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Thus begins a fast-paced investigation by Scintilla and Vance, as they shuttle back and forth from New York to Los Angeles, and even as far as Italy, to find out what they can about the mysterious Dr.

Sanderson, the director of The Removal Company. It requires all of Scintilla's brain power, legwork, and guts to hunt down his prey. Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started. After trial, you'll get 3 titles each month: Tierney in contributing vital original work. In addition to publishing new, origi..

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Icons of Horror and the Supernatural [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Our Worst Nightmares. Horror and the supernatural have fascinated people for centuries, and many of the most central figures appear over and over again. These figures have gained iconic status and continue to hold sway over popular culture and the modern imagination. Each entry is written by a leading authority on the subject and discusses the topic's essential features and lasting influence, from the classical epics of..

The Writings and Philosophy of H. The Decline of the West.

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This book began as an expansion of my essay, "H. The Decline of the West," in The Weird Tale , but very quickly became something quite different, to the degree that the two works have little save the title in common. To treat so complex a thinker as Lovecraft in a few pages was obviously untenable, even thoughthink those few pages at least convey the unity of his thought--perhaps better than this fuller study does.

One reviewer, however, was correct in noti.. Katharine Vance had supposedly committed suicide in , but when she surfaces under another name a year later, with no memory of her previous life, private eye Joe Scintilla is hired to investigate. It features articles, artwork, interviews, and fiction from some of the best in the fields of the Weird, science fiction, and horror, both classic and fresh voices, and all new. There is also an active website that is tied-in to the digest: Anglo-Irish writer Lord Dunsany was a pioneering writer in the genre of fantasy literature and the author of such celebrated works as The Book of Wonder and The King of Elfland's Daughter Over the course of a career that spanned more than five decades, Dunsany wrote thousands of stories, plays, novels, essays, poems, and reviews, and his work was translated into more than a dozen languages.

Today, Dunsany's work is experiencing a renaissance, as many of his earlier works have been reprinted and much attention has been paid to his place in the history of fantasy and supernatural literature. This bibliography is a revision of the landmar..

The Collected Drama of H.

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Throughout his career as a literary critic, H. Mencken was intent on elevating the bold, the daring, and the innovative over the hackneyed, the trite, and the superficial, and his drama criticism exhibits this tendency to the fullest.

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Though known primarily as a newspaperman and commentator, Mencken also wrote several one-act plays, as well as a full-length work. In The Collected Drama of H. Plays and Criticism, S.

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Joshi has assembled for the first time Mencken's dramatic works, comprising six one-act plays and the lengthy three-act play Heliogabalus. In a transferred sense it can mean a fragment remaining of something that is compared with fire; or it can mean a germ. The transferred sense is of very Michael Bertram Crowe, Genus Scintilla Deshayes, Scintilla cf. Scintilla nitidella Habe Scintilla nitidella Habe, Scintilla ,a great many people inthisworld who are unhappy.

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Perhaps theyhave an incurable illness;perhaps they are suffering from unassuaged grief;or perhaps they are simply morose, depressed, cheerless— facing longyears Matthew Bacon, Henry Gwillim Sir. Type by original designation. Rio Jufari between Castanheiro But this possibility of entry, or scintilla juris, must continue undisturbed until the event happens on which the contingent use is to arise ; for if the preceding estates are devested, before the event happens, then the possibility of entry or scintilla Ignoring legal concepts such as scintilla temporis,n the practical utility of which does not reveal itself in a realistic setting, it becomes clear quite quickly that the point is that the source does not profit, and the person excising the tissue does Mr Nils Hoppe,