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Kiri books 84 friends. Duffy books friends. Greyweather books 70 friends. Gerd books 77 friends. Jul 30, Ratner's Star, by Don DeLillo does not belong on this list. Please do not vote for it, and any Librarian that sees this note, please remove it. Jul 31, Alright, I'll remove it.

Aug 04, Please do not vote for them, and any Librarian that sees this note, please remove them. Dec 07, Is there any way to combine the votes for two separate editions of Non-Stop? Ideally under the proper edition for this list, i. Dec 08, You can combine if you're a GR librarian, but the SF Masterworks edition would "show" only if it's the edition with the most readers.

Jan 14, Can any librarian wandering by remove Hunting Party from this list?

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It is not part of the SF Masterworks series. And what happens if there's one vote for each version I mentioned in message 5?

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  • Ammonite : SF Masterworks Series | Buy Fiction.
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  • Ammonite : SF Masterworks Series.

Is there a way to control what version shows then, or does it just go to whatever version was voted on first? Jan 15, Feb 15, Jul 11, It's introduced me to some of the most mind-bending, sumptuous classic sci-fi I've ever encountered, like discovering Dick or LeGuin again and again and again. Jun 18, Feb 27, There's well over 20 titles, I stopped counting after that, that should not be on there.

Nor is Vernor Vinge, or most of the titles on page 2. Gollancz only today published the full list on their blog - http: Apr 21, To any librarian watching, some titles that need to be removed because they aren't part of the SF Masterworks line: Apr 22, Let me know if there are more. Apr 23, Here are some more: May 28, Jul 05, Where on the list, approximately, are they? Jul 15, Second page, they only have one vote each at the moment. Feb 02, Here's an excellent guide to work by: Mar 08, It would be nice if those were showing with the SF Masterworks cover, not the default edition.

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That would have also made it easier to find books that are not part of the imprint. Apr 27, Ellie [The Empress] wrote: Unfortunately, if more people vote for a different ISBN, that's the one that gets shown -- GoodReads doesn't have a way for me to make the list fixed. Hill is not part of the SF Masterworks line. I would greatly appreciate it if any librarian stopping by could remove it from the list. It's currently at , with 1 vote and a score of I got it, Phoenixfalls. Feb 12, Earth abides and City are listed twice!

Ammonite. by Nicola Griffith (S.F. Masterworks)-ExLibrary | eBay

Sep 20, A fantastic series- I've got 18 of them so far so a long way to go! Keep up the good work. Jul 01, Would be great if most of the voters did it. Does anyone know how exactly 'remove duplicates' work? Does it leave the edition with most votes or the edition with most reviews on GR? So this author does not like to pigeon holed. Anyways, Ammonite is approachable science fiction. You wouldn't have to be into women-centric books to like this but if you were into women-centric books you'll love this, whether you're a science fiction fan or not.

IMO, nothing in the book was anti-male. I am a writer and former book editor, so I know good writing when I see it, and I see it here. Highly imaginative -- Nicola Griffith has created a vivid world in which to unfold this story of a woman's journey and self-discovery.

SF Masterworks

My friend describes this book as belonging to the category of "anthropological sci fi. I have been a Nicola Griffith fan since I discovered her novel Hild two years ago, and have wanted to read this ever since. I am so glad that I got around to it! Satisfied me in a deep way, like drinking from a narrative well -- both refreshes you, and imparts you with a deeper ineffable wisdom.

British-American in Seattle. Novelist.

This sci-fi story does an excellent job of painting a planet inhabited by space-traveling humans and one that only supports women, killing off all men with a virus. The "Company" is suitably anonymous and evil, and the main character, Marguerite Angelica Taishan is a strong and compelling heroine.

The plot is well-defined, with overcoming hardships of all sorts, and the contrast of life in space stations with life on the planet "Jeep". The author keeps you absorbed and reading to the end. One can only hope there will be a sequel. Kudos to Nicola Griffith - an exciting author whose books I look forward to seeing more of.

As she risks death to uncover the women's biological secret, she finds that she, too, is changing - and realizes that not only has she found a home on Jeep, but that she alone carries the seeds of its destruction About the Author Nicola Griffith is a British science fiction author, editor and essayist.

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