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Unfortunately, they often leave with many unanswered questions. Desafiando el marcado regionalismo que existe entre las provincias paname?

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En los adentros de la obra, FlUrez Karica alterna narraciones de sus familias paternas y maternas, Gracias al trabajo constante que se viene realizando tanto en el mundo cat? Con el mismo deseo de seguir en ese camino de Desde el perejil hasta la canela, la gente disfruta de las plantas por sus aromas, sabores y capacidades curativas, pero muy pocas personas conocen sus beneficios y sus extraordinarios poderes.

Ellen Dugan nos conduce al lado m? The rapid and vigorous dialogue lashes out, enclosing the reader in a brutal game. They remember their frustrating games by the dates of the military coups. Existence is possible only through games. In Walking Papers by Consuelo de Castro, The arresting illustrations, graphics, and designs of each story are a portal to a different world. She does not have any true maid duties, acting as a representation of his Player Journal, tracking his information and acting as a data bank for him. Deceitful, Sadistic and surprisingly Logical, meant to be an Assassin, she infiltrates the enemies ranks striking from within to disrupt their formation to make them easier targets for the other Pleiades.

Unlike the other Pleiades she has nearly half of her levels in Racial Classes, giving her complete immunity to physical damage and incredible speed. Despite acting as an assassin primarily she can also act as a tank. Appearance wise she is a beautiful blond lady with her long hair curled into multiple ringlets, Ocean blue eyes and incredibly refined features.

Dawn of War 2 -,Blueman,Rambo vs Sarcastix, Son of Malice,The Black Cardinal.

Her uniform was more of a cocktail dress, a micro skirt that barely went to her upper thigh, with slits on both sides, Leggings that showed off her luscious legs, a black corset with a half apron, detached sleeve gloves, and a black headdress. Her maid duties can be summed up as a masseuse. The surprising job class actually provides a short buff that improves capabilities.

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Her swarm of insect Monsters target monster companions of any attackers or if there aren't any serve to distract and otherwise harass opponents. Even then she can use ordinary Incests as scouts, or Insect Monsters Abilities.

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She appears as a short girl with pinkish purple hair with an insect like face. This is a mask created by one of her Insects and removing it allows her to use her Gorgon Skill. Her uniform is a more conventional maid outfit combined with a Kimono, long billowing sleeves and a miniskirt that she uses to store her talismans.

Rather cheerful and dutiful, though she turned out more self conscious then he intended. Her maid duty is singing. Joan Omega, the Lastborn of the Pleiades; his final creation, and one of the best. Primarily focused on Healing, Buffing and Debuffing. His name was a play on the common butler name Sebastian.

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Grey hair and a neatly trimmed beard, he cut an intimidating yet refined figure. The Dragonoid was an incredible martial fighter, even as a Level NPC he ranked near equal to Shalltear in terms of over all combat ability. Even worse the name had stuck, even now while they were split up and the Server about to go down. Toume apparently found it hilarious. Walking the halls of the Tenth Floor he couldn't help but reminisce again. The World Champion's over the top Tokusatsu Behaviour. Even Ulbert's Hard Role Playing secessions brought a sad smile to his face.

Reaching the Great Doors of the Throne Room pausing there he distinctly remembered the various traps placed on the Door. Setting those who touch it on fire, Bouncing back attacks, Teleporting people into various other traps. Chuckling fondly he raised the staff, it's aura opening the doors, bypassing all defences and rituals needed to open them. Letting his eyes wonder as he slowly walked through the room, they danced from wondrous architecture to wondrous architecture, reminiscing about how Ulbert wanted to make Nazarick and Ainz Ooal Gown's Last Stand here.

He had made the Throne room as beautifully stereotypical as possible. A mesmerizing smile gave her sultry features a softness that was truly inhumane. Her raven hair hung down to her legs, shading her soft yellow eyes. Her dress was something that could only come into existence by magic in the Real World, white with gold accents, and left the tops of her breasts and hips exposed. Over that she wore a golden web that covered her chest, from shoulders to hips.

Her Inhuman features are her horns coming from her temples and her wings from her hips. Approaching the throne he turned to the following seven NPCs, "Stand by" turning back he regarded Albedo once more before taking a seat on the Throne. This was the first time he ever sat on it, not having seen a point in it, he truly found the view it gave to be remarkable, just as the two Guildmasters had said. Sighing, his eyes drifted down to the Pleiades, they were all his true masterpiece, even Joan who wasn't there, even Solution and Entoma for all there flaws, were his most precious creation.

Something he treasured with all his heart, one of the last things of Toume he had. Leaning back he found his eyes being drawn back to Albedo. Opening her profile he began to read. This was done without consulting anyone, because he sure as hell hadn't been part of a vote to give it to her. Despite being the Commander of the Floor Guardians she was meant to delay any raid force, after all if they had gotten by Victim's Suicide Surprise and the Pleiades, six level s, seven if you included Sebas, there wasn't much of a chance that a single level NPC could stop them, especially when most of her abilities were defensive focused.

Though the World Item changed things. He thought about removing it since Tabula basically stole the World Item but decided against it due to it being the Last Day. Continuing to read, he was both amused and impressed by Albedo's background, Tabula always liked his elaborate backgrounds while he had mainly focused on the Pleiades' Combat subroutines. He couldn't help it. He broke the rules and was the first to jump ship. Deleting the last line, he replaced it with; She loves Hadrian Rex. Chuckling as he shook his head.

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Reclining he gazed across the room, from the unfinished Clavicula Salomonis to the banners of the 42 Supreme Beings. Looking to the Pleiades and Albedo standing at attention he decided to go out in style. All eight dropped to their knee, bowing in deference. But that did not occur. Instead a burning sensation, easily associated with a broken bone, he should know, he had broken enough, shot through his hand.

His eyes snapping open, rapidly flickering about. The scene of the Throne Room of Nazarick still filled his vision although it seemed slightly different, he couldn't tell how yet. Focusing on the pain he moved each finger in sequence to determine what had happened. On reaching his pinky he realized that the fifth metacarpal had been broken, but it made no sense, how had that happened.

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Then he felt the cushion he was siting on. It was a great deal softer then the office chair he had been sitting on previously. More than that he felt metal instead of cloth on his torso, like that of the chain mail his character wore. Then the scents hit. A musk that is associated with tombs and other underground facilities if not cleaned daily, mixed with a fine fragrance from Medieval clean supplies and a hint of ash from torches.

Just as he imagined what the Throne Room would smell like. Then another smell hit him. It was alluring, making his jaw ache and his throat parch. His eyes crawled to Albedo, his instincts, both new and old told him that she was the source of that delectable scent. Something in him just wanted to just take her and burrow his fangs into her neck. Narrowing his eyes, he sat up. Releasing the staff, it floated by his side.

Raising his unbroken hand he motion for his console to appear. His eyes narrowed, bring the hand to his ear he attempted to call the GM. Several theories passed through his head, ranging from being mind-jacked to the extension of Yggdrasil to him going into a coma, with this being just a dream. Any one of his enemies would love to get him like this, but his instincts told him otherwise, this didn't feel like any illusion that he had been in.

Freezing as the words hit him he slowly turned to the source. Looking at him with concern on her features she spoke once again, "Hadrian-sama? In the background you see the Pleiades and Sebas looking up at him in concern, completely different from their bowed form seconds previous. Sitting back in the throne his mind began to race, possibilities contemplated at astounding speed. NPCs spoke and acted of their own vocation. Raising his undamaged hand to Cup his mouth, he discreetly licked his glove, as he looked contemplative. He knew the Taste of Dragon Leather, having some shoved in his mouth for an impromptu gag on several, rather violent, occasions.

In Yggdrasil Dragonhide was the most magic resistant craft-able cloth. In Real Life several Hides beat out Dragonhide; inflexible, hard to work with, and difficult to obtain. Regardless, his sense of taste was working, and just as with physical sensation and smells, illegal in Dive Technology. The broad possibilities were Dream, Jack and Reality. The First was the simplest to determine.

Closing his eyes he focused inwards, feeling his Magic he traced how it moved, how it interacted with his body. This was an advanced technique to see if your mind or body was being affected by external magics. There was no disturbance but his magic was far more powerful then before, interacting with his body differently. This technique was not infallible but it did rule out the Dream Possibility, also making the Jacking non magical if it was.

However if this was still the Game then it would still follow the rules. Yggdrasil had proved to be highly tamper-proof. Take your Brothers and scout outside. Notify me of anything that has changed or if you are unable to complete my command. For Sebas that was the 9th and 10th floors. If he did not respond, refused or was otherwise unable to Comply with his mission then it most likely a Jacking. Watching him for a minuet Hadrian considered how long until he could get results from Sebas. If he went directly to the surface Via shortcut and secret passages, it shouldn't take more then ten minuets, fifteen if he detours to gather his brothers.

Of course if he goes to his brothers but is unable to reach them, or similarly unable to leave the 9th floor Sebas would probably inform him in five minuets. His eyes drifted from the retreating forms of the Pleiades to the sensual form of Albedo.

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Joyously she rushed over stopping when their faces were only inches apart. What would you have me do. Taken aback by her close proximity he was overwhelmed by her scent for several seconds. Shaking his head he spoke, "Albedo, I will be touching you for a short bit. Looking overjoyed at the idea, her eyes flickering between hearts and stars she squealed "Of course Hadrian-sama, touch me as much as you like.

Wordlessly he reached out, grabbing her wrist. Subtly checking for a pulse, he was unsurprised to find an elevated heart rate. At first it was just a touch, then he began flexing his fingers, slowly working his way up to a grope. Reclining he went over the details he knew. The changes in his magic reminded one time he looked over an Elf, and reminisced various vampires he had slain. More over the flow was uninterrupted, so his senses were not being beguiled by any form of magic, either external nor internal. The NPCs acted as if they were real people, with no set limitations he could see.

No Dive game could do erotic activity in any form. To prevent VR addiction, only the bare minimum of senses were used for diving in order to differentiate reality from virtual, even then there is a variance that one could rely on to tell the difference. Looking back at the Throne Room, the difference was the lack of variance.

Sighing he brought his damaged hand up and rubbed his eyes, using only the thumb and index finger, so he wouldn't aggravate the fifth metacarpal. There was no other words for it. All evidence seemed to be pointing to this being Reality. At this point Sebas' report wouldn't change things. Her dress was slightly dishevel, face flushed, every breath coming in a short gasp and a giant wet spot on the crotch of her dress And his hand was still groping her breast. Releasing her, Albedo pitched over, though was quickly caught by Hadrian as he rose.

How long did he grope her breast? We have much to do in the near future. This will have to suffice for now. This seemed to bring her back, albeit slowly. When she looked like she had regained all of her cognitive functions he continued. Don't bother with the 6th and 8th Floors, I will handle them, nor with the 4th Floor Guardian. Pouting, she none the less complied, "Yes, Hadrian-sama, your will shall be done. Rubbing his eyes with his good hand, he sighed. Changing her settings was not his brightest idea.

Well he would see the results of Shalltear's modification in an hour. Reaching with the same hand, he willed the Staff to return to his hand. Nodding as it settled in his hand. The staff seemed to be working properly so far. Appearing in a hall in the Amphitheatre Hadrian quickly gathered his bearings. Sighing he tried a different course. To his immense surprise he was able to connect with Sebas. Do you see any artificial structures or signs of intelligent life?

Is there anything in the sky or some sort of message? Leaning against the wall he sighed, "Definitely reality. Will you be able to attend?

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I'm not sure, what ever happened has got the denizens 8th Floor in a Frenzy, and while Joan is taking care of it, I don't feel that I should just leave it to her and I don't have an idea how long it will take to restore order, or what passes for order here any way. Sighing once again he turned towards the end of the hall, barred by a porticoes. Approaching it automatically raise, displaying the Colosseum like Amphitheatre.

The energetic figure jumped down from the VIP Box, landing with a slight bend of the knee. Springing up she did two victory signs before rushing over to him. A small dust cloud blew by them from her tail wind. White trousers and posh coat over a red dragonhide shirt and gold platted shoes. Over her shirt she wore heavy work gloves and a Gold Acorn necklace. Her tanned skin and pointed ears contrasted her Heterochromia Eyes and blonde hair.

Despite her boyish appearance and demeanour he knew her to be a girl from her profile and her scent. The urge to sink his Fangs into her neck was not as strong as when he was near Albedo, something to think on in the Future. Turning away from her Lord, she called out "Mare!

Hadrian observed the figure as it approached. Blond hair, tanned skin, heterochromia, and a white posh coat, the differences between them was that this one had blue dragon hide, a white skirt, high heeled riding boots, white gloves and a green mini cape. Officially it was a he but Bukubukuchagama had mentioned that she had added something that might get her into trouble if found, though he had no idea what that meant.