Manual Top Secrets for Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself

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Your colleagues and employees are your best resources to start growing an audience: Employees are your biggest advocates, and by adding them as followers you also tap into each of their networks, expanding your reach tremendously. Encourage employees to add their position at your company to their LinkedIn profiles.

Your Company Page will then be linked from their profiles, and their profiles will in turn appear on your Company Page. The best way to grow your audience and keep your followers is to provide them with value by posting articles or company updates on a regular basis: LinkedIn recommends at least once per weekday.

If you know of a blog post or a news article from an external source that would benefit your followers, you can share that, too. This can also help foster important connections with other thought leaders. To share more in-depth expertise, try publishing articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform. Rather than sharing content from other networks or your website, you can create and publish articles within the LinkedIn ecosystem. Yes, LinkedIn is business-first, but you still need to make your content stand out from the crowd—and text-only posts are not the way to do that. LinkedIn figures show that posts with an image included get 98 percent more comments.

How to promote business on Linkedin?

If you have a YouTube channel, try linking to your videos from LinkedIn. While other social channels require you to upload native videos for autoplay, on LinkedIn, YouTube videos play automatically in the news feed, and can generate a 75 percent higher share rate. Being an active participant in a LinkedIn Group can help you and your business network with other professionals and businesses in your field, especially those outside of your immediate circle of current and present colleagues, classmates, and employers. Participating in a Group discussion will also attract views to your Company Page.

How to Promote Business on Linkedin in [the untold secrets]

If you belong to an association, check to see if it has a members-only LinkedIn Group, which can be a valuable source of professional networking and development. The American Institute of CPAs, for instance, sponsors a LinkedIn Group with more than 69, members, where in-depth professional conversations can continue for months. If you create a group or join a group that you want to showcase, you can add it as a featured group on your company page. To do so, click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn Page, then choose your company page under the Manage section.

Select the Overview tab from the top menu, then scroll down to Featured groups. Start typing in the name of your group and it should auto-complete. You can add up to three featured groups to your company page. Showcase Pages function like subdomains of your Company Page, allowing you to spotlight specific areas of your business, like a particular brand or ongoing initiative.

You can create up to 10 Showcase Pages by default. To create a Showcase page, click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn Page, then choose your company page under the Manage section. Adobe, for example, has Showcase Pages for five of its products, all targeted to different audiences. While the main Adobe LinkedIn Company Page has , followers, the Showcase Pages have follower counts ranging between 5, and 64, If you have customers—or want to have customers—in countries where English is not the primary language, you can create custom descriptions of your company in 20 different languages.

The appropriate description will appear for each LinkedIn member based on the language settings they have chosen to use when viewing the network. You can set your company name to appear in these languages as well.

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When you publish content and updates, you can post in different languages and configure the settings so that your global followers see your content in their chosen language. While most other social networks keep their algorithm secrets closely guarded, LinkedIn provides quite a bit of information about how its algorithm works. A bot evaluates your content as spam , low-quality, or clear. The plethora of content being shared on LinkedIn right now also means that the busy professional simply cannot digest all the information available to them each day.

How to Promote Business on Linkedin in 2017 [the untold secrets]

As you craft a LinkedIn status update, think about it similarly to a Tweet on Twitter. Keep it short, concise, punchy and then link to more. Creating free content that helps a target audience solve a specific professional need they have is how you "purchase" the time, attention and interest of potential customers on LinkedIn.

It's also how you build the critical "Know, Like and Trust" elements that are key to every successful sale and business relationship. As you earn the right to ask someone for their time and attention on LinkedIn through your free content, you should develop a lead magnet that allows them to opt in for more. It might be an invitation to a free webinar you offer, or a free book , but it should be relevant and actionable content that helps your audience solve their biggest problems.

People on LinkedIn are also job searchers and posting regular job openings on the page would be of interest to them and successful pages do that.

LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate Marketing Guide

Every time Mashable shares something, it goes out to all its followers. LinkedIn offers page stats where you can see how members are interacting with your company page. The followers acquired, clicks, shares, engagement etc. People by their very nature are social animals, they need to have a sense of belonging.

An active thriving community would drive a great deal of referral traffic to your websites. These include fortune executives, pro bloggers, key social media rock stars etc.

How to set up a LinkedIn Company Page

Once they join the groups, their social presence itself drives a lot of membership. LinkedIn is smart enough to send mails automatically when someone joins a group. As the group owner, it can save you a lot of time and generate hefty traffic. Think of sub-groups as a collection of people with different interests clubbed into different groups. Creating a discussion and opening a thread will be beneficial. You can list what the core goals of the sub-group are. In terms of SEO, each sub-group has the potential to be optimized for many more keywords.

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  • Hence each sub-group can serve as a referral engine for growth. The key is to be relevant in the choice of keywords.

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    • On the mission to your business prosperity, you must already take advantage of some, if not multiple social networks. With organic search engine traffic dwindling, LinkedIn seems to be a powerhouse of leads, traffic, and money. Make sure you include the learnings of how to promote business on linkedin in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Your email address will not be published.