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August 19, by Rocio Montemayor. A great book about money that gives you both practical information on how to maximize the flow of money as well as priceless tips on how to survive in uncertain times.

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Get That Job on Wall Street: July 8, by Rocio Montemayor. Getting a job on Wall Street is hard and even harder if you don't know what the firms are looking for. This books is written for that person looking to break into the finance field. In this book I will show you the skills you need to develop to catapult you over your peers. Specifically I will show you 8 skills that Wall Street loves to see when hiring. Midriff Islands - Socorro Islands. For more information on other departure dates that are not listed above and on availability email us at info bluewaterdivetravel. With clear, deep waters, abundant sea life, golden sandy beaches, and inspiring vistas, the Sea of Cortez - known as the Gulf of California - is a breathtaking destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, and exploring diverse marine creatures.

Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the "world's aquarium". Dive on untouched walls and reefs abounding in marine life. Encounter large and small whale species, whale sharks, jumping mobula rays, and sea lion colonies. Socorro Island is the most diverse in flora, fauna, and topography. The islands lie miles off Baja Mexico's southern shore.

These islands are a spectacular magnet for the largest ocean pelagic animals in the world. Schooling Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, dolphins, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, clouds of jacks and barracuda, tuna, wahoo, oceanic white tips sharks, whale sharks, and mantas. The bio-diversity between the Northern and Southern Sea of Cortez is incredible. Diving the entire Baja is spectacular.

Dolphins, sea lions, pilot whales, humpback whale, blue fin whales, orca, and sperm whales. Flying mantas, blue and brown-footed boobie birds, cormorants, frigate birds, and the endemic yellow-footed gulls. The sea life we witness on the surface from the boat, dinghy or snorkeling is fantastic.


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Call us today at or email us info bluewaterdivetravel. The experience was amazing, I would gladly repeat the same trip, although I have very strong plans to go back onboard to join their Socorro trips! Most importantly for a review on the Rocio - the dive crew is absolutely amazing. I've been on a number of liveaboards and have never experienced such a great crew. They are always anticipating your needs, being professional but also relaxed and friendly, and just overall awesome.

Food - the food is absolutely phenomenal. Each meal was completely different, and all amazing. We did topside BBQs which were really really cool, and all dinners were 3 course meals.

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Accommodations - rooms are fine, there is nothing fancy or spectacular about them but they get the job done. The one strange thing about the boat is that the dining area is in the bottom front of the hull. I definitely prefer a dining area where it's center-hull, and multiple windows so you can see the views, enjoy the seabreeze, etc. Being down in the bottom hull feels like you're on a fishing boat or something and it's more bumpy.

Besides this small thing though, everything about this boat and crew is fantastic! First, I have to say that the staff of the RDM are fantastic. What I liked most about them was that, from the captain on down, they all worked together. It wasn't unusual to see deckhands take the wheel or the captain carry out the trash. They really consider themselves equal and they are always smiling! Normally, this comes from the top down. So I commend the captain for creating a positive environment where everyone is happy.

We are vegetarians, and there were others who were gluten free and lactose intolerant. Our chef, who couldn't have been more than 29, by the way, didn't miss a beat. I never once had to send anything back because it wasn't vegetarian. Neither did anyone else with food issues. Our dive guid, Ivan, was first class and fun and funny!

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He let us explore on our own and was right there if we needed help or guidance. He showed me a number of things and I got great pictures!! All the dives were great. I just felt that we tended to spend a lot of time in the same spots on a couple of days. Still, I loved it anyway.

I just think we could have moved around a bit more. The rooms are small, but comfortable. We had the double bed. That's because the photo is distorted. If you are both tall, you should opt for the room with the two single beds.

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One side of the double bed is significantly shorter, as you are in the bow of the boat and it curves in. We were fortunate in that one of us is four inches shorter. He still had to bend his legs when he slept. Also, the toilet seats are made of cheap plastic. If you are sitting on the toilet and move the wrong way, you could really nip your, well, you know I think the guides are little too sticky on dive times. It's 60 minutes - even if you have psi air left. And even if the ship isn't going anywhere. On other liveaboards, you can dive till you have psi left. I thought there wasn't much need to be so strict about this.

Still, it didn't affect how fun it all was. Finally, I really DO think the ship could use a modern update to its decor. The paint and decorative elements are very 70ss even though they said it was all updated in It's not a big deal, really. I just thought that a modern touch would make it more appealing.

El Peso Del Rocio Por Angela Hernandez Nunez - Dominican Republic

Even with my suggestions, which I hope are seen as minor and constructive, I think this is a fantastic operation. Everyone works very hard to make sure you have a good time. I will be back - even if my suggestions aren't implemented - because the people and diving were great! And though the boat was not at the same standard as many other liveaboards I've been on it was still very comfortable and the food was good.

Although I was concerned when I heard that viz was going to be fair on most site I never really noticed it. There was so much amazing macro life and critters that would let you get very close, I barely noticed the limited viz. Tons of nudi's, octos, jawfish, etc, etc. Saw my first bullseye torpedo ray Also keep a close eye on what looks like little pieces of broken off coral Oh, and the sea lions We were also able to snorkel with Whale Sharks.

I have to admit after having done this in Utilla I was less than excited about it.

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Mainly because in Utilla the Whale Sharks are visible for brief seconds, once they see you jumping into the water they dive We were able to swim right next to them Last but not least I have to give a shout out to our amazing tour guide and shutterbug guru Todd Winner and probably the best models he has ever had Holy scary and amazing!!!!! This was one of my best-ever experiences. If you like big pelagics and zillions of fish just hanging out in the blue, this is the trip for you.

While Rocio Del Mar is not a glitzy as some liveaboards I've been on, it's perfectly suited to this type of trip, the crew are delightful, the food fabulous and the diving absolutely stunning. My trip was arranged through a dive travel agent, and I flew from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas where I met up with other dive friends. There was a convenient bus service from the airport and we were able to board Rocio Del Mar as soon as we arrived in Cabo, just before it sailed.

Although some of our group chose to stay on after our return to port, it was possible to fly out to LA the same afternoon. The crew made us very welcome when we arrived on board and gave us a thorough safety briefing, including instruction in how to use the CB radios that would be attached to each of our BCDs. Soon after we left port it was too rough to do much other than turn up for meals and hope the 36 hour voyage to Soccorro would be over soon. The return trip isn't nearly so rough.

Rocio Del Mar has four levels, with the kitchen and dining room down in the hull and cabins and recreation space on the upper decks.

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Unusual, but it makes sense because you spend less time in the dining room than elsewhere and, since the bottom of the boat is the most stable part, plates and glasses are less likely to skid off the table. Cabins have big windows and their own showers and toilets. We were very thankful that there were no top bunks to roll out of.