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Score all completed goal cards 6. Turn face-down tile face-up 7. P2 Place new tile face-down. At game setup, draw an additional goal card and place it face-up beside the pile of goal cards. Any player may score this goal, but only on his own turn.

This means that the active player has one more goal card than his opponent. If this 'common' goal card is scored, draw a replacement goal card. With your help, we can expand the game to include the very best pieces that were left on the cutting room floor. Unfortunately, shipping sucks up a lot of a project's budget.

We love you all equally.

The Horrible Huckleberry Hex

Stone Circle Games gathers to its midst all lovers of leisure, makers of mischief, and cravers of camaraderie with a fantastic array of independently designed and produced tabletop games. Learn more about the men behind the curtain here. Let's go ahead and put it all out on the table: This is our first Kickstarter Project. The learning that is required to run a project for the first time is certainly our biggest risk.

However, to mitigate that risk we have done a extensive research and math oh do we hate the math in order to reduce our knowledge gap and prepare for this project.

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We cannot express enough how grateful we are for their guidance. But, even with all the research and advice, every Kickstarter project is a little bit different.

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We are confident in our ability to overcome any hiccups we encounter along the way. To that end, Stone Circle Games is owned and operated by a staff of gamers and professionals who are not only passionate about games but also dedicated to putting forth a quality product that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy. Our ranks include several excellent game designers, one of which has previously sold one of his game designs and another who is actively employed within the gaming industry.

We are all professionals with a range of backgrounds, including corporate management, marketing, film production, and military service. This diversity of experience allows us to use our various strengths to tackle the tasks ahead of us. The bottom line is, while this may be our hobby, it is also our passion. We have families and aspirations, and this is chief among them. Thank you for supporting our first project on Kickstarter. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

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We thank you for your support and acknowledge your endless Hexyness. With this pledge you will also receive exclusive backer only content and updates. The Deluxe version of Horrible Hex includes a handsome tile bag and a Print and Play copy of the game. The Print and Play will be available immediately after the Kickstarter campaign concludes successfully so you can start sharpening your skills immediately.

Get crazy with it and show us your creative side! A proof will be emailed to you prior to shipping to ensure satisfaction.

Additionally the quantity limit on this reward is based on the estimated throughput of our graphic designer. If we can shoulder the additional workload without compromising the quality of the original backers we will consider increasing the limit. Jan 14, - Feb 18, 34 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Pin Email.

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The newest twist in abstract strategy games. Horrible Hex is a head-to-head tactical tile-laying game for players. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Horrible Huckleberry Hex , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Horrible Huckleberry Hex. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 28, Cheryl Malandrinos rated it it was amazing.

Danny, Tiffany and Celeste. Little does he know that this camping trip will soon take a dangerous turn. After setting up camp, the family hikes down a trail where they discover an ancient oak tree decorated with huge, juicy berries. Jordan soon discovers, however, that there might be more to those berries than them being huge and juicy. A group of friends belonging to 'The Midnight Society' would meet at a secret location in the woods and one member would share a scary story with the rest of the group.

I would also compare it to "Goosebumps" by R.

Stine because of its hair-raising action, and "Scooby Doo" deserves some mention because of the hilarious antics that this adventure creates. Weathers did an amazing job of combining all these elements, an ancient curse, and a diverse cast of characters to come up with a huge winner. Infinity added it Jan 06,