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And it's amazing how different you feel when you change the shade of your mane.

2. Clean Out the Garage

Shelf paper is one of those things that no one thinks about until they open the cabinet door and see the shabby remnants of what was installed 10 years ago. So, rip out that old stuff and get something new. It's relatively cheap, and it will definitely get you focused on something other than being bored. When I was a kid, my go-to move for cleaning my room was to shove anything that didn't have a designated "place" into the closet or under the bed. And I'm sad to say, not much has changed over the years.

My closet is a catch-all for a variety of things, including linens, mementos from the kids, my cheerleading megaphone, and my Barbie collection. Yes, there are clothes and shoes in there as well.

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On the bright side however, cleaning it out almost always results in finding things I had forgotten about, so if your closet resembles mine, you might find a few forgotten treasures too! Speaking of catch-all's, we all have at least one drawer in the house that doesn't have a purpose other than to store all the little "stuff" we don't know what to do with.

Eliminate Boredom With These 12 Tips

You don't have to get rid of the junk drawer altogether, but organizing it will at least make it easier to find the thumbtacks and the nail file the next time you need them. Want a change in your decor, but can't really afford the expense right now? Move your couch there, the recliner over here and viola! It's like a whole new room. I'm one of those people who has all my old friends on Facebook, but beyond the friendly "Like" now and then, we rarely ever connect. And that's a shame. So, let's not be "those people. Worst case scenario, you'll find you have nothing in common.

You might find someone new to help you kill your boredom.

I've mentioned before about my love affair with genealogy, but I'm going to mention it again here because it's a fantastic way to kill time. You know how you start surfing the web with one topic in mind and end up — some 20 sites later — on something completely different? Genealogy is just like that, only instead of websites, you're finding your ancestors. I've had the same email address for more than 10 years now, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I get at least emails a day, most of which are junk.

Needless to say, it's easy for my inbox to get out of hand. If you can say the same, maybe now is a good time to regain control. Weed out the junk, and then move the rest — either into folders or the trash — until your inbox is empty. You'll be amazed at how freeing an empty inbox can be. Pick some of your favs — the "Stars Wars" and "Star Trek" sagas are obvious choices, but you could also choose a theme, as in all chick-flicks, all sci-fi films, or all Tom Hanks movies " Joe Versus the Volcano " anyone?

Invite your friends, buy some snacks popcorn is a must! If you've had one, then this needs no explanation.

Is boredom good for us?

If you haven't, then get one and you'll understand why. I know, I know. You're just not sold on the whole "Mind-Body-Spirit" thing. But it's not like you're doing anything right now anyway, so what have you got to lose? For the past two weeks, I've been doing yoga faithfully every morning and I have to say, I can seriously feel a difference. But if yoga isn't your thing and you're not jumping up and down at the thought of lifting weights, then try something else. Go for a walk, learn how to tango, or wash your car. These are meant to tell you something about yourself, so you can't fail them probably.

Well, those relate to personalities and they're determined by one of the most popular personality tests out there, the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. You probably already have a favorite news source, but here are some suggestions: A very hip and independent news source for a new generation of informed citizens. The Drudge Report drudgereport. More of a news resource, this site links you to other news sources' articles. The Huffington Post huffingtonpost. This site offers a wide array of news from different "voices. There are many online communities that support causes and you can find your own by searching for a cause you believe in.

Your support doesn't have to be financial, you could write or contribute in some other way, too. Volunteer for a political campaign. Many political campaigns take on volunteers to either write or market online. Find a candidate you believe in, look up their campaign site, and contact them. This can be a lot of fun: Follow this link if you'd like to write an article and already have an idea on what you'd like to write about: Follow this link if you'd like suggestions on what to write about or if you'd like to write an article based upon a request made by another community member: If you are getting bored often, maybe it's time for a change of scenery.

There are lots of tools available online to help you prepare your trip. Here are but a few: One of the best flight searches out there is hosted by the best search engines out there. An alternative to paying for a room is to couchsurf: This is an incredible resource for traveling. Whether you're trying to decide on where to go or you're trying to decide on what to do, this site has it all. Craving some human contact to soothe your boredom? All you have to do is search "Chat Online" and a score of websites will appear.

You will be able to video or text chat anonymously, but you never know when you might meet someone cool. This is probably not your best option, particularly if you're trying to save money and you have an itchy shopper finger. Nevertheless, you can always just browse: Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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Getting Bored? Here Are 12 Fun Apps To Help You Kill Time

Warnings Many of the websites included in this article may include material inappropriate for children. Related wikiHows Overcome Boredom. Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. To find beauty in a flower growing out of the concrete. To find beauty in an old couple holding hands on the street. Find beauty in ordinary things. This is the only way to prevent being bored of living in the same city and place, and finding joy in everything. To be human is to grow.

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You need to challenge yourself to grow as a photographer. If you keep doing the same old thing over and over again — you might like be Henri Cartier-Bresson, who quit photography. If you find photographing single-subjects to be boring and unchallenging, try to shoot multi-subjects and layers. Photograph what is outside of your comfort zone, and work hard to take your work to the next level. We want to embrace boredom in a positive way — knowing that it is a sign from our biological bodies that we need more novelty, excitement, fun, and growth.

By knowing what boring things in life to avoid is a good way to live.

How to Cure Your Boredom Online (with Pictures) - wikiHow

I was bored by math and science— and pursued sociology and the humanities instead. I was bored by a job, and decided to become an entrepreneur and work for myself. Whenever I am bored in a social situation, I no longer feel guilty for just walking away and excusing myself. Photography is not just about making photos, it is about personal growth. It is about finding beauty in everything in the world, and it is a way to cure yourself of feeling bored or jaded in life. So let us spend less time consuming, and more time producing.

Make photos that brings joy to your soul, and share that joy with others. Honestly, I would rather be in physical pain, than feel boredom.