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And once on the Cross, all his gestures and all his words are of love, a love both calm and strong.

“Woman, behold your son... behold your mother.”

With a gesture befitting an Eternal Priest, without father or mother, without lineage cf. With the hammerblows with which Jesus is being nailed, there resound the prophetic words of Holy Scripture: They have pierced my hands and feet. I can count all my bones, and they stare and gloat over me Ps My people, what have I done to thee, or in what have I saddened thee? And we, our soul rent with sorrow, say to Jesus in all sincerity: I am yours and I give my whole self to You; gladly do I nail myself to your Cross, ready to be in the cross-roads of this world a soul dedicated to You, to your glory, to the work of Redemption, the co-redemption of the whole human race.

We have to fight vigorously to do good, precisely because it is difficult for us men to resolve seriously to be just, and there is a long way to go before human relations are inspired by love and not hatred or indifference.

John “Jesus Is Crucified, Dies, And Is Laid To Rest In A Tomb”

We should also be aware that even if we achieve a reasonable distribution of wealth and a harmonious organization of society, there will still be the suffering of illness, of misunderstanding, of loneliness, of the death of loved ones, of the experience of our own limitations. Faced with the weight of all this, a Christian can find only one genuine answer, a definitive answer: Christ on the cross, a God who suffers and dies, a God who gives us his heart opened by a lance for the love of us all.

Our Lord abominates injustice and condemns those who commit it. But he respects the freedom of each individual. He permits injustice to happen because, as a result of original sin, it is part and parcel of the human condition.

Mark 15:1-40

Yet his heart is full of love for men. Our suffering, our sadness, our anguish, our hunger and thirst for justice Christian teaching on pain is not a series of facile considerations.

It is, in the first place, a call to accept the suffering inseparable from all human life. I cannot hide from you the fact that there has often been pain in my life and more than once I have wanted to cry. I tell you this joyfully, because I have always preached and tried to live the truth that Christ, who is love, is to be found on the cross. At other times, I have felt a great revulsion to injustice and evil, and I have fought against the frustration of not being able to do anything — despite my desire and my effort — to remedy those unjust situations.

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When I speak to you about suffering, I am not just talking theory. The scene of Calvary proclaims to everyone that afflictions have to be sanctified, that we are to live united to the cross.

John Stainer: The Crucifixion (Clare College)

If we bear our difficulties as Christians, they are turned into reparation and atonement. They give us a share in Jesus' destiny and in his life. Out of love for men he volunteered to experience the whole gamut of pain and torment. He was born, lived and died poor.

He was attacked, insulted, defamed, slandered and unjustly condemned.

Crucifixion of Jesus - Bible Story

He knew treachery and abandonment by his disciples. He experienced isolation and the bitterness of punishment and death.

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And now the same Christ is suffering in his members, in all of humanity spread throughout the earth, whose head and firstborn and redeemer he is. Suffering is part of God's plans.

Matthew 27:1-54

This is the truth, however difficult it may be for us to understand it. It was difficult for Jesus Christ the man to undergo his passion: Let us never forget 17 years ago September 11 Fr. Rosica's reflection on the hope and meaning we can find behind the terribly destructive events of September 11, Teresa of Kolkata Fr. Read this reflection by Fr. Teresa of Kolkata, one of the greatest saints of modern times.