the wicked.

    Sometimes one person dominates other people to their harm. This also is an enigma. Sometimes there are righteous people who get what the wicked deserve, and sometimes there are wicked people who get what the righteous deserve.

    So joy will accompany him in his toil during the days of his life which God gives him on earth. No one really comprehends what happens on earth. Despite all human efforts to discover it, no one can ever grasp it. Even if a wise person claimed that he understood, he would not really comprehend it. Lord, You see endless details that we fail to notice, let alone understand.

    May I simply trust You and not try to understand everything about You with my limited human capacity. Solomon warned that attempting, in the flesh, to be at an extreme of righteousness or unrighteousness would likely have a bad outcome; in the first case a lack of joy and a disappointing ending, in the second foolishness that could lead to an early demise after a pointless and destructive existence.

    He observed that none go without sinning therefore wisdom is necessary to restore them to right-thinking and acting. He also warned that the compliments of other people might lead one to a distorted self-image. Whatever has happened is beyond human understanding; it is far deeper than anyone can fathom … This alone have I discovered: I have seen the wicked approaching and entering the temple, and as they left the holy temple, they boasted in the city that they had done so.

    One has to stuff the Lord God into a man-sized box in order to comprehend Him, all that He has done, and the reasons why. He simply does not fit into our boxes nor are we capable of fully perceiving either God or His absolute knowledge.. If Solomon, with the gift of extraordinary wisdom, could not comprehend all of the Lord God how could any other person imagine they could do so better?

    When have you experienced or observed the forgiveness and grace of the Lord God that overcame a long history of sin? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you a place where you may not be enjoying the gifts of the Lord God fully because you are too troubled with attempting to understand all of the details. I concluded that the righteous and the wise, as well as their works, are in the hand of God; whether a person will be loved or hated — no one knows what lies ahead.

    What happens to the good person, also happens to the sinner; what happens to those who make vows, also happens to those who are afraid to make vows. In addition to this, the hearts of all people are full of evil, and there is folly in their hearts during their lives — then they die. Like fish that are caught in a deadly net, and like birds that are caught in a snare — just like them, all people are ensnared at an unfortunate time that falls upon them suddenly. It is an error a ruler makes. No one knows what will happen; who can tell him what will happen in the future?

    Follow the impulses of your heart and the desires of your eyes, but know that God will judge your motives and actions. There is no end to the making of many books, and much study is exhausting to the body. Fear God and keep his commandments, because this is the whole duty of man.

    Lord, everyone will one day die, and so what is in this world will one day pass away. May I remember that this time is brief and temporary compared to eternity with You my Lord. You desire that we enjoy the gifts You give us in this life, but in the context of what is honoring to You — and you want us to know that You see everything. May I be constantly aware of Your presence, so that when I enjoy Your gifts, I do not lose perspective and dishonor You in my flesh. Solomon acknowledged; drawing upon all of his God-gifted wisdom, and after all of his flesh-driven research, that everyone dies.

    He then observed, from a flesh-based perspective, that once-dead a person has no value in this world — so from a flesh-based perspective any living being has more value than any dead one. He encouraged the living to enjoy the positive things of this life fully as they are gone at death. Solomon reported his observation that neither the wise or the foolish can control their future, either may dies in a sudden event. Solomon taught that one foolish person in the wrong position of authority can overwhelm the wisdom of the wise and that those in power should be very careful whom they choose.

    Likewise, he taught that in everyday life wisdom can protect us from trouble; e. Solomon contrasted the positive reputation of the wise person with the worthless words and deeds of a fool. He also observed that leaders needed to be wise for if they are foolish they will also be worthless to themselves and the people.

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    Solomon shared his learning that one must invest in diverse enterprises as one cannot be certain that any single investment will prosper, he further shared that one should start work early on a good weather day and continue throughout as one could not know what tomorrow might bring. The most-common thought is that it referred to Solomon but the phraseology that follows implies more than one person is intended as the source of the wisdom writings.

    The Teacher sought to find delightful words, and to write accurately truthful sayings. The words of the sages are like prods, and the collected sayings are like firmly fixed nails; they are given by one shepherd. For God will evaluate every deed, including every secret thing, whether good or evil. The death that comes to all proves that the things of this earth are not to be considered nearly as important as the things of the Lord God. Diversification of investments has become a modern practice but Solomon recommended it long ago. When leaders unwisely choose the unwise as advisers it goes badly for everyone.

    God will judge your motives and actions. When have you experienced, or observed, an unwise leader surround himself with fools? Today I will humbly seek-out the one whom the Holy Spirit designates and ask them to share what the Lord God has gifted them to share. I will confess and repent of my flesh-driven drift from righteousness, seek and accept forgiveness from the Lord God, and adjust my walk in the direction of righteousness and away from the things of the flesh. She visited Solomon and discussed with him everything that was on her mind.

    Your wisdom and wealth surpass what was reported to me. The quantity of spices the queen of Sheba gave King Solomon has never been matched. No one has seen so much of this fine timber to this very day. Then she left and returned to her homeland with her attendants.

    Made Righteous in Christ - Lesson 10 in God's Great Salvation

    The king placed them in the Palace of the Lebanon Forest. The throne had two armrests with a statue of a lion standing on each side. There was nothing like it in any other kingdom. Once every three years the fleet came into port with cargoes of gold, silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks. He had 1, chariots and 12, horses. He kept them in assigned cities and in Jerusalem. They also sold chariots and horses to all the kings of the Hittites and to the kings of Syria.

    If you do, they will surely shift your allegiance to their gods. Pharaoh, king of Egypt, supplied him with a house and food and even assigned him some land.